Comments for LGBTQ+ Representation Removed From Disney After Fumbled “Don’t Say Gay Bill” Stance

Disney Pride Wall

Credit: Disney


  1. Kris

    As a parent I agree with the legislation. It’s unfortunate they gave it a disparaging name. I don’t have a problem letting people be what they want but I don’t want my child programmed by the education system. I believe the schools should be teaching my child how to think for themselves not absorb someone else’s political agenda. As far as I’m concerned that doesn’t affect Disney’s mission or their ability to be inclusive. They shouldn’t have this forced on them any more than I should have it forced on me. Besides, I think Disney is going to have their hands full with this, “It’s all about the Benjamin’s” attitude they have adopted. The last time I was at Disney World it was anything but magical. My brother just sold his vacation club and my wife and I have considered doing the same.

    1. Jay

      If you agree with this legislation then you are supporting children absorbing someone’s political agenda, just maybe aligns with your own. The passing of the this bill means that teachers can’t do things like read books with lgbtq+ characters, they can’t teach about the fact that some families might have two moms or two dads, etc. Acknowledging that people exist isn’t pushing a political agenda, but denying the ability to do so is.

      1. RealityCzech

        No, this bill protects children from being subjected to what only 5% of the human population engages in. And by scientific standards, that’s an abnormal behavior. Deal with it. Two humans of the same sex CANNOT reproduce by NATURAL means, hence the behavior is UNNATURAL and ABNORMAL. It will NEVER be widely accepted no matter how much you try to convince yourself.

        1. Jordan

          Way to show homophobic you are. Nothing wrong with 2 people that love each other to be together.

      2. Sue

        And teachers under NO circumstances should ever read a book like that in school to any child at any age. I have a gay child who says the law dies not go far enough.

  2. Molly

    I can attest that the Pride Wall was still there MLK week 2022 as I just took a pic of my daughter in front of it during said week. Not sure why they painted over it 🤷‍♀️

  3. Matalyn

    It is so sad that a group of people want to push there sin on the rest of the world. I was in Disney 50 years ago when it opened. I have taken my family (children and elderly mother there many years). It was a place for children. Biblically, the Bible talks against these types of behaviors. So if I choose to take my grandchildren, I have to worry about them seeing this behavior in public, that we teach against. Unfortunately they are being more open about there sexual preference in public.
    As for the school system, I taught Elementary education for many years, confusing our children with this type of behavior is so wrong. What happened to educating our children to become successful citizens, not confused citizens.
    Let Disney be what it was intended to be, For little children. Disney should not be a place for public platforms.

    1. Jordan

      You must have misread the bible because there’s nothing in it about being gay is a sin. Your sexuality is not a problem, how you react to seeing individuals in love is the problem. Kids will only see it as wrong if their parents do, same as them seeing their parents react to someone of a different ethnicity. Keep your discrimination at home.

      1. R

        Ha! Read Leviticus…

      2. Sue

        You obviously never read the Bible. Read Genesis, God destroyed 2 cities over homosexuality. He changed the color of Noah’s son over a homosexual act. There are numerous instances in many other books about how homosexuals is the biggest sin. Even Jesus spoke out against it.

  4. Sue

    In case you didn’t know. There was a news article and a brief mention in the news that Disney stockholders are actually upset Bob Chapek dared to open his mouth and take a political stance about this law.
    The law actually does nor go far enough. It should have been for all grades.

  5. Ken Brenner

    Teachers have NO business teaching anything about sexuality to children – that is solely up to their parents.
    And, I agree with the other comments – God’s Word only supports man+woman relationships. He destroyed two cities for situations other than that.

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