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  1. Matthew

    Since NOBODY thinks emailing Disney will make a SUBATOMIC PARTICLE of difference………………is there ANYTHING………anything AT ALL that we can do to get Chapek out?

    In the best case scenario, I guess all we can do is just bleed Disney dry of money until shareholders stop getting payed and realize that a whole new board is needed……..First Susan Arnold and THEN Chapek.

    We ALL need to remember that Sue Arnold HOLDS THE STRINGS on Chapek, and Chapek holds the strings on Josh D’Amaro, so Arnold is the ABSOLUTE top. I therefore think that if Disney starts making major losses, shareholders might vote against ARNOLD and reinstate a better Chairman who can make more changes than ANY CEO.

    We need to remember the hierarchy:
    1. Chairman of the Board (Arnold)
    2. CEO (Bob Chapek)
    3. Parks Chief (Josh D’Amaro)

    1. Matthew

      I hope you understand that ‘Greed Centipede’ mentallity of the poor management of the parks.

      1. Susan Arnold is the first person in the Greed Centipede
      2. Followed by CEO Bob Chapek
      3. Followed by Josh D’Amaro (whom EVERYONE GIVES A PASS) for the decisions made in the park
      4. And then finally WE are at the back of that centipede

  2. I love Disney

    The problem with the Starcruiser is not only that it is very expensive, it is labor intensive, meaning that as much as people are paying for it, Disney might not even be making much money out of the thing. It’s like somebody’s pet project instead of a well thought out investment to earn decent profit.

    No other Disney venture is so labor intensive, both for guests and workers.

  3. I love Disney

    It’s probably the best for some people, but not for us, unfortunately. When I described the Starcruiser to my adult sons, who enjoy Star Wars, they said they couldn’t be paid to stay there.
    I hope Disney builds another all inclusive (meaning food) hotel at WDW that doesn’t include so much planned activities. That way it will be bigger, cheaper, with a pool and slide, and more people can afford it. I would love to stay at a WDW all inclusive hotel.

    1. Matthew

      I hope you like my idea of the ‘Greed Centipede’ in the top comment 不不不不不

  4. I love Disney

    “Bob Chapek Brags About Disneys Pricey Star Wars Hotel.” Huh. That’s weird. Why does he find it necessary to brag?

    1. AmericanbyGod

      Because people are actually willing to pay $6K for two nights. I’d be tickled silly if I made that kind of money from a single family. If the entire place was booked out at $3K a night, multiply that by how many rooms, it’s crazy money. And you know the staff, having to keep in character while working, is only making like $15 an hour. Disney will end up being a place for the elite, the rich, because it is already barely affordable for the average family. In the past five or six years, I could have bought a nice Chevy Tahoe for what I’ve invested in our trips to Disney just so I can share the magic with my kid as my parents did for me. It’s become a total ripoff.

  5. AmericanbyGod

    I am a shareholder and I did vote against them. Those greedy leeches so woke they wasting money changing rides that are no more offensive than any other rides in any of the parks. Example: Song of the South is so offensive they have to change Splash Mountain. Wasting money to cater to a few whiners. That’s stupid. I started coming to Disney when I was 5 (1974) and they are erasing all those years of magic that I have been trying to share with my family all for wokism (new word). As I said, I did vote against them but still see that it still hasn’t done any good.

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