Comments for Guest Left Sobbing After Feeling Body Shamed By Universal Attraction

Hagrid's Magical Motorbike Adventure

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. lolYoureBig

    Universal needs to be more inclusive, by making rides that can handle women of size 30+. Or maybe, they should put down those Twinkies. Boo-hoo fatty.

    1. CheeseInFL

      💯 spot on. AND they literally have test seats out front so they don’t wait in line. This is on her irresponsibility both at home and in the park.

      1. Thomas

        People need to grow up! Don’t eat like a pig! Obesity is YOUR fault and problem, NOT the park’s.

        1. Kazm

          I had exactly the same thing happen to me, on day I got on both Harry potter rides the next couldn’t. My friend who weighs more than me but carries it differently could. My advice too anyone larger go to Disney I had no problems getting on everything there. I met several other larger people who said the same, I’m from the UK so going to Florida is expensive. Oh and for those who comment about loosing weight. I can’t I’ve tried but due to a genetic condition my medication prevents that.

        2. Lily

          Dude it not even that my son 6’5″ 230 could not fit the ride either becuse of his hight and couldnt bend his knees the right becuase of height..

          1. Peter

            That’s the point that people miss. A lot of these rides are in small confined spaces and they can’t make the rides bigger. The test seats were implemented because bigger people were complaining about waiting and not getting on. Now they’re complaining because if the test seats. Universal can’t win.

      2. John

        Lose weight, problem solved.

        And read the signs before you try to go on rides since they clearly state that anything over 40 in may not fit.

        They’re not body shaming they’re stating a fact about a ride restriction.

        1. James


        2. Antonio

          Sounds like a personal problem. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Problem solved.

        3. Lily

          Dude it not even that my son 6’5″ 230 could not fit the ride either becuse of his hight and couldnt bend his knees the right becuase of height..

          1. Jason

            Your son is taller than 99.559% of the rest of the United States and 50 pounds heavier than the average adult. Why would you think he would fit on the rides?

            1. Sorin

              Jason – stfu, that is really stupid

          2. RICK

            Im 6’6″ 250
            I have ridden Hagribs, as well as Rockin and Space Mountain. Its not comfortable for me to squeeze in those tight spaces, but i consented in order to experience the ride. if your body is too oversized for you to experience a ride – thats on you. and by the way, ive been Covid shamed to the point that i am sick of it. Its politically correct to Covid shame someone for their decisions on that issue, but heaven forbid we fat shame someone for whatever decisions they made on being overweight.

        4. LA

          Don’t be a di*k. Problem solved.

      3. Erwim

        Run and walk around ,dont use thier transportation, then you wont be fat!

      4. Erin

        For the Hagrid ride.. the test seats are not up front. You have to wait in the line right up until you can get on before they have a test seat for you.

    2. Patrick McAuliffe

      She has plenty of money to tat herself up. Spend money on a gym. You are simply a physically and mentally unhealthy person. Stop blaming others for your fat body. No one was disrespectful to you by your own account.

    3. K kiss

      I work at a Universal attraction and most of the time the larger people won’t try our test seats outside and insist on sitting in the seats that don’t accommodate them. They then get mad at us when we ask them to switch seats. We would appreciate if they tried the test seats outside first before coming into the attraction and getting mad at us and embarrassed and angry.

    4. S

      So sorry for the humiliation……what roller coaster was she nor allowed to even try to fit as she stated Rock and Roll roller coaster but that is Hollywood Studios abd she said Universal. This error on placing blame for a specific company is an error that shows she was upset, righly so but needs to be corrected.

    5. Disney Fan

      It is not Universal’s fault that the woman is a fat slob – it is her fault. Some of us actually bust their butt to stay in shape so they can fit into the ride seats. Stop blaming other people (or Universal in this case) for being lazy!

  2. K

    Universal did this to me too on the same ride. However they pulled ONLY me out of the ride line to verify if I would fit. I fit just fine, but it was extremely embarrassing. I rode the ride, but I was still so embarrassed over what happened, I really didn’t enjoy or remember it at all. Sorry this happened to you! I will never return back to Universal. I always go to Disney now, and it’s never happened there!

    1. Michael

      I had a similar experience last October when I went for HHN and while using the test fitting seats and the attendant said to tell the ride operators a specific seat row (which I did), the red operators still took me off because they couldn’t “secure” the seat fully. Boy I was pissed as I hadn’t been there since they were building the London area 8 years ago and wanted to ride Gringotts.

    2. Bubbs

      This is so pathetic. I can’t believe we live in the day and age where someone can put out a video like this and
      some people react this way in the comments. Her not being able to ride is 100% her fault and none of the employees. Their job is to ensure the safety of ALL guests riding. Including her. She has decided to live her life that way and should live with that decision. She’s probably also the type of person to complain about having to buy 2 plane tickets when flying. Or pretends that she can fit and make the person’s riding next to her miserable as she spills into their seats.

      1. Raymond Winiecki


      2. Bob

        Ok. I’ve seen people add that it was the fault of the person – not the ride. I am 5’9 – around 195 (my waist is a 36 – I’m more muscular than overweight) and was pulled AFTER I sat down and said it was a bit tight when he pushed the bar really far down. The guy was a complete jerk. The guy next to me was about 250 and was allowed to ride. I then did something he didn’t expect – I complained – even the supervisor (who came over expecting a huge person) told me it was wrong. It was just rude – We actually went to the other side of the ride (the Harry Potter ride has two loading areas) and that guy checked it and said I was nowhere near too big. We actually witnessed other much larger than me getting on with no problems. I then took it to customer service. They gave me a bunch of fast passes (including a rare one to get on the new Jurassic Park one). They said they were gonna pull him – not sure if that happened. The guy did it purposeful. No doubt. If he did it to me – he has done it to others who would not stand up to him and threaten to cancel my annual pass. It was wrong! Period!

      3. LA

        She’s hardly big enough to ‘spill into’ another seat on a plane. Do we really live in the day and age where any old Bubbs can post a comment like this?

      4. Rachel Willard

        Don’t even get me started on the “entitlement” issues this generation feels we should cater to! Let me first say, I WAS a size 22/24 before my gastric bypass surgery. I never EXPECTED these amusement parks seats to ever be something I could fit in at that weight. Unfortunately, there are things you HAVE to give up when you stay overweight, and these seats are one of them as well as airplane seats. I’m now a size 8 & may be a bit harsh on those complaining on how the world should adapt to the overweight. Accept it or do something about it.

      5. K

        I only purchased one ticket to fly, but your obvious hatred towards people you deem overweight is obvious by your assumptions. I’m a size 14. That is about standard across America for women.

  3. Starkeisha

    The reason they do this is for safety reasons. These rides are designed to fit riders a certain way to ensure that they remain safe for the ride’s duration. If you don’t fit the seat or the safety harness properly, you could not only put yourself at risk for great harm, but other riders as well depending on the ride. This woman has a victim complex and should not be taken seriously at all.

    1. Ayo

      Test seats are out side of the que for exactly this reason … and lots of videos out there of others showing how different sizes fit in certain seats … everything is on the internet, do your research and be prepared

      1. They should have accommodations for larger size guests. Some people have health reasons that they are larger. Just think if they were with a group of people who fit and they couldn’t. It would be heartbreaking.

        1. Heckin Chonker

          Make the ride unsafe so tubby can ride, get hurt, and sue the park?

          1. LA

            Tuff warrior chonker behind the keyboard calling people names.

  4. JFC, it’s Universal’s fault you’re a fat fuxxing slob? Does nobody have accountability anymore? The sad thing is I could picture her before I watched the clip. There is a reason there are stereotypes and this is a perfect example. WTG Karen, you win the internet today.

  5. Coops

    I’m obese (UK size 18, US sizec14) and if I thought for a second that I wouldn’t fit on a ride I wouldn’t go on it because I would feel awful about putting the poor staff in a position where they had to ask me to ask me to check I fitted a seat.
    I recently went to a trampoline park and there was an activity that had a weight limit (part of it was a blow up bouncy castle thing), so I didn’t go near it- again not wanting to put others in an awkward situation having to ask me about my weight.
    This person, as upset as she is, has no sense of accountability and that it’s done for her safety.

    1. LA

      Not everyone is as submissive as you are.

    2. LA

      I can’t edit my comment, COOPS, but I just reread your comment, and there are no rides except maybe kiddie rides that a person wearing a US size 14 can’t fit in. Get outta here with your nonsense.

  6. Keith

    I am a Bigger sized guy and I was pulled from line to check to see if I could ride Hagrits Motorbike. I could not fit either part. The guy helping me tried different ways. I did not feel ashamed. However I know I can not ride numerous rides which is upsetting. Also no merchandise on property goes above 2xl or 3xl. Come on bigger people love to spend money especially if we can’t ride the rides. As for the woman in the original post. U were not being targeted. They attempt to see if a person can ride it ahead of time so that they don’t stop flow of the ride. When I went there was a woman who they pulled and she couldn’t fit and she wasn’t that big. These rides in general I personally feel are for slimmer style people. I personally feel at Universal numerous rides will not benefit Fluffy or bigger people.

    1. JustMe

      Etsy has some great bigger size merchandise at cheaper prices.

  7. Chris

    As someone both tall (6’8″) and big it can be disheartening. I visited Universal in January and not fitting was always a concern for me. While I’m not a big ride person, my partner is, so I go anyway. I had read that many of the rides were accessible to people of different sizes. Cliffs notes: I barely got on anything.

    What I did see were significantly older people all unable to ride but we all paid the outrageous ticket prices. I did reach out to Universal that they should offer a walker ticket to those of us who want to enjoy the park with our families but do not want to partake of the rides. Seeing my self and others knowingly paid out hundreds of dollars to walk around is pointless and I will not be returning until they do.

    1. AH

      Parks should offer a “walker” ticket and then put a nonremovable band on that person. My wife dies not ride so it would help her and others like her.

      1. Kelly

        How do you make a band totally non removable though? It’s not like you’d need to be able to remove and put it back on, so you could just cut it off.

      2. Jillundous

        I am blown away by the cruel comments on here. I thought society had softened its out right hatred toward larger people. Guess the hate is still seething.

        1. Not a sheep

          It’s not hatred of fat people. It’s hatred of those complaining about something that is their own doing.

        2. alicia

          Agree some people are being incredibly mean, but the point still stands, as made by other larger people here. She wasn’t being targeted and she didn’t fit. That’s not the staff’s fault and it’s for her own safety and others. Other larger people in these comments understand that. I understand she was embarassed but, again, that’s not the staff’s fault.

        3. Raymond Winiecki

          It’s not hatred. Just own up to your own life choices that’s all.

    2. Rafael

      I like the walker ticket idea! Never thought about it. I hope that gets traction. I don’t know how they would verify a walker from non walker atvthe lines other than scanning tickets. But I think that sounds affordable and fair.

  8. Anonymous

    This happened to my husband. He is a big guy but has never had issues. We have ridden escape from gringotts multiple times. The last time we went they said he didn’t fit even though we had ridden the ride earlier that day. Disney is the best for size inclusiveness.

    1. CheeseInFL

      Disney also doesn’t have the intense thrill rides like Universal. FYI, there are weight & size restrictions on Space Mountain & Rock’n Roller Coaster at Disney.

    2. Kelly

      Similar thing has happened to be me before. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day when you eat, drink, go to the bathroom, etc. Just because you had ridden the ride earlier in the day doesn’t mean your husbands body was the exact same size earlier in the day. Better safe than injured over a 2 minute ride.

  9. Geo

    This is a non story. Unless you have some sort of serious medical condition that causes the weight gain don’t get upset when this stuff happens. People get fat on their own for the most part and when it affects their life they wonder why? The staff undoubtedly do it to cover Universals butt. Something happens to her then the first thing she wants to do is sue. Eat right, exercise get the proper amount of sleep and in 2 to three years you will enjoy the ride with everyone else.

    1. Kelly

      This is like telling an addict they can just simply go to rehab. Great idea, but that’s just the start of the work. There is a mental component to obesity. I agree that everyone is ultimately responsible for their own body and their own health, but to play it off like it is easy and simple is disingenuous. It’s hard work to retrain your brain, get over mental addictions, and basically re-write your entire life.

      1. Geo

        Gotta think harder on what I said. You can’t say something is disingenuous without knowing where someone is coming from. I never said it would be easy. I said these things are what’s needed to be done. They aren’t vague generalities. I was overweight and didn’t have to retrain my brain. It may be hard for some but everyone is different. It really is how much do you really want it and how many excuses can you co.e up with to say I’ll start tomorrow.

  10. J. R.

    I’m 6’3″ (genetics).
    I’m 300 pounds (donuts).
    I don’t fit in some rides.
    The end.

    1. Gee

      Yep! My legs don’t bend as much as they did 30 years ago. So I don’t fit on many of the intense a/o high speed rides. So I go on the ones I do fit on. As a unique individual, I am not ‘one size fits most’. That’s life.Better to turn me away than have a smaller/ younger guest slide off and fall our

  11. Chris Wood

    Though I sympathize with her, its typical that she would go on tic toc crying victim. This would be a good opportunity for this woman to try and loose some weight. Maybe the parks should put up signs stating if you weigh this much, you can’t ride this attraction.

    1. Saint

      as much as this sounds plausable its not very practical as a person that’s 6’2″ and 240 lbs will easily fit on a ride that a person that’s 5′ and 240 lbs will not

    2. Kelly

      This would be a great opportunity for you to learn how to spell.

      1. Not a sheep

        This would be a great opportunity for her to learn portion control.

      2. Geo

        Last time I checked the poster isn’t taking an exam and I assume you understood what was being conveyed. Humility is a virtue.

        1. LA

          It isn’t really.

  12. Dave

    Imagine the narcissism that it takes to blame an entire theme park because you can’t ride a ride because of your own weight….

  13. Corali triana

    Did you thought about working on your self instead blaming the entire world for your laziness? Do you think the universla workers enjoy putting you in that position? Its the happiest place in the world and you went there with your lack of accountability and blamedb everything else except yourself for it

  14. CheeseInFL

    I could smell the mayo oozing from her pores in that video. I didn’t want her to get too excited in the Tik Toc though, because I thought she’d have a heart attack.

    1. LA


  15. Gene DiNapoli

    i’d like to think this was a matter of safety rather than fat shaming. People today are too easily offended by nonsense.

    1. Kazm

      I had exactly the same thing happen to me, on day I got on both Harry potter rides the next couldn’t. My friend who weighs more than me but carries it differently could. My advice too anyone larger go to Disney I had no problems getting on everything there. I met several other larger people who said the same, I’m from the UK so going to Florida is expensive. Oh and for those who comment about loosing weight. I can’t I’ve tried but due to a genetic condition my medication prevents that.

  16. Connie Larch

    The amount of judgement in this thread is disgusting. It’s fine to make a comment in support of UO and their safety practices but it’s inhumane to call names and publicly bully this person. I assume all of the comments are made by adults who should know better and you should be as ashamed of your behavior as you say she should be. about her weight. Hers could be due to any number of reasons both medical or psychological, you’re all just hateful! (And no, I’m not obese and I fit in their ride seats just fine.)

    1. Courtney

      I agree and heights factors in as well as weight. Other theme parks dont have this issue, only Universal, at least in my experience so yeah they can take some blame here. Does no one moderate these comments, this is all so disgusting.

  17. MomofMany

    I am a size 20/22 and just got back from universal with my family, 5 kids & hubby.I was nervous about fitting in rides so did my research before we left and made sure to sit in test seats before standing in line. My responsibility & I didn’t want to disrupt everybody else’s fun. I was allowed on every ride. The most uncomfortable ride for me was E.T. My fauelse’s. No one elses.

  18. Oyf

    There’s literally families dying in a war right now, but I am supposed to care about this? Shut up, fat stuff.

    1. LA

      There were probably families dying in a war the last time you …

      Never mind

  19. Cindy Calder

    My daughter had a very similar experience about five years ago on the Harry Potter Castle Ride at Universal Studios. The attendant pulled her aside at the front of the line and made her sit in a test seat at the entrance to the ride (after a long wait of being in line). Please note that there were no test seats outside at the entrance to the ride like one person claimed. Having to test her in front of others was needlessly embarrassing. And to add to it, we later learned that they have seats suited to those on the larger side, but the attendant said nothing about this. When I called to complain after the fact, she was given a wand in an attempt at an apology. However, the day was wasted (as well as the money spent on the day’s visit), because after this happened, she had no interest in pursuing in other rides at the park. This never, ever happens at Disney World. Instead, their rides are suited to people of various shapes and sizes.

    1. Mark

      They don’t say anything about the augmented seating rows in fact to save embarrassment of guests. The staff know which rows are designed for larger guests and place them there without making a scene. Hence why before 65 pound weight loss I always got placed in the back row on Gringotts. Also there have been tester seats for all of the Harry Potter thrill attractions since Day 1 of each attraction’s opening. If you can not locate them and you are concerned about being able to fit ask an attendant to direct you.

  20. Timebear

    I have to say that I have not been back to Universal in a decade. It is Universal’s right to not spend the extra time and money to make rides that bigger people can ride. I am fine with that.
    Disney spends the time and money to make everyone feel included. I have never not been able to enjoy any experience at Disney Parks.
    Being a 6 foot heavy set person, I choose to spend my money were I feel welcomed.

  21. Zane Rodriguez

    Sadly also had a similar experience last year on the Hagrid ride. I had ridden it early that day with no issues but when I went to ride it again with my cousin the stepped us both out and told me to do the test seat. I was told to do this twice. I lost my front row seat and my self-confidence.

  22. Tim

    If you let yourself get to big to ride a ride it’s your own damn fault. Stop blaming others for your own bad decisions in life.

    1. Universal ,unlike the other parks seems to actively same fat people by purposely having smaller seats than an airline. I can fit in a plane seat but some of the adult rides are too small

      1. Monica MacGeen

        Universal is more of an extreme ride park. It’s not a kiddy park like Disney. It caters to more extreme thrill seekers. I’m sorry but if you are morbidly obese you probably can’t handle the G forces of these rides anyhow.

        1. LA

          Says the physicist

  23. Rafael

    They may not have rides suited for larger guests, but they publicize their ride capacities in order to allow guests to make their own choices.

    That said, making sure that you fit the ride is a safety issue.

    I have seen them pull numerous children from lines measure them or have them test the seat.

    Better to be sure that someone fits rather than have them fall out.

  24. Crystal

    The comments on this thread did not pass the vibe check… anyways, it’s happened to me many times. Was I bummed, yes. Did I shake my fist at the ride, yes… and that’s why I talk all my $$$ to Disneyland. At least Universal has the seats before you get in line to check if you fit! If you do that, the sting hurts way less than waiting over an hour to have to do the fat walk of shame…

  25. Christy B Hunt

    My adult son with autism had this happen once at a coaster he really wanted to ride, he actually used it as incentive to get small enough to fit on it, with a lot of work and exercise he met his goal and got to ride it! and because it is his all time favorite coaster, two years later he continues to maintain his weight loss routine. Just saying if you want to do something bad enough you find and way.

  26. Lance

    There are test seats in front of every attraction at Universal. You knew long before you got there that you weren’t gonna fit and then tried to put it on Universal so you could feel better about yourself. Get your life together and stop blaming others for your decisions and situation.

  27. Monica MacGeen

    These rides are specifically engineered to handle a certain weight limit for the physics of the rides mechanics. The seat restraints are designed to safely hold passengers in. I’m glad they are being assertive about policy because breaking the weight rules to not “offend” someone puts everyone in danger. Not to mention your heart of a morbidly obese person couldn’t handle the extreme rides. Universal is being responsible. Good for them!

  28. Carly

    I’m a 270 lb plus size woman who had no problem fitting on all the rides at Universal last week but I went in fully prepared that I might not and that, if I didn’t, it would be on me, not them. I certainly cannot blame the ride attendants for my size or how the seats were designed. Not one of the employees who checked my restraints were the least bit disrespectful at all. I’m sorry this person had this experience though.

  29. BJ

    Yup. My son, a power lifter, sat in the seat outside of the ride queue to make sure he would fit. We got in line and waited our turn. When we got to the actual seats, he had trouble. I told them that he fit in the test seat, and we waited over an hour. Did I mention he’s autistic? I told them to find a way to get him into the seat. They did, and he rode. It happened on a few rides. The employees just pushed his belly around at my insistance. My problem is hips and overhang. The belly I lifted up and the hips were in a lot of pain.

  30. Elektra

    I go to Universal Studios all the time and I’ve never seen them do this. And, I’ve seen some pretty ‘thick’ people on the rides. It’s a safety measure people. Maybe they should design the rides to accommodate larger people, but I can see where the restrainst and other safety measures would not be as effective if someone cannot sit in the ride.

  31. Julio

    Yes, my daughter on The Hulk but she didn’t feel ashamed. All she said is dad “ I need to lose a little weight “. She was ok with it. People shouldn’t blame the theme park just because their over weight to ride the ride. Their not going to change everything for you. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t her first time going to the theme park. She knows how the seat of the rides look like and she knew as soon as she was in line. She was not going to fit. Everyone knows how big you are and if your able to ride it before you get on. People just want to complain and blame other people because they get fit on a ride. If you don’t like it, than don’t go to the theme park and do something about your weight. My daughter did and she can enjoy the rides now. Problem solve.

  32. RT12

    Yep. My husband wasn’t able to ride Forbidden Journey in USH even though he fit in the test seat at the start of the line.

  33. HB

    Ensuring the safety of riders is not “fatphobic.” People come in all shapes and sizes, but rides have to accommodate the majority. Some extra small people cant ride the rides either. 🤷‍♀️ If you happen to be an outlier, it sucks. But that doesn’t make what the park did wrong or terrible. They are in charge of safety first, not your feelings. It sucks that it didn’t work out the way she would’ve liked it to, but it wasnt out of hate or disrespect or anything.

  34. Getta Grip

    Why is no one talking about the part that says “After being removed from the ride, the Guest claims they were left in a “room of shame”, not able to use their phone because of Universal’s locker policy.” This lady felt like they put her in time out for being too big to ride? Why wouldn’t you just walk over to the lockers and wait for your group? Surely they didn’t force her to wait in a holding room.

    This whole thing is ridiculous lol. There is so much information on the internet. If she didn’t do her research that’s on her. She probably knew about the test seats but thought she’d sneak on. Does she also think children are being “height shamed” for being too short? Afterall, they can’t control it.

  35. MaJiGenie

    How come Hagrid can fit on the motorcycles but she can’t? anyways that dont matter, she should have some accountability lose some lbs and then go ride the rides. it’s no one’s fault but her own,

  36. C.

    It is all BULL, if you can get on some rides and fit and not others, then something is wrong. They want it this way. If you sell PLUS SIZE clothing in the Park (making money), they make the rides fit to the sizes you are selling. You Charge the People full Price, then give them Full Service. UNIVERSAL HAS ALWAYS HAD AN ATTITUDE SINCE DAY ONE…….their Employees cannot compete with Disney. I FEEl Bad for the people who pay, and can’t ride all the rides. UNIVERSAL IS BIASED…….AND, THIS IS WHAT IS CALL “UNCONSIOUS BIAS”……which they are all supposed to be Schooled on. They can change the seats on those rides to allowl everyone, if they want.

    1. Courtney

      Right? People can sit here and argue its safety all day long but other theme parks have zero issues making rides the accommodate everyone. It’s a Universal thing.

  37. Martha

    Those kids that work at Universal can be rude and demeaning. I worked there for quite a few year and know how the can be. If you are older they treat you like you are stupid. Some of the kids don’t realize there are older people with college degrees. Then they feel if you have a few extra pounds you are game to be made fun of. Do not let it get to you they are just ignorant children

  38. Here's a Fun Name

    Well the choice was to embarrass someone or run the risk of that person falling out of the ride and dying.

    Choosing to make sure she could ride safely, those monsters… years ago this would be motivation to lose a little weight and become healthier, but now you can go on tik tok and be a victim.

  39. Ingrid

    This happened to my sister as well on the same ride mentioned above. She looked about to cry and it broke my heart. She got off not allowing the rest of us to get off In solidarity to her. She wanted us to have fun. Still and all Universal team members did not offer and assistance other than try to ram to bars to close on her making it hard for her to breathe. She was able to ride the next day when she wore less clothing and accessories.

  40. Mary

    Lose some weight. You made yourself fat no one else did
    It is your fault you can’t fit on the ride
    Stop complaining about it

    1. BeAnAdult

      So, was it you that made yourself a hateful b***h? Or was it genetics? Thyroid issues can easily cause weight gain, so is your mental issues?

  41. Lily

    Dude it not even that my son 6’5″ 230 could not fit the ride either becuse of his hight and couldnt bend his knees the right becuase of height..

  42. Layne

    Every time I think the world is becoming a kinder place…I see how people talk about fat people and lose all hope. Being overweight isn’t some moral failure, it doesn’t reduce someone’s value, and it sure as hades doesn’t entitle other people to make fun of, or be cruel to a HUMAN BEING. If you think it does…I hope I never meet you. It’s well within someone’s right to be disappointed that their size or shape means they can’t enjoy their vacation, and it’s well with their right to warn others about how the experience made them feel. It’s also not a crime to suggest that a theme park consider ways to cater to a greater diversity of guests. I’m a size 10, pretty average, but I have a large chest, and I left Universal bruised because of how difficult it was to fit me into some of the over the shoulder restraints. I won’t go back. It’s reasonable to know that not every ride is for every guest, but it’s just bad business to exclude a major segment of our society, though based on these comments, most of ya’ll would prefer they didn’t exist at all.

    1. Melissa

      Some of these comments are seriously depressing.

  43. Big Bad John

    To those saying “just lose weight”, I’m glad you have it so easy. What can those of us who eat healthy, work out 5x/week and still can’t fit on the ride to do;especially when our own doctors tell us we’re plenty healthy? When I visited universal, many of the rides wouldn’t accommodate me because my shoulders are too big and my shins are too long. I will admit that using the test seats before waiting in line is a good idea, but don’t assume that we’re lazy just because we’re big.

  44. Flogrown

    I’m not a big person at all, but some of the behavior and ugly attitudes on here are disgusting. The restrictions are definitely for safety, she should understand that. Some of you are saying she’s disgusting, but it’s you that are gross with your comments.
    I agree with the others saying there should be walker tickets that aren’t as expensive.

  45. Carl

    The restraints on the particular ride are a bit awkward. I’m a larger guy (by no means huge, however, and much smaller than others who boarded before me) and I got pulled off while boarding to go try the tester. The problem? Turns out my wallet in my pocket was enough to prevent the lap/thigh restraint from fully locking. Funny in retrospect.

    Also you’ve got to admit it’s pretty funny that Universal built a Hagrid-themed ride that could not, in fact, accommodate Hagrid.

  46. Bob

    The park personal are doing their job by keeping people safe, if the person in question were to get injured they would sue the park and anyone else involved

  47. E.G.

    There are 24 hour gyms called EOS everywhere , there is no reason to be fat!

  48. Brian

    As a fat person, I hate not being able to ride the attractions. However, Universal does a great job of having sample seats available so guests don’t waste their time in line. They even have a special seat on Dudley Do Right rip saw falls. I did have a poor experience on the Mummy during my last visit but a member of management remedied the issue. The thing that annoyed me the most, is having to put on a safety belt on for the carousel so a nearly 50 year old couldn’t ride a horse with his young niece.

  49. Erwim

    You tube Al Bundys fat jokes!

  50. Jordan

    I feel bad, but at the same time, there are test seats out front and the employees try really hard to make sure you fit. I have a friend that’s a little bigger who was able to fit just fine and do all the rides. The rides may not all be the most comfortable for bigger people, but I see lots of people that take that as a reason to lose weight rather than just saying it’s the park fat shaming. The biggest issue I run into was my legs feeling cramped on a lot of rides.

  51. Yeah, Universal rides are not meant for larger people and this isn’t just a weight thing it’s on height as well! During our one trip, there my brother could not ride a lot of rides because he isn’t just on the heavier side but he is also like 6’5″. He noted a girl that was probably about the same circumference fit on a ride but she was also a heck of a lot shorter. They tried to force fit him into the Forbidden Journey and his shoulders stopped it at two clicks. Its embarassing. There are seats outside to try to fit into before getting in line but still literally everyone is there to stare at you. Being worried about fitting into a ride seat should not be a thing. Universal should be ashamed.

  52. CJ

    This is the same Young Lady who went viral for complaining when an Airline asked her to “please cover up” (opinion – it wasn’t her size, it wasn’t her physical tattoos, what she was wearing barely covered her up and would barely cover anyone up regardless of their size) …. and I can only attest that I’m not fat – but I do have a long legs, which sometimes makes the seating arrangements uncomfortable if they are too close together (it feels like my knees are hitting my chin!)

    This is why I refuse to ride the Matterhorn at Disney (it’s not accommodating for those with long legs, it’s not comfortable on the lower back region!)

    I would appreciate if Theme Parks and Ride Developers would adhere to a standard size with regards to seatings and restraints …. the average size of our population (not everybody is morbidly obese, and not everyone is physically fit!) …. maybe different seating for those who are tall (just like certainly Rides have different seating for wheelchair access) or a lil’ large (there is no way you can accommodate the morbidly obese – and there is no way I’m going to call someone morbidly obese!)

    Before visiting a Theme Park? I check out all the information from height restrictions, etc …. and maybe there should be honest information such as “this seating arrangement will not accommodate those over a certain height and weight” (actually? this similar situation courage my friend Tenesha to reevaluate her health and make changes, she dropped a few sizes and now enjoys Theme Parks with her Family!)

  53. Mary

    The same thing happened to my daughter when visiting Universal. They need to let people know that they have size limits on rides! We complained to Guest Services and received our ticket price refunded, however, that does not help since our vacation was ruined!!!

    1. ace

      Ugghh!! You Literally define the name Karen!! Complaining about being a lard ass and getting upset for no apparent reason! Blame yourself!! Every single ride has a test seat so you can know if your big behind can fit comfortably! The park can refund your money, But not your stupidity. It’s people like you who feel entitled, All while stuffing your face. Your life, Your Choice.

  54. GiGi

    went last May, I’m on the larger side found the employees outside the rides to be very helpful. While I was testing the seat for Velicoaster the very nice very young man was offering advice on how to get myself situated to fit, I wasn’t successful but he was kind. Test for the mummy, I was told how to sit to fit and which seat to use, worked fine rode the ride. Gringotts I couldn’t make it work and the extremely kind young man there gave us a pass for front of the line on any ride and sent my daughter through single rider so she could enjoy it while I waited. My weight is my issue and yes it would be nice if Universal would build the rides just a bit bigger, but they don’t.

  55. C.R.

    As someone who used to work for Universal Orlando AND was over 320 pounds with a huge gut and thick legs.

    There’s a reason for the size of the seats and there is a reason why they took you off. It is strictly because of possible safety concerns. The ride vehicles/seats are designed with the ride and riders in mind. Obviously.

    Also given the themes that have to go into the design of said rides you can’t have your cake and eat it too. In this case that might not be such a bad thing sweetie. Restraints have to be a certain size and hold a certain amount of weight given the speed and motions of the rides. Only thing I’ll give you is that Forbidden Journeys ride vehicles even me being skinnier now are still mighty uncomfortable.

    But look, last thing anyone needs is to have someone get extremely hurt on a ride because they screamed and threw a tantrum of wanting to go on it even though they waited an hour and a half and didn’t fit the seat.

    Universal can do only do so much. Also In terms of the employee “picking you out” he wasn’t trained in being *eugh* “fat-phobic”. He probably knows what to look for in specific body types that might not be able to fit properly and was only trying to HELP you to make sure you were able to ride without any issue. He wasn’t singling you out to deliberately embarrass you.

    All of this just sounds like severe projection of her self stated body issues.

    I had them too. I worked through them. It’s possible. Don’t start blaming others for how you perceive yourself.

    1. Lisa

      Not true. They let me ride the first time we went to the Harry Potter ride inside Hogwarts, but not the second. Had nothing to do with safety.

  56. raymond

    what would it hurt to a have 1 row for bigger people we sped alot of money too . you skinny dont have a monopoly on spending money. if you can take our money on a ticket they can have rides for all or put the test seats outside ticket booth so you dont waste your money

  57. Thom

    I had to do the walk of shame through the exit door on a Harry Potter ride as well. But…there were practice seats and I was a close fit, they tried to accommodate me but it just wasn’t going to work, they told me that I should just go through the line and see all the wonderful set pieces. Bottom line, I let myself get this big…this is the consequence of MY actions…not Universal’s.

  58. DS

    It is sad this thread is full of bullying. Universal, if they cared, would care for people of all shapes and sizes. Disney puts them to shame by welcoming all-size people. People come in all shapes and sizes, it’s time for places to make rides welcoming for everyone to enjoy. I find Disney so much more enjoyable.

    1. Corey

      Then keep your ass at Disney then!

  59. Lisa

    Absolutely. And they also changed policies, they used to help people who struggle to get their buckle in, and now they say they are no longer allowed to do that. I could ride the Harry Potter ride inside Hogwarts the first time we went, but not the second. It was very embarrassing. My teenage son was particularly outraged, as he was with me the first time we wrote it together. I noticed their seats are considerably smaller than Disney World or any other theme park I have been to, overall, not just on the Harry Potter ride.

  60. CB

    As a heavy person I see this very differently. I do not believe the team members are trained to be fat phobic, but rather to spare any possible embarrassment of trying to get on the ride and not fitting and also because several of the ride she mentioned have a constant moving platform that could hold up the entire ride if too much time is spent trying to accommodate a person. The test seats are there to help you discreetly determine if you will fit and in fact most of the rides have them out in front before you ever get in line. As for feeling shamed or humiliated, I believe that is something that comes from within. There have been many times when I have had to move seats and I personally never feel embarrassed because I am not ashamed of the fact that I am heavier. I own that! And for the record most people never even notice if you move or can’t get on. The room she spoke of is the child swap room that people utilize for either small children and to swap with their other partner or if you want to walk through the entire line to see the ride queue but not ride, then split with your people and await their return. It is not a room of shame and I feel that she’s self-imposed this on herself. Lastly, Universal has done very well at accommodating guests of all size and in fact, the newest roller coaster accommodates larger people than ever before. But at the end of the day there has to be a cutoff so as to provide safety.

  61. Jo-Ann

    Disney claims that their Avatar ride and their 7 Dwarves Mine Train ride are handicapped accessible. They are not! Universal claims The Gringotts ride is handicapped accessible. It is not! Due to having several knee replacement surgeries, my husband cannot bend one knee into a 45 degree angle. The cars on the mine train have such little leg room he can’t fit. There’s room on the Gringotts ride, but they strap your legs down. (Totally unnecessary) and forget Avatar. I wish SOMEONE would redesign one cart, one chair to really accommodate handicapped guests. Thanks for listening.

  62. Ryan

    Wait…did I miss something….NOTHING she said sounded like it was Universal’s fault.

    Your thighs wouldn’t let you safely sit in the sit and HOW is that Universal’s fault?

  63. Pat

    I could not safely fit on the Harry Potter ride. Universal denied me access. Good for them. No one is shaming anyone who chose to eat their way into being a Fatty. I’m a Fatty. I live with the consequences without whining.

  64. John

    My daughter were treated like that last year when we were on the mummy quite embarrassing kept us moving to different seats

  65. Joey

    For every obese/size 40+ person on the ride, there’s so many more that fits in their seats… If seats were made too big, there are high chances that slimmer people or kids may fall off/out of their rides… Accommodating one guest at the expense of many others? Nah… She needs to lose some weight or try another theme park (e.g. SeaWorld)… They have dolphins and WHALES there!!!

    1. Diane

      First of all not one person is same size second they can make a few seats bigger for different people. I know your not perfect so don’t say she needs to lose some weight. No need comment if your going to be ugly towards someone. Universal shouldn’t embarrass people like that in first place.

      1. ace

        Proof read before you comment Diane! Reading your comment made my head spin!!!

  66. Diane

    Years ago I went universal and they did the same thing to my mom and embarrassed her for her weight about getting on the ride. Actually haven’t been back since.

  67. Fred

    Not Universals fault her ass is fat, lose weight!!

  68. Heather

    My waist is 36 and my hips are 46 and I was able to ride every ride just fine 🤷‍♀️

  69. Gustavo

    This woman’s video is very confusing.she complains about the ride workers making her go to the test seat and the ride for her not fitting.nothing she’s saying makes sense because the only reason she can’t go on the ride is cause she’s fat and for that there’s no one to blame but herself.

  70. D’ar

    It’s not about inclusion, it’s about ride physics. Rides are balanced to a certain degree, and beyond that it can become unsafe.

  71. Michelle

    Feel so bad for the worker rn, bet she went off on him :/ dude the worker isnt fat phobic if hes informing you of the deets. He didn’t design them and prolly felt bad for you.

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