Comments for Americans Officially Can’t Watch Marvel Hit ‘Daredevil’

charlie cox daredevil season 3 publicity still

Credit: Netflix


  1. Doug

    Technically correct, you can purchase it on VUDU and stream it from there.

  2. Dave

    I dunno where this article gets this info but it’s incorrect all over. The Marvel Netflix shows will be on disney plus in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand starting March 16th

  3. Rachel

    The announcement yesterday is they’ll be available on Disney+ in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, AND THE US on 3/16. Please pay attention to the official sources and actually read the full announcement before writing an article claiming it’s unknown when or which service they’ll be available on.

    The announcement is on the official Disney+ social media accounts.

  4. Tiger

    Maybe this article was made right before the announcement but it was announced yesterday it will be on Disney plus in a few weeks. It was huge news everywhere.

    But Ok you missed it. But NOW that you know, be a good time to update the article or just take it down, yes?

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