Comments for Disney+ Not “Safe for Kids,” Parents Furious Over Sex Scenes in Marvel Shows

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock (left) and Elodie Yung as Elektra (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Victor Nazarian

    Perhaps things work differently from platform to platform, smart TV to TV and streaming service to service but I’m able to put significant parental controls on my Disney+ on my 4th generation Apple TV box. I am thrilled to be able to see some of the character development for Daredevil and Kingpin and action scenes that are among Marvel’s best. If this means I need to be watchful about content when/if my 12 year old niece is in the house that’s on me and I accept my responsibilities rather than lament that another person or organization might shield me from my responsibility.

    1. Chris

      Well, there are ratings and websites where you can read about movies. Plus, just lock the channel to pg. There are no marvel movies that are pg. Pg13 is parental guidance rated for 13 year old and older. Plus sex scenes in marvel movies is usually non existant.

    2. Chris

      Exactly. That’s what ratings and parents are for. TV ma is not watch the show with ma.

  2. Rox

    IMO parents need to be the curators of all of their children’s entertainment programming.

  3. Harley

    They have parental controls galore on there if their kids are watching it the parents are the problem

  4. Vlen

    Article needs correcting, Jessica Jones had a sex scene with Luke Cage, not Danny Rand. I don’t even remember Jessica and Danny having a single scene where the two were alone in the room together.

  5. Anthony

    There’s a pass code so what’s the problem

  6. Bren

    Do these parents not understand how to set up a separate profile for thier children? So funny they cry about things which are so easily fixed. And if you’re turning your children loose on any streaming service, including Disney +, without actually checking out the content, then you are to blame. Not Disney, you, the parent. There are many shows on Disney + which are not suited for young children. So do your job as a parent and you decide what your children can or cannot watch. Quit using it to parent your children. DO YOUR JOB!

  7. GrJk

    They added more Parental controls & passcode options in tandem with the release of these shows.

    You don’t even need to look for the settings.

    The first time you visit Disney+ after the release date of March 16th, before anything else it prompts you to update your maturity settings requiring a password to do so. It also has a MA switch that you can toggle on & of for each profile. It also prompts you to set up a secondary passcode, if you’d like, to access these settings.

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