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  1. Trixie

    Sure feels like Disney World is back up to capacity (or more than capacity).

    There are many things that cost more now. I’m not happy about the increase in price for Annual Passholders while we get less than we used to, but if you want the pass you will pay for it.

    People need to understand that Disney is a business, out to make money. That’s the bottom line. If you want to go and can afford to go, then go. If not, then don’t.

    1. Sandy

      Aren’t you nice.

    2. FL-Dad

      Trixie, you are right about the business part. But business is more than that. As a former business-owner, you make more money by having repeat customers who will advertise for you through word of mouth, even if you are realizing less profit per sale. For example, if there are four gas stations at an intersection, and three of those gas stations have the same price, but one has a lower price. That lower priced station will invariably see more volume due to lower price. “What if you’re the only gas station in the area?” you might ask.. Well, some people may pay your price out of convenience, but others will travel a greater distance on a regular basis to buy at a lower price, especially if the lower-priced gas is on their way to other places. Disney is NOT the only amusement park in Orlando. The other parks are seeing Disney and what it is doing, and tailoring their prices and policies to lure Disney fans to their own parks. Universal has joked that Disney will die off within 10 years because Universal is more customer-friendly, and is a better “value” (if you can apply that word to an amusement park) for customers’ money.

      So yeah those who can afford it might come once and not be able to again, and Disney will have economically raped them for all they have, but that profit won’t be repeated by that same customer. Lower-priced experiences that make the customer feel valued will have repeat customers who feel “better” about handing over money for a better experience.

      In conclusion, High Volume will always be better than One-time Profit.

    3. Julian H

      Trixie – We all get its a business – But NOT at any cost, they are making profit by simply ripping people off, this is Disney for crying out loud. This Greedy Board need to be replaced ASAP.

      Its easy for Bob Paycheck to make that comments he is making millions from this, and he is so not worth it, the magic is gone HE KILLED IT.

  2. Irrelevant Opinion

    In a time of inflation & uncertainty, I’m making my last trip to the promised land. Can no longer afford to save up for several years just to take a “weeks vacation” Good luck Disney, I hope you see guest numbers trend down over the next few years.

    1. Agree!! They need to get back in touch with the people that made Disney what it is!!!

      1. John Scarfi

        Good luck keeping all that property
        up and running as you decrease the actual universe of people able to go to B list celebrities or drug dealers. The CFO is an out of touch elitist
        who should go work in Dubai. Not allowed to be poor there. Your kind of people. Idiot.

    2. Stella Boudreaux

      That’s us. WE have been priced out on social security and pension, because of the higher prices of everything. We share lunches, but what I see is not even tempting. There are many rides I love, and from now on they will be on YouTube. Yes, what a rib! portion will help the waistline! We are on vacation and walk many miles so the waistline is already accounted for.

  3. Christina

    While we can afford to go, this will likely be our last trip for quite some time. The value of what you get compared to the dollars spent just isn’t worth it anymore. We will take the kids to Europe instead, ironically now cheaper than a Disney vacation

    1. Julian H

      Never a truer word said Christina. I’m from the UK, and I’m not booking Disney anymore for my 2 week holiday after 20+ years. I’m still coming to the USA as we love it and the people, but we will now be staying at Universal.

      I loved Disney, but not at any cost, Bob Paycheck has killed it and the prices, experiences and the amount of making reservations, mobile ordering and did I say Costs (said it twice because with Lightning Lanes Disney want you to pay twice to ride) its not a holiday its become a chore – NO THANK YOU BOB.

      1. Ted

        Went in October 2021. Food costs were astronomical. Felt run down and the wait times for rides was a joke. My wife and I agreed that is our last Dusney World vacation. Way too expensive

  4. Vicki Wachman

    Grew up in southern Ca., the “E” ticket was gold, the motor cars ,everything was simpler, especially price. Unfortunately Disney is out pricing the average family with tickets prices soaring, food, gas, parking and buying our mouse ears! We also gotta survive and pay our bllls. I’m sad Disneyland has made it so difficult.

  5. Miss Disney before the greed! I can afford to go but after her smart a** comment I do not want to go anymore.

    1. Stella Boudreaux


  6. John

    Just got back. Very expensive and the crowd enormous. Very unhappy with this vacation. It will be a while if ever I go back. If you go, bring your local bank.

    1. I love Disney

      “Very expensive and the crowd enormous” – that’s just it. People are going back despite the high prices. As long as that’s true, Disney would be stupid to charge less. Imagine how big the crowd would be then.

  7. Pete Y

    Park fees higher
    Food prices higher (shrinking potions)
    Parking higher
    Additional (experience fees) ridiculously high

    CEO & CFO Total compensation for 2021
    $55 Million

  8. mo

    Thank God for contacts inside the house of mouse that I haven’t paid to get in well over 10 years. Enjoyed resort discounts too. Too bad not everyone can take advantage of this. Befriend a cast member and hook them up on the dl for their comp tickets. Would rather give them the money then add to”Cheap”ek’s bonus!

    1. I love Disney

      Wow, seriously? I hadn’t thought of that. But you are right. I’m thinking about becoming a cast member and get all the big discounts.

  9. Lovemickeyandminnie

    Just got back from a week long stay at Walt Disney World, we have 6 in our family. It was very costly, and way over priced on merchandise and food. The resort had the same menu for lunch and dinner everyday, the magic express saved $200.00, compared to paying for Mears transportation, we found Shop Disney had the same merchandise cheaper than at Disney Springs or inside the parks. We were very disappointed in the lack of 50th merchandise. Genie+ is a joke, you can average 2 maybe 3 walk on rides for $15.00 per person. Disney was much better before the pandemic, and they really need to go back to some of the old ways or they will loose a lot of people.

  10. CapainUnderpants

    We use to go yearly (even twice a year was not unheard of). We’ve instead gone to other places like Italy and Greece and it comes out a lot cheaper. We can definitely afford Disney World, but the experience just isn’t there anymore. You get less for more $$$. More people, rides continue to break, portion sizes are a lot less. Even staying at a resort, you get none of the perks anymore. We’d normally stay off property (and get a suite as paying $600+ to be in a Disney resort made no sense). Au Revoir Disney, Au Revoir.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Because Italy and Greece are the same thing as Walt Disney World. Not.

      1. Marsha

        Yeah it’s better. You actually get to experience a new culture in real life (instead of Epcot’s fake cultural stereotypes), and eat authentic cuisine, and see in person all the famous art and architecture they talk about in textbooks and movies/tv.

  11. Bill

    This is what is wrong with Disney today. The bean counters have taken over and they are assess. Been there over 28 times and never going back. The magic has been replaced by the money.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      You’ll be back. Stop lying.

      1. Julian H

        No Way Daryl – Not gong back until things change. NOT WORTH IT or all the HASSLE that now comes with it – No a Holiday anymore. Universal all the way from now on.

  12. Thomas

    Just got back from a two-week stay. Been going twice every year since 1971. Absolutely love Disney and enjoy it immensely. Agreed, it has gotten expensive, but I don’t buy trinkets. etc.

  13. Mickeymouse3

    This is EXACTLY why Paycheck has earned the moniker of a penny pincher. He is the one in charge and it’s under his reign that the nickel and diming is taking place. If you are poor, you wait in line and get the bare minimum. If you are rich, you spend your money.
    Paycheck and now this mccarthy have to go!!!

  14. Brooke

    The Hollywood Reporter had a great article on Iger’s retirement and how Chapek wasn’t his choice. Chapek eliminated Iger’s entire regime and put his own army of heartless, greedy, magic killing, bean counters in their place. All to the shock of many at Disney. Chapek needs to be forced out. I already voted against him remaining on the board, hopefully the movement of by us shareholders to get him off the board succeeded. Roy Disney organized a no vote on Eisner from remaining on the board – Eisner later resigned as CEO. Chapek is hands down the most disliked CEO in Disney history. Rooms at WDW are over $1k PER NIGHT. Some are $2k! What the h*ll? The wallets will run out of money, and the parks and hotels will decline in capacity. This surge of post lockdown vacationing will slowdown. Then Chapek will have to answer for pricing everything out of reach, and the failure of his intergalactic cash grab ‘hotel’.

  15. Richie

    McCarthy and Chapek…..
    YOU’RE FIRED! You have lost the Disney Spirit.

  16. Capt. Adventure

    We’ve taken our kids and now grandkids for YEARS. Unfortunately, we have made our last trip to Disney. We can longer justify a $10K+ vacation to a park that has become a second rate joke in entertainment. CMs are overworked and under paid. Guest are so frustrated and become rude and violent due to the stress of long lines, overcrowding, and not much value for their money. Much better entertainment for your money all over this beautiful country. Took our family on a week long cruise…not Disney, for less money and everyone is so ready to do it again. Great food, no waiting in lines for hours. Breath taking excursions and beautiful views. Making plans now for an Alaskan adventure next summer. We can’t wait. Costing us ALOT less than Disney. Sorry Disney…you had your chance.

  17. Charles

    Thats it! I am done with Disney!!! I rather invest my money in real estate and get passive income to pay for an actual enjoyable vacation than deal with their “Number Cruncher” tactics!

  18. Teena

    We have been going to WDW since 1994. A lot has changed and unfortunately not for the better. Prices have become insane, especially for resort hotels. In addition to that, the Genie plus is a total ripoff. You are basically paying for a service Disney used to offer for free. That’s not even counting the surcharge for some popular attractions. For example, yesterday at Hollywood Studios, the surcharge for the lightning lane for Rise of the Resistance was $15 a person. Add that to the $15 for Genie plus. So a family of four would have to pay $120 bypass most of the line. Remember Disney used to offer this for free with Fast Pass.
    Don’t even bother with Genie plus unless you are staying in a Disney hotel. You can’t access it until the park opens while Disney guests can start choosing attractions at 7 am. By the time the park opens, the best times are gone or none are left at all. I honestly don’t know how families afford it anymore.

  19. Dan

    Disney is supposed to be about more than business! Especially the parks. I’ve been taking my family to WDW since 1982. I’ve been going to WDW since 1972. Where is the loyalty that THEY expect and what would be the use of staying on property now? What an embecile. Disney now stands for everything against the reason it was created to begin with. My family will never go to WDW again. How did these people ever end up running what used to be the greatest family entertainment organization in history?

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