Comments for Disney Guests Shred Fellow Fan For Sending a Fax to Resort

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Credit: Disney


  1. jasonbres

    So glad to hear the original poster has a sense of humor.

  2. Paul T

    I miss the days when you called a phone number and a live person answered and said “May I help you” and they actually did

  3. Jason

    Speaking of 21st century tech, Reddit usernames start with u/ not r/.

  4. Jared

    Actually, I have faxed site requests to Disney’s Fort Wilderness camping resort and have always received my first choice! —Most recently last summer 2021! So, at least faxing still works for that resort 😉

  5. Kevin

    If Disney Resorts didn’t want people to send faxes they wouldn’t list a fax number! But of course, Reddit and Twitter users know everything.

  6. Mr White

    Fax is the future.

  7. Joem

    When I first used a fax way back in the day, I made a copy of the documents I was faxing before I fed them into the machine….my co-workers laughed at me for a long long time.

  8. Jay

    Where I work we still
    Fax things but it’s through are email, no machine

  9. Bob_Igers_Fax_Machine

    Please do yourself a favor and go read the comments on the original Reddit post. People came up with some pretty hilarious responses.

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