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  1. Matthew Muir

    If anyone happens to catch sight of this comment, please do give it a good read…….

    Since NOBODY thinks emailing Disney will make a SUBATOMIC PARTICLE of difference………………is there ANYTHING………anything AT ALL that we can do to get Chapek out?

    In the best case scenario, I guess all we can do is just bleed Disney dry of money until shareholders stop getting payed and realize that a whole new board is needed……..First Susan Arnold and THEN Chapek.

    We ALL need to remember that Sue Arnold HOLDS THE STRINGS on Chapek, and Chapek holds the strings on Josh D’Amaro, so Arnold is the ABSOLUTE top. I therefore think that if Disney starts making major losses, shareholders might vote against ARNOLD and reinstate a better Chairman who can make more changes than ANY CEO.

    1. Susan Arnold is the first person in the Greed Centipede
    2. Followed by CEO Bob Chapek
    3. Followed by Josh D’Amaro (whom EVERYONE GIVES A PASS) for the decisions made in the park
    4. And then finally WE are at the back of that centipede

    Only gutting the parks of all their money can truly wake shareholders UP and get them to take charge, remove the entire board a replace a new one…….That could be our ONLY hope

    (I PRAY somebody catches sight of this)

    We cannot just sit here and complain; if we are to save Disney then we need to do SOMETHING about it. Our wallets are our greatest weapon against Disney’s current board, and it could allow a new breed of execs to come in and revitalize the company.

    Unless you truly believe that Disney is a lost cause, I would urge you to withhold your money as long as is necessary before a new CEO AND Chairman are elected. Then and ONLY then might we see a revitalization of the Walt Disney Company.

    1. Matthew Muir

      If anyone sees this BEFORE commenting, please do give me your verdict on this idea

      1. Scott

        It would be very difficult to disagree with your premise.
        Chapek has got to go and consumers withholding their dollars is the only way to get Disney’s attention.

        1. M. Licausi

          As a share holder I recently received my mail in ballot for the annual share holders vote. I voted against Bob Chapek and all the rest. I know there are countless others like myself…we want to clean house and put the magic back in Disney. This bunch have just about destroyed it.

      2. Your idea is great if it pertains to Chapec’s attitude of making Disney a Gay Company. I have nothing against a person who wants to be gay but I, and many, many other Disney cast members do not want your lifestyle crammed down our throats and your attempts to indoctrinate children to that lifestyle. I am not going to list my e-mail because I get enough crap in it already.

        1. Justin

          I agree 100% of what you said

          1. Who, me?

            Bigot, racist, homophobic , hater.
            No, I’m none of those things. I just do not agree with the gay lifestyle being forced on kids nor anyone else. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your buisiness, but do not even attempt to get kids, adults or anyone else to accept this as normal. It’s not. Sorry but I’m getting sick of the minority pushing everyone around if they do not get their way. Time to push back people.

        2. Ann

          I agree with you. I am not against people being who they believe they are. Whether it is straight, gay, black white, purple, etc. That is their choice. What I will fight everyday for, is those who want to shove it down my throat. I don’t want to see it everytime I turn around, turn the tv on, etc. I don’t want kids; who are to young to know and understand to be subjected or indoctated into thinking they are. When they are 16-18 yo and decide they might be and want to learn more, then that is their choice. Kids under 15 should not be talked to about it at all. Businesses like Disney that cater to kids, their imagination, etc. should not use their characters, cast members etc to put this lifestyle in front of kids. As far as I am concerned, what you do on your time is your business.What you do when on the company clock, employees/cast members, characters should be giving the kids the magical experience they deserve, nothing less and nothing more. Parents bring their families to Disney to have fun together, to relive their childhood, to be kids all over again through the eyes of their kids. The wholeboard needs to go and bring people in who believes in the magic that Walt Disnet believed in.

      3. I’ve been going to DISNEYWORLD since its opening in 1971. Almost every year except the covid times.
        With Chapek making all the changes and price gouging people and now his comments transgenders , gays etc he has turned me away from what used to be as Walt Disney once said .It’s the happiest place on earth. It no longer is.
        Disney needs to Rid its once great name of Bob Chapek and his CEO title and his greed.

    2. By into brainwash propaganda much?

      Baa. 🐑🐑🐑🐑

      1. C leim

        Sounds good. Hopefully they will walk out and all get fired. I guess they want our kids brain washed at the door that weird is ok. Sounds like everyone working there is and that is the reason allot if people I know won’t go there.

        1. Jaxx

          I agree 100%, C leim!

    3. Chris H

      Don’t give anyone a pass, not even Josh. Everyone does NOT give him a pass.

      1. Mari

        How can they be inclusive & still give money to those that are full of hate & passing these bills? This action is inexcusable. Disney cannot just say it they need to back it up with their actions. I will not support Disney until they stop giving money to these hateful, biased, bigoted officials. Shame on Disney.

        1. Jaxx

          Mari – by your tone, I assume you haven’t READ any of the bill and are just parroting what the media says. The bill is awesome and should be passed EVERYWHERE!

          Nowhere in the bill does it say “don’t say gay”. NOWHERE.

          Try READING it and UNDERSTANDING what it says instead of being a sheep.

          1. Bob

            You clearly don’t understand the implications of the bill. Not what the media says as a lawyer this bill could be used to go after a gay teach talking about his spouse for example. Unfortunately there are just enough stupid people that laws need to be specific not vague. The verbiage is way to vague and that’s the problem with the bill. Or do you not actually have the education and training to read it and understand it as a lawyer would. Get off Tucker Carlson and stop parroting his talking points.

            1. CheeseInFL

              Lol. You can’t even spell so why would anyone even hire you IF you are really a lawyer. Obviously, you only ‘read’ the bill with a slant on how you wanted to hear it. The language is simple for ANYONE that IS educated, and not a slimeball lawyer. Teachers are there to teach children about Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic. These are Kindergarten to 3rd grades. No need to teach them anything about sex, sex Ed, or sexual biology ( yes 2 genders). The part that is ignorant is that you encourage these pervs to GROOM CHILDREN.

            2. Sebastian

              Sorry but even most people outside of US agree that teaching kids sexuality at a young age is a bad idea, dont twist my words to your liking though, im not saying that teching sexuality is bad or unnecessary, im saying teaching kids (keyword: KIDS) about political nonsense (lets be honest thats what it really is, they just want more “allies”) is wrong.

              Let the people choose what they want to teach their kids, if liberal california wants liberal teachers, let them have liberal teachers. If conservative Florida wants conservative teachers let them have conservative teachers.

              As context where I live we are not taught sexuality until we are in university, because most schools want their students to excel in maths and sciences, not liberal ideologies.

          2. Wombat

            Nothing more enlightening for understanding the puerile standard of comments supporting the legislation than looking at comments here. What a load of stupid braindead homophobic trash being epoken by low intellect septic tanks… the most dangerous people in the world today

        2. Jeff

          They are not supporting bills of hate. And neither do those politicians. People just don’t want an agenda pushed onto their kids. The bill just limits a small amount of topics taught in a classroom until a more age appropriate time. That is all. And definitely seems to be what most parents want.

          1. Trumplost


            1. Sebastian

              Its like, most people who live in FL wants this bill since they are…*gasp* conservative!

              Look at this comment section.

              If you want your kids to be taught about sexuality go to a more liberal state.

            2. Walt

              “Wrong” Wow excellent argument – I have completely changed my opinion of the bill and am now in favor of having my kids taught about sex issues from K-3. Acrtually I hope they can bring in performance artiists to demonstrate to them.

        3. Daniel

          Uh, they gave money to the bills opponents as well, but the media never mentions that.

    4. Michelle

      I agree. They must go!!! I do not understand how he can’t be removed or forced out. He is toxic to Disney. He turned his back on the employees before the pandemic even hit. He laid off all the employees AND STILL HAS NOT BROUGHT THEM BACK even though the parks and resorts are over capacity. Long lines, price hikes, and not enough employees is a disaster waiting to happen.

    5. Ernie

      I agree, as a former Cast Member and current Shareholder, I agree with you and it was done to Eisner in 2002 in a shareholder revolt when shares lost 2 cents per share. But I have greater concerns:
      1) Chapek and board salaries are astronomical for the poor performance (e.g. no dividend, increases for services and products and poor quality,etc.)
      2) Giving money to Politicians and organizations at the cost of Shareholders. Much of this is done for influencing tax breaks and other paybacks. This is shareholder money, Pay the dividend.
      3) To many majority shareholders, just dont care, so uniting the shareholders is difficult and they have control.
      Overall you are correct, we need another Shareholder revolt to get rid of Dr. Evil.

      1. Walt

        But please don’t forget Chapek and Iger are one in the same. I celebrated when Eisner left but look at what this company has turned into under Iger and CHapek – Iger is the one that started this crap.

    6. Serg

      Have you been to this website before? This is the worst place for this to get traction. The people here are pathetic. All they do is complain, then immediately buy the top tier magic key with a genie pass for everyone so that they can get the most expensive hotel room, just to celebrate Timmy getting a B- on this week’s spelling quiz. You’re fighting an waterfall here. Nothing is going to change until the people here grow some perspective.

      1. Walt

        or some balls……

    7. Paul Stirewalt

      Nothing wrong with this bill. We are talking Kindergarten through 3rd grade! Gays with no children are the people mostly upset.

      1. BB

        Actually I’m a gay with a child in first grade. And it is very upsetting. So keep your Hate to yourself. And stop affecting our families.

        1. Paul

          BB- you can be gay an have young children and still support this bill. There is not a single provision in this bill than bans teaching of human sexuality. The bill merely bans non-age appropriate materials for children in the third grade and younger. So while some teachers have gone overboard and brought in drag queens to talk about homosexual acts that is not appropriate just like they shouldn’t be discussing that for hetrosexual couples either. These are young children. I assume that you don’t discuss sex acts with your first grader and if you do then you shouldn’t have that child. This bill is merely to keep things age appropriate. Why is that wrong?

          1. JC

            I agree, Paul.

        2. Walt

          well then clutch your pearls and move out of state. It is inappropriate for kids this young.

    8. Curt

      Disney hasn’t paid dividends to its shareholders since January 2020. Given all the debt it incurred , particularly after the Fox acquisition, it can barely afford to pay out the dividends without going in the red.

    9. Unfortunately I think it is near impossible to stop the money flow to Disney. There are too many foreigners that don’t care about our concerns here that would cancel their plans.
      I believe The most important thing Disney should do is stop playing politics and picking sides. Disney should stay neutral and not advertise their personal Opinions, agendas. and their personal side that they support. This is what sours me the most.

      1. Mark

        I agree. You’re an entertainment company NOT a political entity. Shut up and do what you ONCE did good. They may have forgotten though.

    10. Mark

      You’ve got my vote 100%. We already cancelled our Disney Cruise. If we all cancel and don’t give them a dime they’ll wonder what happened to the money? Then and ONLY then will they listen.

    11. Brielle

      1000% percent agreed.
      What ever happened to Disney being the happiest place on earth?
      Going to a park where you could have fun for as long as you wanted?
      Now Disney ceo shareholders are just ruining everything & bleeding every park visitor dry of every dollar. Not to mention destroying Disney for what it was made for. Magic. Fire Sharon Arnold and Bob chapek . We need Disney back to what it used to be. I mean hello?!

    12. Greg T

      First off, shareholders are not getting paid. Large bonuses for Chapek and company have been reinstated but Chapek said dividends won’t be coming back for the foreseeable future. Additionally the stock price has tumbled since Chapek took over in spite of record revenue.

  2. Your hero

    This crap is destroying Disney. chapek should not engage. Anyone that walks out gets fired. If you try to appease a mob you’ll be overrun by it. This is madness.

    1. Mari

      Your NOBODY’S hero with this hateful rhetoric

      1. Daniel

        What is hateful about expecting employees to be at work?

    2. Jaxx

      AMEN! If they are going to whine about something that has been blown out of proportion by social media and the media in general, then they don’t deserve a job.

    3. Julian H

      I wished Disney did not engage in the Cancel Culture – But they do too.

    4. Larry Cleek

      How about schools not teach anything sexually related to K through 3rd grade.

      1. B

        THANK YOU

      2. SP

        Amen!! Let the kids be kids. They grow up soon enough without having to deal with ADULT situations/issues. Find me a child K through 3rd grade who doesn’t believe the opposite sex has cooties anyway. How about we stop sexualizing EVERYTHING too while at it?

      3. Bob

        Define what sexually related is IN THE BILL and you’ll get more supporters. The bill is vague legally and this is the problem.

        1. Walt

          oh please – how can 99% of the world understand what this is and you don’t I don’t want my kids taught what HETEROSEXUALS do. for God’s sake can’t kids be kids. HOw about reading writing and math – lets start there. The Chinese are eating our lunch in education and we are worried about teaching this crap?!?!

      4. JC

        Agree Larry

  3. Your hero

    And by the way, for those who care to understand the law, this is not an anti-gay bill. Not even close. But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of the insanity.


    1. Dis

      100% agree. If you give in to everyone who complains about something they don’t like (cancel culture) they will come at you constantly. Chapek just keeps making bad decisions

    2. Shawn

      100%, Disney needs to stop trying to play to the woke cancel crowd. Also if they or anyone else think sexual orientation and other such topics should be in the classroom with k-3rd grade those individuals shouldn’t be allowed anyones children.

      1. Your mom

        Please let this be the moment people stop coming to Florida and Disney shuts it down.

      2. BB

        And what about gay parents so do we just pretend we aren’t gay while our children are in 1st to 3rd grade?

      3. Henry

        And what about gay parents so do we just pretend we aren’t gay while our children are in 1st to 3rd grade?

        1. Daniel

          The bill prevents classroom instruction on sexuality and gender identity, except in a manner that is considered age appropriate. It does not prevent casual discussion.

      4. Henry

        And what about us gay parents. so do we just pretend we aren’t gay while our children are in 1st to 3rd grade? What about that brighteyes?

        1. JC

          No Henry of course not. YOu can teach your child anything regarding being a gay parent in your home. It is o.k. to be gay. But I don’t want my child being taught if they are boy or a girl. Let kids be kids. No worries about sexuality yet.

          1. Walt

            Because a child has the intellectual superiority to their teacher that the teacher cannot ignore and re-direct the question? Gee we’re in bigger trouble than I thought.

      5. Rich

        Kids-Where did I come from?
        Teacher-no comment

        Kids-why do I have a mummy and daddy
        Teacher-no comment

        Kids-why do I have two daddies/mummies
        Teacher-no comment

        Sexuality does not have to be described or taught graphically to children but if these questions arise they should be informed and not shut down.

    3. Jaxx


      I guarantee that NONE of these people have read the bill! They are just going by what the media and social media are saying. Bunch of uninformed sheeple.

    4. Julian H

      I wish Bob Chapek would walk – A long walk of a short cliff please.

  4. Shame on InsideTheMagic for partaking in far left wing made up propaganda. Obviously they are too ignorant to actually read the bill, relying instead on a far left fascist organization peddling misinformation.

    1. Jaxx


    2. Jonathan

      I almost got whiplash from them quoting the bill, then denouncing it was being basically hate speech, to then comparing it to the Texas bill. It’s like, holy crap the author is waaaaay out in left field (pun intended).

    3. Potato

      Tell me you only get your information from Fox News without telling me you only get your information from Fox News.

      1. Walt

        No I get my information FROM ACTUALLY READING THE BILL!!!

  5. Don Santis

    Disney doesn’t need to pander anymore than they already have… the LGTBQ+ whatever they are have taken enough of the spotlight at the parks and the movies for years, enough is enough.

    1. Jaxx


      I don’t care who you are sleeping with.
      I don’t care about your “gender identity”.
      I don’t care about your “sexual preference”.

      Keep that kind of crap out of the workplace and out of our kindergartens!

      READ THE BILL, PEOPLE! It DOES NOT say what the media, FB, Twitter, TikTok and all the idiots crying about it are saying it does. Young children don’t need to hear about this garbage!

      1. Ernie

        Agrred, here here

        1. Jane

          As a gay parent what does my 5 year old get to know about his family?

          1. Paul

            As a gay parent your 5 year old gets to learn about his family from his family. He shouldn’t be taught about sex because he is 5. The bill doesn’t ban discussing relationships.

            At some point your child will take biology and learn that all humans come from a man and a woman.

        2. Jane

          As a gay parent what does my 5 year old get to know about his family? Don’t think all families are just mom and dad. Bigots

        3. Jane

          As a gay parent what does my 5 year old get to know about his family? Don’t think all families are just mom and dad. Bigotry runs deep here

        4. Jane

          As a gay parent what does my 5 year old get to know about his family? Don’t think all families are just mom and dad. Bigotry runs deep here. Bunch of right wing angry white people afraid of change

      2. JC


      3. Ellie

        Saying you don’t care while complaining about this actually means you do care. What you are really saying (and those backing the bill) is that they don’t want children learning that being gay is exactly the same as being straight. It’s not about SEX. It’s about love.

        Children can learn about all these things in an age-level appropriate way. If a child asks why their classmate has two mommies, the response should be that there are all different sorts of families. If the child is very young, this is enough of an answer usually.

        The point is to get rid of heterosexual being the “norm” or the default. If you are teaching kids about families, you MUST include discussions on mom/dad, dad/dad, mom/mom… because they exist. Not talking about it makes it shameful. And that is the bottom line.

        How about we teach kids – from birth that everyone is equal. No matter who they love (because again, it’s not about sex!)

        Those saying sex shouldn’t be taught so young are completely missing the point. They are the ones sexualizing everything.

        As for Disney as a company, there should NEVER be political backing. If the high-ups want to back someone they need to do it with their OWN money. End of story.

        I’m so sick of Disney greed. I don’t recognize them anymore. This is not the way Walt meant for it to be, in my opinion.

        1. Daniel

          Except that heterosexuality is the norm, and the default. The lions share of any population, any population, is always has been and always will be heterosexual. Any group that strays from this will find itself extinct. I’m all for teaching children the truth, but it should be the whole truth. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, but lying to spare someone’s feelings isn’t very respectful.

  6. Ryuko

    I grew up 8inFlorida and had a grandmother work for the company for 25 years sowing every outfit they had in every park and resort.8 even tried working for the mouse and his team of greedy inhuman douche bags. I realized from an early age and from working there that Disney paints a pretty picture but the people running the show and create it are really the monsters in the swamp.I also remember telling my fellow community members this and yes the lgbtq+ and being told I was a liar and just a hater.

  7. So what you’re saying is the Disney park is full of child molestating perverts that want our children forces into their sexuality before they are even old enoufh to understand what sexuality is. Got it. I wont be spending a penny on anything Disney movng forward.

    1. Potato

      I’m sure they won’t miss homophobic living dumpster fire like you.

    2. StupidRepliesForStupidPeople

      Spoken like a true kiddie diddler projecting onto others.

  8. Mike B

    I don’t get the “ fascination “ with Disney world and I have lived inFlorida for 35 years. Been there a couple of times with the Grandkids. Enjoyed it because of them but other than that, Spending thousands of dollars for them to have a few hours of delusional fun is beyond me. But hey, what do I know..

  9. C

    Strip everything back think pre covid..yes was expensive but the ordinary joe could still save and take there family there for the magic. And choose to do what they wanted and park hop etc..now we have genie and genie + more bucks prices on top of prices if u want to ensure u get to do new rides..and not just a couple dollars and times that with family of 4 its a lot of bucks !! goodness knows what else… that basically tell u what to do and where to go etc..its a logistic exercise.. the fun has gone..lets make it family friendly again and not a course on learning how to work an app…

  10. WWWD?

    “Here you leave the world of today, and Enter the world of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy.” – Walt Disney

    Walt wanted a place to escape the world if for only a brielf time. I wonder what he would think of all of this nonsense. This is an entertainment company, it is not meant to push it’s opinion.

    No matter what side of the isle you are on, Disney needs to stay neutral to survive.

    Old Disney was the best Disney

    1. D Thomas

      Agree 100%. Neutral stance is always best.
      The sad thing is that the bill is even necessary. Everyone has free will to be who they wish to be but should not push those ideals on others. It never belonged in a school setting and it’s sad that there needs to be a BILL to ensure that. Parents have the right to teach morals and values at home. I wouldn’t expect the school to regurgitate my personal beliefs or religious beliefs and I appreciate schools not pushing other beliefs on my children/family as well. NEUTRALITY in schools! Love others, treat them with respect and stick to teaching reading, writing, math, science etc.

      1. Greg

        Careful your bigotry is showing

    2. JC

      Walt would of gone back in time and never created it

  11. Angela

    How about if Disney stays out of politics and sticks to entertainment. As I understand this bill it was about not trying to influence young minds one way or the other on gender issues. It has nothing to do with entertainment so why should Disney have an opinion on it period.

    1. Jonathan

      Corporate tried to stay out of it publicly, so media employees leaked complaints to blackmail company and are staging a walkout. Disney is going through hell for wanting to stay quiet.

      1. Marcie

        I am not commenting about the bill because (sad to say), I haven’t read it. But, I will comment on Chapelle. I signed the petition to get him out, which was a waste. They probably shredded it as soon as they received it. He has done away with most, if not all, of the ‘free perks’ that we received for visiting or staying in the parks. I read over and over that the dining plan was coming back. It was expensive and Disney made money hand over fist from it, so where is it??? I was an annual visitor to WDW, but haven’t been for several years, and won’t be returning until some changes are made that benefit the people who are spending their money to keep Disney going! I know Walt is shedding tears!!

        1. Marcie

          Spell checker!! I wrote Chapek not Chappell!!

  12. Jonathan

    That’s what Chapek wanted, and employees went mental. Media creatives can’t allow neutrality anymore. Lines are getting drawn everywhere and it’s sad.

    1. Eve

      I will pay for your one way ticket to Russia and you can live you straight white racist life there

      1. Eve

        Sorry not directed at you. This page is not working correctly

  13. Kevin

    “While not officially labeled ‘don’t say gay’…..” But the left wing media (like this site) will keep labeling and pushing the label on this Bill to people so the weak minded will think its an anti-gay bill. Which its not.

    And fire anybody who walks out of their job. Mass lay-offs. Instead, give the jobs to people who want them.

    1. Michelle

      Funny you say give the jobs of those who walk out 🤣 No one wants to work for Disney because of the greed not the Don’t say Gay Bill. Issues w Chapek have been blooming since he took over when he laid off 25 000 ppl before the pandemic. Our frustrations are just based on his reaction to the bill as it is he is toxic to Disney and its employees. If we as a whole want to save Disney and take it back to the good ol days…there are a few ppl that need to go and go now.

      1. Chris

        You are right. I have friends that are castmembers in the parks and they want to be fired so they can get comp. Disney is over working the limited staff and does not want to hire.

  14. The only person I find would be an asset to the Disney family is Abbigail Disney. She has fought for rights from the beginning for the cast members. Why and how the board so beyond this makes zero sense. Your brand is in the brink of extinction if nobody believes in it.

  15. Norman E Higgins

    Have been visiting WDW almost annually since it opened. Always though it was the best vacation spot ever. Our extended family, which numbers over 125 members, have almost all been Disney fans. We have been discussing at great lengths the changes brought about recently which are all seemingly brought about based on greed rather than need. The family who saves for their once in a lifetime visit can no longer enjoy Disney parks and their offspring will not follow Disney with the enthusiasm we once did, As a whole, we, as a family, will not be vacationing at Disney near as often until the stockholders realize the long-term impact of these changes. Charging for parking at the hotels was not needed. Nor was paid fast passes. It works for the rich privileged visitor and leaves the less fortunate to spend too much of their hard-earned money for the chance at standing in long lines for about 4 rides a day. We can afford Disney but will put our money to better use until such a time as Disney remembers it’s the masses who keep Disney prospering as a brand that has lasted so long and not the wealthy. Most of the monied people I have discussed this with usually vacation occasionally in Disney but only for their young kids to enjoy. As those kids get older, they tend to want the more exotic vacations their parent really enjoy.
    You are destroying the “Dream”. Get Somebody in there to run the company like Walt Disney would have chosen. Take a hint from Dolly Parton and stop the greed.

  16. PEHJR

    Leave our kids alone. Let them be kids.

    1. Tom

      Then allow my child to know he has gay parents

      1. Muhammad Ibn-Raqib

        If your child doesn’t know he/she has gay parents what the hell?! You didn’t tell your child and you expect the school to tell them?! The heck does this even mean?!

      2. Darren

        If think what he said is bigotry, you need to look up the definition of that word. You don’t want to hear facts. You want to see what fits your paranoid world view.

    2. Tom

      Then allow my child to know he has gay parents.

      1. Paul

        Tom- if your child has gay parents and his parents do discuss it with him then that it 10000000% the parent’s fault. Why would any human being on earth expect the school to teach a child about his parents???

        Also this bill, which you obviously have not read, doesn’t stop schools from discussing homosexuality. It merely mandates that the material be age appropriate.

      2. Common sense

        This is idiotic. Tell them yourself Tom!! Duh!

      3. Darren

        Then tell your child yourself. It is not the purview of elementary school to do it.

  17. Jose

    This bill is a good bill and Disney should not be fighting it. The only people that want to instruct 5yr olds about gay sex or whatever else it entails are child predators. Every Disney employee that supports this should be investigated

    1. Muhammad Ibn-Raqib

      Well said Jose! Amen brother! Very well said! 🙌🏾

    2. StupidRepliesForStupidPeople

      It’s hard to believe you aren’t all inbred because you are most definitely mentally stunted. There is nothing about sex here at all. The fact that you want to make it about sex makes you sound like the type to diddle children.

  18. Lar

    I’ve been an avid fan of Disney for YEARS. Would take my family at least once a year, sometimes twice. Last trip was Dec of 2021. And I mean LAST…. Until Disney makes some BIG changes. Disney USED TO BE a 5 Star experience. Now, they are lucky to be a 2 Star. Sorry Disney, you’ve lost me as a customer until you GET IT TOGETHER! These Disney leaders don’t care about their customers anymore. It’s simply all about the $$$! So very sad!

  19. Anthony

    I have been taking my family to Disney over the years, but my last visit was a huge disappointment. The feeling I get isn’t magical anymore its like this CEO has made Disney all about the money. I felt ripped off at the park from 5 or 6 dollars for a coke to lines 3 hours long for one ride. It’s aweful now. I’m so disappointed with Disney. I’m last trip I felt nickel and dimes the whole time there.

    1. Helene

      I have to agree with you on all accounts It was very disappointing. Walt would not be happy with things. That magic is so gone.

    2. JC

      and the resellers! Disney allows it. There are some pins that are LE 250. Employees can buy them. $25 pins from Paris. Being resold for $250. Dummies buy them. Crazy

  20. AH

    This and other articles keep the disinformation campaign against the Parent’s Bill of Right alive. The KGB would be proud. Parents across the spectrum support it cause they found out during remote learning just what the education establishment was forcing into their kid’s brains.

  21. hupmat

    Your article is a distorted piece of Woke propaganda. Wow!

    1. Muhammad Ibn-Raqib

      Right?! What a freaking mess! These people are Devil worshipers.

  22. Benjamin Collins

    This is entirely apperent this article of discussion is sensitive, I think there should be a survey done for all employees that support this bill & who doesn’t. Has to be done as a group effort then Bob can be the spokesperson for the employees to give the needed answer.

  23. Muhammad Ibn-Raqib

    Well good. He has the right to back them. Homosexuality is an evil sin. Sorry. In the eyes of God it’s an abomination like every other sin. We should not be teaching our children about sex or sexuality EVER in schools! LEAVE THAT TO THE PARENTS!!!! Human anatomy, how our body PHYSICALLY works. Not sexuality as in attraction, what is the point of discussing that?!

    1. Common sense


    2. Youshowignorance

      Muhammad, being a terrorist in the name of “your God” is also, very much an evil sin… what do you have to say about that??
      Hateful, vile comment on my part?? Exactly what you’re doing on your end. Don’t agree with this bill? That’s your choice. I don’t either.. but keep your vile, trash comments out of it.

    3. Youshowhate

      Muhammad, so is being a murderous terrorist in the name of “your God”.
      Vile comment on my end? Yea, same exact thing YOURE doing.
      Disagreeing with the bill is your right. I do too… but keep your vile, trash comments out of it.

  24. Muhammad Ibn-Raqib

    Facts!!! My thoughts exactly!

    1. StupidRepliesForStupidPeople

      Imagine telling someone who is clearly homophobic and very likely a massive racist they are speaking facts when they are they same type of person who would call you a terrorist based only on your name.

      But you’re both stupid, so I guess you’re meant for each other. That’s honestly the gayest thing here.

  25. Muhammad Ibn-Raqib

    Also who wrote this doodoo ass liberal garbage MFin article anyways bruh?

  26. James

    We have been vacation club members since 2002 but this is the first that have been so discouraged with what is going on at Disney. During the pandemic we lost 200 points in 2019 &2020 but didn’t see Disney step up and offer compensation to replace them. Now with the addition of genie+, lightening lane, the rise of daily rates and the rise of the annual passes it has gotten so expensive- and a hassle to get around the parks. We are getting to the point we are going to sell our membership and not go back to Disney. Now we have Disney management that aren’t sensitive to the times. Good luck Disney

  27. Average Joe

    This country is circling around the toilet bowl just about ready to go down as evidenced by the reaction to this legislation. It’s ridiculous that Disney or any Disney employee would think that it is somehow infringement of an individual’s or group of individuals’ rights if they are restricted by legislation from infringing on someone else’s rights by requiring young children to be taught about sexuality.

  28. David M

    When I was in Grade School, sex education was not addressed until 6 grade and beyond.
    We as a society, should agree that sexual equality, should be addressed by the family, until later when taught in school as a subject on society. Disney should not be personally involved in politics, and not giving $$ away to support agendas.
    As for Chapek, he was a wrong pick for Disney CEO. As someone mentioned earlier in this post, there have been other CEO’s on the cutting block for stock prices. the stock has lost over $50 a share within the past year. The parks are what I love, but the overcrowding is affecting the magic of Disney. Also the new Genie+ and lightning lane are not efficient. I was there at WDW in February, and not easy to use. Changes for good are important. Changes to save $$$ are a mistake.

  29. Tom

    Read the legislation its not dont say gay its telling teachers not to discuss sexuality to kindergarten age children. That is not their job its up to the parents

  30. Fed uppp

    My only comment here is i was one of the 40,000 cast members laid off during the pandemic while he got a nice big fat million dollar bonus on top of his million dollar salary. All of his choices he makes are influenced by profits only.

  31. DF

    As a lifelong Disney fanatic, I am appalled at what Disney has become. It has truly become an overglamorized Six Flags and overcompensating to appease the so called wok crowd. Disney is far from magical and way overpriced with no benefits. If Walt Disney was alive today, he would be completely flipping out as this is nowhere near his imagination of what he desired for Disney. It is truly a shame that Walt Disney World, Disneyland and all things related to Disney have completely vanquished all dreams and meanings of Disney. It’s pathetic to say the least. Disney used to be something safe for all to enjoy, away from the mainstream and harsh realities of the world where adults and children could escape back to childhood in a safe and fun way. No like everything else it has turned into pleasing certain people for the higher ups to receive additional financial gain and it is no different then anywhere else in the world, nothing sets it apart anymore.

  32. Mickeymouse3

    Paycheck would do well to simply stay out of politics.

    1. JC


  33. K

    Not everyone agrees with the side of the immature. This legislation is all about the parents. It is up to the parents to teach their children this subject NOT teachers, guests or supplying subject materials. If you do not believe in guns and the school teacher’s all about guns you would not be happy or agree.
    People don’t read and they just don’t get it…

  34. Amanda

    I agree!!!!

  35. Karen

    I guess I’m totally confused. First, I can’t figure out why people always default to the “hate speech” whenever someone has a different opinion or belief. Could someone explain to me what is wrong with protecting innocent, young children from being bombarded with a lot of stuff they are simply too young to understand until they are (supposedly) old enough to make their own decisions about their sexuality? The fact that Disney is changing their position makes me not want to support them, and I’m not a shareholder.

  36. V V

    Stop all campaigning donations to Florida Republican and especially Desantis who started this culture war for maga.
    Instead donate big to his opponents either or Nikki Fried and or Charlie Christ.

  37. Who,me?

    All of this because a minority of society is not satisfied being able to do the same thing everyone else can. Nope, your going to look at us and worship us at the alter of humiliation along with your children! How dare you not let them teach the ways of Gaydom to your children?
    It’s just the same tactic over and over, our way or the Highway, agree with us or be ruined and called a hater. What about the families who do not agree with or want to have their lives assailed by the Gay agenda? Leave our kids alone!

    1. Potato

      So kids with two moms or two dads shouldn’t be allowed to talk about that at all in school? Just say you’re homophobic next time. No rant needed.

      1. Kev

        At age 5??? You must be joking. Let whoever their family is decide that.

  38. Linda

    Disney World since the pandemic is not what Walt’s vision was. So, so sad. It used to be a fun place where families could experience the magic. Now only people with big bucks can afford to experience the magic. Too many changes and large price increases in a short time.
    The present Disney executives with Chapek at it’s head have taken all the magic out out a trip to Disney World.
    We used to go for a week to 10 days 2 or 3 times a year, now we’re looking at other family vacation experiences.

  39. Barbara Foster

    Disney is cutting the benefits to employees.
    This may sound so remote to most people but it can happen EVERYWHERE!
    Once Disney- GE get on the stampede to take benefits away – many more companies will follow. Just look at the savings they will have.
    All for their own profit and pockets.

  40. Jane

    Fire them all. Disney should have never gotten themselves in to politics. Ugh I’m so sick of hearing about this. Move on!

  41. Michelle Sandoval

    I miss bob iger 😭this other one is a joke 🥴

  42. Potato

    Man, all the homophobes and transphobes really can’t help but out themselves in these comments.

    1. Leslie

      It’s insane how may sexists and racists there are in the world. Let’s hope they forget to vote this December.

      1. Tomatoe

        Yes…make sure you vote in December, please.

  43. Wombat

    Nothing more enlightening for understanding the puerile standard of comments supporting the legislation than looking at comments here. What a load of stupid braindead homophobic trash being epoken by low intellect septic tanks… the most dangerous people in the world today


    There is nothing wrong with this bill. It only says sex can’t be discussed with children k-3rd. You know, basically children under the age of 9. Anyone that has a problem with a bill that specifically does not allow strangers discussing sex with a child under the age of 9 are just plain blind. They only ones that should have a say so on what is discussed with their child at those ages are the parents. Period! Stop being so woke you allow harming children or do you want to allow children harm by strangers.

  45. Bob

    Thought this was going to be about the forced overtime Disney employees are made to work. Forced to work 6 days a week! Unbelievable and it has been that way for the past year. It is disgusting, Taking away their lives is worse.

  46. W.k

    Wow since when did employees make the decisions? This CEO like most need to grow a BACKBONE and some BALLS. This bill is doing absolutely no damage to anyone in the LBGTQ community, nor does it take away from them as well.
    Sexuality, Gender, Sex…etc being discussed, taught to and/or explained in anyway shape or fashion to children, should be done by the PARENTS and the PARENTS ONLY, unless under permitted circumstances the PARENTS approve it.

  47. Dude

    Why are you all obsessed with teaching 5-year-olds about sexuality?

  48. Leonard Engelhart

    I’ve been going to DISNEYWORLD since its opening in 1971. Almost every year except the covid times.
    With Chapek making all the changes and price gouging people and now his comments transgenders , gays etc he has turned me away from what used to be as Walt Disney once said .It’s the happiest place on earth. It no longer is.
    Disney needs to Rid its once great name of Bob Chapek and his CEO title and his greed.

  49. Kev

    1 “protester” was seen at the entrance. Those that think it’s wise to teach 5 to 7 year olds about gender identity are rare. They need to learn about colors, letters and numbers. Parents should decide and teach the rest. Period.

  50. Connie

    I totally agree with Matthew.
    Enough is enough! Bob and company and people who think like him must go. No place for them at Disney.
    At no time does he ever honor Walt Disney the man,the visionary human being. How can people like him head a company in the complete opposite direction to which it has stood for. My personal life and feelings,regress of what they are don’t warrant a flag,a parade or a movement to attempt changing history or the human race.
    Mickey Mouse should be his focus in his position and people who want to work for Disney should want to work there to respect Walt, not use his dream as their personal platform for however they think they feel on Monday morning!
    As a person who has over 400 visits just to WDW, including opening day, will not see me anytime soon. I will stay home and respectfully mourn Walt Disney as he does not need my money where he is!

  51. Manuel

    Bob Chapek is Kathleen Kennedy with less hair. Disney is a waste, decent people should steer clear and see how long they can pay the bills catering to 1% of the population who are mentally challenged terrorists.

  52. Jeffrey Cooper

    Being a stockholder….he needs to go.

  53. Ed Marks

    Florida is taking action against the LGBTQ lifestyle people that feel that everyone including young children should be forced to learn about their lifestyle choices as if they were considered “normal”, which they are not & never will be in America. It is also sad that kids are told about this at a young age when they already have enough to worry about. The majority of society that does not agree with special rights for gay people are actually the people being discriminated against because we have to constantly hear about gay this or gay that. Inclusiveness is the reason the LGBTQ lifestyle people think they can do what they want because anyone that accuses them of anything will be labeled as a hater or may be brought up on hate crime charges.

    I also feel bad for the kids that have to grow up confused with 2 moms or 2 dads (or a mom or a dad that wants to change their gender because they are confused). If only we could get back to the times when there was a “true” family dynamic with a mom & dad (society was much better). The liberal groups pushing this gender identity freedom agenda are creating this division in our world that is leading to the decline of the “normal” family. Those people that are not afraid of the democrats coming after them for speaking their minds, should rise up against this degradation of the traditional family (one dad & one mom with no confusion) & stand together to fight for our children. This issue wouldn’t be so bad today if parents wouldn’t have been so lazy about teaching their kids right & wrong over the years.

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