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child running to winnie the pooh disneyland

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  1. Chris

    This is why meet and greets need to return to normal. It is time.

    Also, something not mentioned in this article is that Knott’s Berry Farm, which is just down the street already has returned to normal meet and greets and allows character hugs and autographs and such. Imagine if this little kid has been to Knott’s and was just able to hug Snoopy, etc. now they go to Disneyland and this happens, can you imagine how confused this little kid could be? And even more so if they are autistic, etc.

    Disney, it is time, go back to normal completely. Especially for characters, but also entertainment, etc.

    1. Alicia

      Before reading article I was expecting the child to have been either picked up or turned around by CM hands on shoulders. The CM, by what I saw, stood between Pooh and the child with her arms spread open. It appeared to me she motioned her hand/arm in a sweeping manner, but I didn’t see CM touch child. Yes it is frustrating to not be able to do what was, but it’s worse to make strong accusations about someone’s actions when they were not threatening.

      1. Bella

        As someone who is autistic, I agree. I think the CM did her job and I didn’t see her touch the child. If you don’t like the rules don’t go to the park.

        1. Keil

          The problem is the rules are unnecessary and unreasonable. It’s frankly time for them to end. The lockdown was a farce, why do we continue to pretend its good for anyone?

      2. Lu

        There was nothing wrong with either of these scenarios…

    2. Jake

      It’s way past time for folks to realize things are not the same and the parents knew before hand that there’d be no contact. How do you blame the company if they tell you in advance? That’s ridiculous. If you don’t like the rules then don’t go. Why go and then complain about your experience?

      1. Keil

        The rules are unreasonable and need to go away. If we don’t complain about our experience, things will never change. It’s called PEACEFUL PROTEST.

        1. Deb

          What’s unreasonable is how expensive it costs to go to the parks.

    3. Icp

      This is why you dont post “articles” from troll baiting propaganda accounts. But someone people get their “news” that way I guess.

  2. Dot

    Can we please stop taking this frustration out on cms just trying to follow guidelines 🙄

    1. Bridget Langley-Broadwell

      Absolutely! CM are people too inside those suits. And those rules are to protect them also. I have lung damage and don’t appreciate a small child that is being held coughing in my face because the family is breathing down my back all because I got in the line first. I have told many families to go in front of us because of this.

    2. Deb

      She was just doing her job.

  3. Jim

    There are several reasons why the cm moved so quickly.
    1. Past experiences of physical attacks on characters get triggered and a fast response is set into play
    2. Vision of characters is very limited. When a small child approaches quickly from the front the cm must help avoid a collision which could be more serious than the brief touching seen here.
    3. Social distancing has been dropped for guests but not fully for cast, especially those in entertainment. Cast is still required to follow rules whether or not they agree with them.

    1. Sean

      Imagine blaming a CM for doing her job. There are rules they have to follow for various reasons. Most of all its because that’s what they are told to do.

    2. Random Cast Member

      You try being a CM we’re guests think it’s their right to touch you no matter what. It’s not your right. It is however my right not to be touched. That CM did not touch that child you can see it in the video. If you have a problem with not being able to touch a character or a CM, go somewhere else.

  4. Sam

    I don’t see the problem. The CM handled it just fine.

    1. Mindy

      Agreed. Parents need to do a better job watching their kids. Stick her on a child leash. Character interactions have not returned to normal. I don’t know why anyone is still shocked and surprised about it. I think they told their kid to run up to Pooh for fake outrage views.

    2. Charles

      I agree. The CM handled it quite gently from what I can see. She intervened, but her body language wasn’t aggressive or overbearing.

    3. Ed

      Come-on now! “PHYSICALLY’ prevents! Yes I too see nothing wrong….she actually was gentle as she is taught. Over hype…quit it ITM!!!

    4. Jennifer

      What harm could she do to a big Teddy bear😕

  5. byron

    If the cm touched my daughter it would be the last kid she would touch.

    1. hey

      why? are u gonna rip the hands of the cm? 😂

    2. Charlotte

      Then teach your kids to follow the rules. It’s not like she punched her

      1. Bella

        As someone who is autistic, I agree. I think the CM did her job and I didn’t see her touch the child. If you don’t like the rules don’t go to the park.

    3. Themagicsgonnacost

      …and that would be your last trip to Disney because you can’t follow the rules or teach your kid to do so. Nevermind the legal implications, what a genius.

      1. vg

        I like that the mother was too busy filming to stop her own child

        1. Amber Lasater

          After reading these comments, I agree with all. The CM’s are just doing their job. I know it is hard for parents to understand. Since Covid happened our world has completely changed. We have had to to live life in a whole new way. I had made my own personal decision right after the park opened to wait a bit before going to the park.I am going to say real quick that seeing all the changes that have been made I do not think Walt would be happy at all. Walt built the parks by his own ideas. Walt built the park to bring happiness to everyone. Walt brought all the original Disney characters to life in a whole new way for families and people to enjoy. He wanted to make everyone smile and leave all of the problems at the entrance of the park and just relax and not have to worry or be stressed about anything for a day.

    4. Krod Mandoon

      Wow, your a big man aren’t you? You get your big boy pants on before you typed that? Did you even watch the video?!? The kid was just fine, and the cast member acted like a mom stopping a kid from touching a hot stove, she wasn’t aggressive, just fast moving.

    5. Vinnie

      And that we be the last time you touched your daughter for a few years as you would be put in jail

    6. SB

      Yet your daughter touching someone else is completely acceptable? For years we’ve been told to distance, wear masks or stay home. Now y’all are tired of it so it’s completely acceptable to invade cast members personal space and touch them again? Please… if you don’t like the rules, you don’t have to go!

  6. Mindy

    Telling the cast member that could trigger an autist kid? Yeah, that’s the parents’ responsibility to manage, not the CM. Disney has the covid rules posted about what’s still different and not back to normal at the parks. It’s their responsibility to review and be prepared, and also prepare the kid that you can NOT touch the characters. This has been a thing for a while. If you can’t handle it, stay away from the parks until they do okay physical interactions again.

  7. Charles

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way that the CM handled this. She gently intervened in a non-aggressive way. Y’all keep saying she got “physical” like she hurt the child. All she did was place her hands out in between the child in the character. She did her job and followed the required procedures. Let’s not lash out at Cast Members and turn this into something that it wasn’t.

    1. Krod Mandoon

      Exactly! The author, and some of the idiots in the comments, are acting like the cm did a flying karate kick to knock the child away. Some people need to grow the hell up…

  8. Jen

    I don’t understand why the outrage. The rules are posted everywhere, so how it is surprising when they stop you? You should be making your kids aware or watching them so they don’t run. I was on the TOT yesterday and Goofy and Max were up there and a mom guided her kid to run up to Goofy. Goody ran and the CM escorted the little kid back and everyone was booing. Like what?? Follow the rules!

    1. Bxmamipr

      The mother should have been thrown out of the park with her child. She was inciting physical touching which she knew was not allowed, and jeopardized people’s safety. But I’m sure her brat is somehow “owed” the interaction, and the rules don’t apply to them.

  9. Christa

    We had the same thing happen, pre-pandemic, 7 years ago. We had not seen any characters up close and were walking through Animal Kingdom and saw Goofy. My son was 6 and so excited! He went to run give him a hug and the cast member told him no. His little heart was broken. I was so upset for him.

    1. Christian

      It has nothing to do with covid. It has to do with the rise of godless liberals.

      1. Icp

        Jigga what homie?

  10. Michael

    So let me get this straight. We no longer need to wear masks outside nor in the stores. However, we have to have them on while we are on the monorail and the buses. But we’re fine being crushed together in droves during parades and such. Then this sweet little child wants a simple hug from Pooh, and it’s like the end of the world. Yes, I know the CM was only doing their job, but when is this going to end? All that child wanted was a hug!

    1. Christy

      So it’s ok to touch someone that doesn’t want to be touched? A character is no different. So if some perv wanted to hug your child it would be ok because he just wanted a hug, right?

      1. Winnie

        Investigator: Ok, Pooh, show me on this doll where the child touched you.

      2. Kris

        If the parent can’t control their own child or teach that to follow rules, it’s the cast members job to intervene. Blaming the cast member because people don’t like the rules or because they don’t think the rules apply to them isn’t right.

      3. Me

        Um, the friend of Pooh who decided to take the job should not have taken the job if they do not want a child touching them. Pre-COVID, hugs from kids (and adults) was part of the job description and will be again soon. Nice false equivalency.

        1. Chris

          Remember when Disney used to be a magical place?

      4. Ryan

        Fail to see the connection…

      5. Chris

        Pooh is not a face character! The rules are so now because Covid, but pre Covid, if you are a costume character that is part of the job to accept hugs and take pics. As long as touching is appropriate!

    2. Gaby

      So why is it ok for the Star Wars Characters in the new Star Wars hotel to not be physically distanced but at the parks characters still are? If it’s good enough for a hotel then it should also be for the parks.

      1. Icp

        I got a solution. Buy your own theme park. Then make your own rules. Otherwise stop being an entitled brat.

  11. Robert "Ironman" Downey

    I do agree that there are some double standards at Disney right now. No masks “required” in areas other than Bus, Monorail and Skyliner. That is their guideline. My wife and I still will have our masks and wear them if things get too congested (like a parade or fireworks) with people in close proximity. Just because you have been vaccinated, doesn’t mean you should be stupid. You are not immune.
    Parents, teach and monitor your children and not your phone. I see parents in the parks all day long that let their child run crazy and don’t even notice cause they have their face buried in a phone, an alcoholic beverage, or are with what seems to be the entire population of their town (large group). They lose track. Watch your child. They may not know better or understand, but that is your job…explain it to them duh!
    Disney is private property, follow the rules (for ill or will) or don’t go. Take your high risk, bulletproof attitude somewhere else. Disney and myself, will survive just fine without you in the parks creating a scene. And yes, that IS my real name

    1. Gryf

      Be less scared of the world, Ironman

      1. Icp

        Be less entitled princess.

  12. Christian

    This kind of stuff was before the pandemic and has to do with liberalism on the rise. Libs have destroyed this nation.

    1. TruthTeller

      If priests could keep their hands off of kids we wouldn’t need these rules in the first place.

    2. Max

      Never thought of Trump as a liberal, but whatever keeps the crazy swirling inside your head.

    3. Icp

      Enjoy Disney Gay Day!!!!

  13. CM did nothing wrong and handled it perfectly. Let’s cut them some slack.

  14. Julian H

    Calm Down All, this was a small child that wanted a hug from a Disney Character because they were excited, nothing more nothing less, kids do not always understand.

    The situation, seemed to be handled very well by the Cast Members, and no one was hurt.

    Can we move on.

  15. Todd Wilkerson

    Pooh should have punted that frizzy haired rug rat!

  16. Vicki

    Sadly I think the time has come for Theme Parks (all of them) to stop the meet and greets! Characters can still be seen at live shows and during parades! It’s gotten ridiculous! Thankfully when my children were little the characters walked around the parks and if they encountered a character fine. We would never have stood in line for an hour to “meet” one! We also went to a Character meal.

    In my opinion everything at Disney has gotten out of control!

    1. Icp

      Then dont go.

  17. R

    I saw worse than this at wdw in 2014. Child was crying with hysterics afterward.

  18. Disney shouldn’t even be open if they can’t run the place as they normally would. Of course a small child like this is gonna want to hug her favorite character. Just not fair to these little kids..

    1. Icp


  19. Bill

    Walt Disney created this park exactly for these types of moments. Where children can feel joy by touching and talking to a beloved character from the movies and books they’ve seen or read.

    I agree that parents should be mindful of their children, and properly educate. However, there shouldn’t be anything malevolent about a child hugging a character they admire or enjoy. Anything really beyond that yes the child should probably be reined in.

    I also agree that people should be allowed to control what happens to their body. However, if you’re taking the job of dressing up as a storybook/movie character there is an expectation that you are going to be hugged and everyone is going to want to talk to you. If you want to be left alone or don’t want these things to happen then you shouldn’t have taken the job in the first place. I mean it would be equivalency of taking a job at a grocery store, but saying I don’t want to do anything with the food.

    1. Icp

      Its a rule. Get over it or dont go.

    2. Bxmamipr

      Except that touching is against the rules! It is posted everywhere! Do you let your children pick which rules to follow based on what YOU think is fair? That is not the way the world works.

  20. Ryan

    Going to WDW in 1 month. My 8yo loves Pooh more than anything. If this happens to him, I’ll go crazy.

    1. Icp

      Sucks to be you then.

      1. Ryan

        Actually, it’ll suck to be my kid. Thanks tho. Appreciate the empathy for a small child. Enjoy your life.

  21. Douglas Vitrano

    Traditional meet and greets just returned to Disneyland Paris! It’s time that the USA does it to.

  22. Nikky

    The CM handler was a bit distracted for a moment, but did her JOB. We all know what the current rules and limitations are. That parent needs to apologize to the child for not paying attention!

  23. Lisa

    I hate this stuff. I feel like the cast members actions came from higher up, so we can’t necessarily blame her, but I’m sick of this COVID stuff. WE ARE NOT WHERE WE WHERE IN MARCH 2020. We have weapons in our arsenal now. We have to go back to normal at some point.

    1. Daphne

      I agree with you. I’m sure that CM was just doing what they were told to do. It’s time to start getting back to pre Covid things though. Disney can start with Costumed characters like this. I could understand taking a little more time with the Disney princesses.

      1. Icp

        When did you join the Disney board?

  24. BL

    *reads article* interesting. *Looks at source* oh it’s a Russian propaganda account designed to enrage entitled snowflakes

  25. CWK

    If they didn’t want the character hugged, then why did they have the character mingling amongst the guests in the first place? What do you expect a small child, who doesn’t understand, to do?

  26. Peg

    Parents know the rules and therefore they should expect the CM to do their job. Shame on the parents for not teaching their children that rules are rules. Disney should eject those that can’t follow the rules.

    1. Bxmamipr

      Exactly! Parents are supposed to make sure that their children follow the rules and act appropriately, and that they explain the rules to THEIR children.

  27. TeresaH

    The CM did what they are supposed to do..many people don’t understand the characters can’t always see what’s coming at them. A child hitting the legs at full run could knock the characters over and have them both hurt. Could you imagine Pooh falling on the child. The CM is there for both parties safety. And the parent in question apologize d. What’s with the outrage after the fact.

  28. Jared Booz

    Ppl pay thousands of dollars to be treated like this. You all have been indoctrinated, if you can’t see the insanity you have become sheep. These ppl actually hate you, but will take your money.

    1. Icp

      What people and who are “you”? And where did you get that stylish tin foil hat?

  29. Alicia

    It’s really simple, you know that right now they are not supposed to be touched, try explaining it to your children, if they can’t grasp that make sure you stand with them so an incident doesn’t happen. I get it, everyone wants things to go back to the way it was. But right now it’s not. It up to you a a parent to not make those awkward situations happen.

    1. Icp

      The parents could just not go if they dont agree instead of going and then being pissed that they think the rules should be different. The amount of entitlement from the pissed off people in this comment section to propaganda is off the chain.

  30. Icp

    With how all these people want to dictate a corporations rules here youd think all the pissed off Disney haters who love to go to Disney were all socialists. Do they not see the irony dripping with snowflake entitlement? No one is making you go to Disney if you dont like the rules. You are not OWED a “magical disney” or any experience. If you dont like it, just dont go.

  31. Nunna

    Lotta loudmouths spouting stuff about the kid being touched, but they’re ok with the kid touching and being touched by the person in the suit.

    Kinda stupid.

  32. Bxmamipr

    Regardless of your stance on what COVID regulations should be, it is a well known rule, and posted everywhere, that you can’t touch the characters. By entering the park, you are agreeing to these rules. Parents need to get their little brats under control. Then the other parent had the nerve to try and jump on the bandwagon and post the picture of a toddler pointing at Spider-Man, and goes on about “heartbreaking” it is that he can’t touch his favorite character. Please! He is a toddler, and can you have a more first world problem!? How is this “heartbreaking”? The characters are still interacting with guests. You see entitled little brats everywhere you go now, because parents teach their kids that rules don’t apply to them, and say it is “heartbreaking” every time said brat doesn’t get whatever they want, when they want it. News flash: you don’t always get what you want! That is life! After the recent increase in abuse towards cast members in costumes, I would prevent touching indefinitely for the CM’s safety. They don’t get paid enough to deal with abuse. The CM in this scenario did nothing wrong. She appropriately intervened, because a parent allowed their child to get out of control. My children would never behave like these little entitled, disrespectful brats. If you can’t teach your children etiquette and make them follow rules, then they should be banned from the parks. But in this case, the minimum wage worker who is trying to keep everyone safe gets blamed.

  33. Ruben Reynoso

    Sorry, but I gotta side with Disney on this one. The current rules as they stand state that face to face character interactions are not allowed. The CM was just doing her job. It’s the parent’s responsibility to let their child know that they can’t run up to the characters, at least not yet. If face-to-face character interactions are high on your list, then maybe wait until the restrictions are lifted, which if the recent lifting of restrictions at DLP are any indication, shouldn’t be too far in the future.

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