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  1. Nikki

    Seems reasonable to expect you to cancel at least by midnight the day before?

  2. Maria

    I think that’s a reasonable request to have to cancel. I know we did as a courtesy when we were not going but other people don’t feel the need to. Without cancel penalties it prohibits some people from going. if you hold a spot I think the no-show policy should be enforced

  3. Gregorio

    Please bring back the normalcy of walking up to the resort(s) w/ o a reservation and allowing patrons to use our Disney Annual Passes including the parking.

    1. Nickman


      We last minute went to the park all the time in Orlando and without that have not renewed.

    2. Tracy Smith

      I am sick and tired of this reservation crap! Bring back free fast passes, park hopping anytime and get rid of Cheapskate!

      1. KJ

        i agree. it’s not like reservations are lowering crowds anymore. I live about an hour and 15 min from WDW. I miss deciding to just go and get some exercise by going to a park on a Saturday or Sunday.

      2. Pks

        Yes !!! I agree !!

      3. chuck

        Agree Tracy ..That Gov, of California want Chapek and his people back to California and i hope that moron goes back .He screwed up California and Chapek now is screwing up Florida

    3. Penny

      I’m all for this!!!

  4. Chris

    I got an idea how about go back to your old policy you can buy a pass when you get to the gates and have no reservation. I think Walt would think that would be more magical than getting turned down because they don’t have availability. They did not have any major issues like this in the old days. Maybe we should all wait in line as well for the attractions to get On the rides so everybody is created equal.

  5. J

    Need do away with park passes! Disney has lost their minds! Soon they will charge you for staying home!

    1. Michelle D

      Technically, they do. If you have a resort stay booked and don’t cancel in more than 5 days (30 for a package), you are charged the first night stay, even if you are home…but this is really standard practice for hotels.

  6. Conor

    I understand this as a courtesy, but it’s literally so hard to figure out how to cancel the reservation when using MDE on the app. I could not figure out how to cancel my reservation for the following day after I left a night early from a trip and I gave up.

    1. Jean

      YES!! I tried for over an hour last night and again tonight before I finally was able to cancel for tomorrow. I hate the park reservation system. I try to cancel, but I will give up if it will remain so difficult to cancel!!

      1. Tom

        Try cancelling on a desk top. But you can cancel in the app as well.

      2. Kim

        Exactly! It used to be so easy to cancel in the app, now you can’t. You have to go to the main website, sign in and cancel thru there. Have no idea why they made it more difficult to cancel.

  7. Yasmin Graciliano

    I have a total of 5 Magic Key passes that should allow my family no block out dates, for the pass holders that paid for all year round access, we are not always able to get reservations for particular days. The reservation system does not always have same day reservations and sometimes the whole month has been booked already.

    1. Mr White

      Well if buy no blackout date passes you won’t have them? Not Disneys or anyone elses you have bread too much.

      1. Deb

        No show punishment is a joke. Just another way to grab your money and not deliver. I find it hard to believe that Disney doesn’t have the stats on who shows and who doesn’t and then adjust accordingly. If someone makes a reservation 30 days early and that day has a heavy rain forecast more than likely a local might decide not to go.

        1. Tom

          I agree. people should cancel. Bu this just seem punitive. What happens if you wake up feeling sick? Do they really want you to come to the park anyway?

  8. Gina

    Total disappointment in Disney World! To have children under the age of 8 stand in for 30 min or more is ridiculous! Or better yet not being able to go on a ride at all is disheartening! The MAGICAL part of Disney no longer exists. Bring back the Disney Walt had dreamed of where everything in a child’s eye is magic not robbery & greed!

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      Can you be any more entitled? If people want to go to the parks, then they wait in lines. Disney World is not your private recreational activity. Right bring back the Disney Walt had dreamed of where you paid for each attraction separately after paying to get in. Where everything had an upcharge unless a sponsor paid for you. Where more magic cost you more money!

      1. Figuring out how to cancel is quite a chore. Sometimes it shows up right on the reservation, but other times I have to go to my email confirmation or hunt on a real computer.

      2. Eugenia

        Wow, well yes, when you pay outrageous prices for a product you kind of expect access to that product. Not being blocked or expected to pay even more money just to avoid the artificially long lines they put in place on purpose to get you to pay more. Sure, Walt’s system was pay to get in and pay for each ride, but the entrance price was so extremely low that it wasn’t even a problem for my parents who were just average blue collar working class on a budget and no credit card necessary to afford it.

        This clip is off the internet.

        “Minimum wage was $1.60 an hour. An adult ticket book to Disneyland with admission and 10 tickets would have cost $4.75 ”

        Going by that, with a minimum wage of 15 dollars today, an entrance plus 10 rides should cost, in todays dollars, about 45 dollars!!!

        Yeah, lets not knock Walt’s system folks….it’s un-knockable.

        1. Ryan

          The minimum wage is $7.50 an hour in the United States.

      3. Ken Anderson

        Disney prices have gone up much more than inflation! So in the past it was much cheaper, even though they had lettered tickets for rides. Main differerence was with limited tickets, people usually didn’t ride the e-ticket rides more than once. Now many get right back on line again for their favorites.

  9. Cassy

    Another reason Universal Studios is superior. No masks, no reservations, can buy tickets at the gate.

    1. Michelle D

      Sorry, but I’m an out of state WDW and UO AP. I visit Orlando somewhat frequently. After what has happened over the last year, I have to admit Universal really has stepped it up while Disney has not. Both are getting more expensive (Uni just raised AP prices AGAIN this year), but at least with Uni, you feel wanted. With Disney right now, you feel short changed. It is an overall feeling after being treated in different ways. Disney used to be the gold standard for customer service. Now, I feel like there is more training in ways to say “no” than ever before. Park reservations are not needed anymore, yet they are not only NOT going away, there are more rules, regulartions, and yes, even punishments, with them.

      1. Ugh

        I’m doing universal for now on… we stay at portafino, get the “fast passes” included and skip the masking, long lines and nonsense Disney has added to their price tag. The magic has disappeared…. Was a life long memeber of the mouse house but am now hanging up the ears.

  10. Julian H

    Anyone would think you were going on vacation. Honestly the hoops you have to go through to go to Disney for a Holiday, is crazy and no holiday.

    I buy a holiday I buy 2 week passes I make restaurant reservations etc, but now I have to make a park reservation, I have to get up to book Lightning lanes before 7 am, I have to mobile order, stick my head in phone and so on and so on, does this sound like a holiday…NO. The parks look beyond capacity too, surely a H&S concern, but still Disney insist you make a booking.

    Disney I loved you once BUT Stick It where the sun don’t shine, going to Universal, where you can holiday stress free and actually have fun and relaxation (its less expensive too). OH Disney that’s a holiday, not what you are dishing up.

  11. Cheryl

    I find this to be another way for them to be able to make money all they want to know is if you are coming or not!!! If you are not coming and cancel your reservation then they can sell your spot to another person walking up to buy a ticket that day…I am over all of this let me know where you are when you are coming and when you are going…Gone are the days of having it be a “Magical place” it is all about how can we make more have more of your money. I as a pass holder purchased it so I could have the freedom to go as someone who lives near Disney who moved 1800 miles to do that. It is not where we should be. Yes things come up I have had to miss a reservation due to illness but that shouldn’t be penalized. So they can make money. Just my thoughts

  12. Elizabeth

    First, get rid of Chapek. He wants to squeeze every cent he can from the guests. Go back to being Disney. Lower ticket prices, lower food prices, go back to normal portions of food, no park reservations, walk ups allowed, no Genie , Genie+, lightening lanes, or fast passes. Make everybody equal. We all pay the same admission. We all get in line to ride a ride. What makes this new CEO so special to give him the power to gouge everyone so that your normal middle class can’t afford to go and only the rich are welcome. And he can get millions more in bonuses with his new rules. As long as the public continues to complain but still pay his prices, everything will stay on the course it is now following.

  13. Daniel Tobias

    While I do find it reasonable to have a “no show” policy, I am tired of having to make reservations for everything. There isn’t any more spontaneity on a Disney vacation. Annual pass holders can’t just decide at the spur of the moment to go to a park.

  14. jay

    So your penalty for not going to the park is to be told you are not going to the park? lol

    Dont high school students say the same thing? My penalty for cutting school is to be suspended from school? lol

    1. Eugenia

      Yeah but not going to school was the whole idea behind cutting….suspension is more of a reward than penalty…..

  15. Zipper

    Get rid of the reservation system. Period.

  16. Stacey Greenberg

    I agree on nothing is spontaneous anymore at WDW however because of this I agree with the No Show policy. It’s not first time your penalized, it’s after the 3rd no show. It allows for others to go. I am sure quite a few reserve a few days just in case they want to go and if they cannot make it ohh well. I would say it would be quite a few if they created this policy. They look at numbers. How many reservations versus the number who actually showed. Less people in the park is nicer for the people there but it means less profit to make for the company on food and souvenirs from those who no show.

  17. Patty

    More and more complications- any Disney Magic is long gone.

  18. CJ

    Disney Magic ✨ has left their Theme Parks!

    I’m with everybody who’s not a fan of:

    Magic Key
    Genie +
    Fast Lane
    Disney App
    Extra charges
    Bob Chapek

    I miss the Days of being able to show up, pay for admission, enjoy the Theme Park (maximum capacity kept reasonable), manageable queue lines, manageable fast dining, walk up make appointment for fine dining (and get it within the hour), reasonable prices (from parking to the merchandise), live entertainment and fireworks (freely available, not paying extra to experience) ….

    Today’s Disney is not for My Generation and they need to put the Walt back in Disney, please!

  19. Peter

    Waaaay waaaaay too many rules. No more Disney for us. Miss the days when you could just walk up to the ticket window and have a really nice day in the park.

  20. Jarvis

    When JC Penny’s new CEO changed to JCP with a box logo, simple pricing (5.00, 10.00, 25.00) no “sales, clearances, discounts”, etc. it bombed. Women wanted sales, coupons, discounts, specials, ads and all the gimmicks back. So they did and it worked.

    Women are shoppers like men are hunters, I Guess.

    This was before the covid hoax.

  21. Lesley Pearce

    Good idea as it gives others a change they may have missed out before. I also feel this could be applied to ride times that are booked and the rider/s doesn’t show. I the ‘good old days’ a physical collection of a fast pass made you more likely to return and if you didn’t show it didn’t really matter ( unless all times were allocated of course). I may be wrong and this might work the same way with genie + ?

  22. Tom

    I think it is a reasonable policy. That said I am really getting tired of making reservations. I make them guessing when I will want to go to the Parks and if the weather will be to my liking. I usually go mid week or Sunday night. So often I really would like to go last minute and no reservations. Other times I have a reservation and am not up to it, it is pouring rain, extra hot that day or, something comes up. I have only not shown once when I planned to visit with my son but he changed plans on me. More than once I have stopped by for an hour so I would not get dinged for no show.

  23. DLand

    I’m always reading these post on this site just to SEE what we’re getting ourselves into for my Granddaughters Birthday coming up in May. She wants to go to Disneyland & We live in Anaheim California, 10 minutes away from DISNEYLAND. I use to work for the Mouse 🐭 & also my whole family & I were Annual Pass holders for YEARS, then 💥 BAM 💥 Covid hit. My last visit was 3 DAYS BEFORE Disney had to shut its doors 🚪 to the public because of this Covid mess & THEN ALL OF THERE CRAZY CHANGES HAPPENED. Some were good & others have been just FLAT OUT WRONG & OR STUPID. It made me really Open my eyes with this company and How it’s treat there crowds as so called “GUEST” 🤣🤣🤣 No we’re not. You DONT CHARGE “YOUR GUEST” FOR EVERYTHING & THEN treat them like trash 🗑 I am NOT YOUR GUEST DISNEY, I am the buyer of your wares. Host “DONT DO WHAT YOU ARE & HAVE BEEN TO FOR YEARS) to there Guest & “YOU ARE NOT A TRUE OR EVEN GOOD HOST ANY LONGER” & I’m not the only one who feels that way. In time, thing’s WILL CHANGE YET AGAIN & MORE RULES & CHARGES WILL GO UP UP UP & You CEO’s of the “MOUSE HOUSE” will be LAUGHING 🤣🤣🤣 all the way to the bank 🏦 Great Host 🤣👎🏼🤣👎🏼🤣👎🏼🤣👎🏼🤣 I’m DREADING this up coming outing & I LOVE DISNEY 😞😞😞

    1. Eugenia

      I hear you. I used to go all the time, had various passes over the years because I live next to Disneyland too. Planned to be a lifelong passholder. Now it’s just a rip off. I did go ahead and get a pass because my grandkids are that age of magic; in a couple of years they won’t be. But if this crap is still going on then, I’m done with Disney.

  24. Charmaine Nash

    Well, excuse me Disney. I just paid for 14days Park admission. So I should have the right to use every day of that ticket. Ok, happy (not) to pre-book. But don’t penalise me for something I’ve paid for. How dare you. The magic is ebbing away, the nearer the holiday. Its just so much hassle now.



  26. M Howell

    We had reservations but I woke up with diarrhea that morning. The Disney app has no way to cancel the day of the reservation. Things happen need a way to cancel the day of reservation.

    1. Julian H

      Disney should just do away with this crap reservation system. They will know how many people are coming from ticket sales.

      Disney have been in the game long enough to know how to estimate how many people staying on property and pass holders on average will come to the parks.

      This system is just more stress on your holiday which I do not need.

  27. Mary Murphy

    It’s total insanity to have to make reservations for every minute you are their GUEST while in the park. My daughter and her husband recently went and after waiting in line for several attractions they came out of one and wanted a beverage. It was a place that had pub height tables to stand around. Unfortunately they didn’t know they would be thirsty then and that place also required a reservation. Sorry…no drink for you! WTF?!

  28. Gray

    Granted, I suspect that this is less of an issue in CA than in FL, but I really have to wonder about this from the perspective of the weather often going sideways in FL. The prospect of having to drag one’s rear out to the park “day of” (or worse, having to drag the whole family along) if the weather turns upside down out of nowhere is flatly ridiculous. Pre-pandemic, there were more than a few times when plans to go to the park got binned because of massive thunderstorms deciding to stage a “surprise raid” on Orlando in the middle of the afternoon. Take it from experience, wandering around Epcot in the rain sucks.

    [The whole reservation thing is just annoying at this point, but the above issue is a real problem. If Disney proves to be willing to flag “unexpected bad weather days” and other major issues, that’ll be one thing. If not…]

    Then again, I read through the T&C on the WDW website and as far as I can tell WDW doesn’t have a provision for this (only “Passholders should cancel any reservation that will not be used prior to the date of the reservation”). So I’m guessing that if they were to implement it and enforce it in the near term, legal would find their hands full.

  29. carlos

    I love the idea a of a reservation based pass if it actually functioned the way its supposed to. The purpose of a reservation is to ensure that the park isnt packed to the gills so that everyone can experience the “Magic” of Disney that everyone claims is missing. Heres the reality to all of those people complaining about a reservation system, when you just pop in when ever you want you overcrowd the parks and dont spend any money which overburdens the rides and park facilities. If the reservation system worked the way it is supposed to no one would be complaining. Before the pandemic, Disneyland was slowly bringing in the “Knotts crowd”, and I gurantee if that had happen you’d be complaining a hell of alot more.

  30. Cristian

    Another reason why other theme parks like universal are thriving right now. Disney has made the process of going to the park such a complicated and stressful one….

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