Comments for Disney Exec. Commits to 50% of Characters Being “LGBTQIA and Racial Minorities”

The Family Madrigal in 'Encanto'

Credit: Disney


  1. June

    There’s only one thing that matters when it comes to Disney shows, or any shows. It needs to be interesting.

  2. Yals

    It needs to be 100%, but it’s a good start.

    1. Harry


    2. franklin

      L O freaking L!

      The day that minorities and the many lettered group become 100% of the population then we can have a talk about that happening. Until then…

  3. June

    Why 50%? Why not 100%? Make it 110%.

    1. N

      Because 100% of the population isn’t LGBTQIA or Minorities. It’s not right to just have those groups in media, then it’s no longer a diverse movie and doesn’t actually represent the world accurately. Of course if it’s just for one movie it would be fine, but for all movies it would reach into discrimination(which i know is weird ro talk about with white/straight/cisgendered people) but that’s what it would be like. As a straight cisgendered ally i would still like to see myself represented in media I watch. I would also like to see more LGBTQIA and minorities(like myself) as well.

  4. B

    How come in the U.S.A. it’s Woke Disney. But in other places like China it’s Walt Disney. ???

    1. K

      Because China is conservative and woke Disney can’t push their agenda there.

    2. Rox

      I’m ok with Dreamers instead of Ladies And Gentlemen, Boys And Girls. However I heard they also are considering eliminating greeting children dressed as princesses e.g., Good Morning Princess – that is a big mistake in my opinion. Any child who is dressed as a princess wants to be a princess and should be acknowledged as such. Please don’t take that little thrill away from them.

  5. Truth

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you are all here because you came out of a Woman’s V A G I N A

    1. Mark

      Exactly. The confused only represent 1% of the population. They should be in 1% of the movies. It’s not normal to be LGUGYHGHDS. We know it and they know it. They just want to push thier mental illness on all of us. We push back. Cancel Disney. Boycott this libtard garbage. Wait till November you mfers. We’re cancelling you.

  6. J.

    How is this fair or right? The same with affirmative action. If you hire someone simply because of their color or sex it is no better than if you DON’T hire someone simply because of their color or sex. The most qualified person for the job/part should get the job period.

  7. BilliJ

    While the whole world is distracted by the war in Ukraine, inhuman experiments on our children are taking place here. It’s all beneficial to someone.

    1. L Flamisch

      They used to just groom their child actors, now they want to groom all the children

  8. Eric

    Adding minorities is fine, but stop forcing LGBT whatever crap down everyone’s throat, my kids don’t need to be exposed to that garbage all the time. It’s bad enough the schools are pushing it on kids. Why does everything need to be trans and gay and pansexual (which isn’t a real thing). Just because one executives kids are messed up doesn’t mean everyone else’s need to be.

  9. Erin

    Ahhhhh never read the comments. Cesspool of homophobia right here.

  10. Sam

    Time to cancel Disney. Not in our home. Not for our children.

  11. L Flamisch

    no more Disney ever again, short the stock

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