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  1. Lee

    I’m so tired of everyone complaining about the price increases at Disney. Everywhere prices have gone up , theme parks aren’t any different. We are local and go often , the prices at Universal have gone up , SeaWorld and LEGOLAND too. We just adjusted our budget. I think it’s the tourist who hasn’t been in 2-3 years who “sees” these increases as huge.

    1. Walt

      You and the folks like you are the problem at Disney right now, and myself and the rest of us are absolutely so tired of you. Take your attitude and go ruin Funspot, or stay home…

      1. Wendel

        Better idea: you go to Funspot, probably more your style.

    2. Julian H

      Lee please open your eyes, you are so Disney Brainwashed, I’m embarrassed for you.

      No matter what Disney does you are going to love it, no matter how much they rip you off an take advantage of you, you will clearly just say thank you Disney… Enough already, Disney are taking your money and they do not care one bit about you.

    3. Backcountry164

      Just out of curiosity, who is forcing you to read these articles?? If you’re tired of it then why do you willingly expose yourself to it?? Probably because you enjoy complaining even more than the people you’re complaining about…

  2. Coronado is a moderate. Not considered luxury. I just returned from Disney. No meal plan, charged everything. I think I spent about $200 more since the trip in December 2020. If that doesn’t bother you, pack your bags and go. You must know that food quality has gone down a little; I think that’s the part that ticks people off.

    1. We stayed there right after Thanksgiving and I was overwhelmed by the extremely limited, outrageously overpriced and crappy food. The newly remodeled rooms were ok but I would NEVER stay there again due to the food problems. A cheeseburger was $13 to $18 and it was COLD and dried out. I don’t mind paying for good food but I won’t put up with expensive bad food. There is NO supply chain issues. This is just an excuse so people become accustomed to being ripped off. The new Disney norm is paying way more and get less. And there was no advantage staying onsite. Crowded and slow buses. Just not worth it anymore!

  3. Chris

    I just got back from a week stay in Orlando and Genie+ at $15 a day is very reasonable compared to others. We used it at all 4 parks for 3 people so $180 total and was able to set up quite a few rides not all but many. We were also at Universal for 2 days and wanted to get the Express pass since you can use it on any ride at any time, no having to book it. But they wanted $309 per person per day. That is outrageous. It would cost us $927 more for one day versus $180 for 4 days.

    1. KAG

      After we stay at Disney World for a week we are staying a couple nights at the Universal Royal Pacific mainly because it includes the Express Unlimited pass.
      However it did cost $200 more per night than the Adventura, but considering there is three of us having that pass does save us $ (keep in mind that des not include park tickets!).
      Over at Disney World we got a great deal at the Dolphin Resort. The Swan and Dolphin are owned by Disney but managed by Marriott but get all the WDW benefits.
      Their prices usually run less than the Disney luxury resorts.

    2. You went during the most expensive time. Buying Univ EP ahead of time would have saved you money. It’s not cheap but they don’t want everyone to get it since it defeats the purpose. Staying at a premium at Univ is almost half difference in price and includes EP. Def worth it. As for genie +, I don’t want my head in a phone when I’m on vacation.

  4. Pam

    I don’t mind the ticket prices or the hotel prices. But I will say something about the food! Why do they charge an adult price for a 11 and 13 yr old in a table service restaurant?!! I’d like to take my granddaughters to Be Our Guest Meal but I guess that’s not gonna happen. $240 for 4 of us. For 1 meal. Maybe there could be a middle price for kids say 9-15?

    1. Doug

      Anyone at any age can order from the children’s menu. My 17 year old did a couple times on our last trip (March 2022) when there were no “adult” entrees to her liking.

  5. This has nothing to do with the sky high prices for food at the Disney theme parks. I was wanting to find out is, is WDW giving away free posters commemorating the 50th anniversary like they did for the 25th anniversary?

    1. Why would Bob Chapek give anything away for free when there are thousands willing to overpay for whatever crap they dream up? Free poster? Don’t be silly. Just joking about being silly.

    2. Patti

      I have the 25th poster that my kids framed for me. They are all grown now and I make a very good salary but I don’t think Disney 50h is in for me. I will go to Universal

  6. TrashPandaGrrl

    They doubled the price of parking – and discontinued the trams, so yeah, pay $25 for the honor of parking your car in their lot, then walk your butt the mile or so to the main gate.

    Prices raised, ok, everything’s going up, but when you raise prices and remove services, that’s where I draw the line. And I won’t get started here about employees who just don’t give a crap.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      yeah, no, they did not double the price of parking unless you want to go back to 2011.
      As for raising prices and cutting service, then if you want the same service you would pay even more. It is done all of the time to limit price increase amounts. Disney is no different.

      1. AH

        The problem is that Disney prices already had well over 100% profit built into them. In some cases it is as high as 5x. Then when you remove things while just paying a wage to most of your workers that gives them a choice between paying rent or eating at the same time jacking the board’s pay up by millions, it is different.

  7. Disney has become, very much, a company run by MBA’s – it will kill them – the thumping sounds you hear are Walt spinning in his gtave

  8. Gern Blanston

    The food & beverage operation at Coronado is not run by Disney. The same folks that operate the restaurants at Epcot Mexico pavilion also operate the Coronado F&B.

    I think that explains the difference. Too bad the author didn’t take the time to figure that out.

    1. joe

      Yep its a third party that runs the quick service at Coranado not Disney

  9. Reese Letcher

    Used to work at WDW and since I left in 2007, haven’t been able to Return due to Disney Executives, Can’t Afford the Prices, the Service has gotten worse since the PANDEMIC. For the Price and the Attractions, Busch Gardens, Universal and even LEGO Land 90% Better, Closer, NOT as Expensive. You don’t have to put up with the Smart Ass Cast Member’s or Management at other Theme Parks

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