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  1. Gina

    Since they made Tyra the new MC for DWTS, I gave up watching as I suspected that it would turn into the Tyra Banks show. I would love it if Tom and Erin would come back. I would then watch the show.

    1. Pat

      I definitely agree with you. Tyra is out of her element l. Not interested in how many outfits she can wear. Tom and Erin made the show without acting like it’s their show. Very disappointed with the executive decision.

      1. Brenda

        Bring back Tom and Erin and I will watch again. Tyra has made the show unwatchable.

        1. gigi

          Agree…stopped watching one of our all time favorite shows…
          Tom and Erin couldn’t have been more perfect…gracious,witty,caring.
          When the “Tyra Show” started we turned off the TV and never looked back.Shocking replacement..she’s an egotistical mess..

      2. Jean

        I don’t watch anymore without Tom and Erin. Tyra Banks is no host at all and has tackied up what used to be a fun show to watch

    2. Doris michaels

      Haven’t watch show since Tyra Banks is host, , always looked forward tos see Dancing with Stars, Hope they bring back Tom and Erin, they are the making of the show.

      1. Linda

        I stopped watching when Tom & Erin were fired.

  2. Randa

    Letting Tom Bergeron go as host was a really stupid mistake. I hope it isn’t too late to rectify it.

  3. DN

    Please bring Tom and Erin back to the show. When you turned Dancing with the stars into the Tyra Banks show, I quit regular watching. I have nothing against Tyra Banks except she is just NOT a good fit for this show!

  4. Judy

    Yes time to bring Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews back Tyra Banks cheapens the show with her ridiculous outfits and her banter! Imho

  5. Bob

    Yes, please bring back Tom and Erin. Have not watched since they changed to a fashion show attempt with Tyra Banks.

    1. JoAnne

      ABC you need to wake up, Tyra is NOT a good host, try if you can and please bring Tom and Erin back.

  6. Jan

    I would love to see Tom and Erin back, but ANYBODY would be better than Tyra Banks. I quit watching because I can’t stand her theatrics.

    1. Laurel

      Tyra is a beautiful talented lady but does not belong on Dancing With the Stars. She acts like the show is all about her instead of the dancers. Her outfits are ridiculous. Bring back Tom & Erin so we can once again watch this show and focus on the dancers.

      1. Cindy

        I think I watched only a portion of an episode after Tom and Erin were replaced and decided I didn’t like the dynamics. I haven’t watched it since.

  7. I also do not care for Tyra Banks, but I continue to watch Dancing with the Stars (although it certainly is NOT as good as it was in the beginning with Tom and Erin).

  8. In it’s 30th season after starting in 2015???????????

    1. Susie-Q

      Yea.. I was wondering about the math as well. I THINK they do the “seasons” twice a year, but… still, the math doesn’t work.

  9. Patty

    Please, please bring back Tom and Erin. Tyra talks way too much and is very annoying. The show has not been the same since she has been host.

  10. Karen

    Absolutely Tyra Banks should not return after all it isn’t called the Tyra Banks show!! They should get back to focusing on the dancers and all their hard work.

  11. Gayle

    I tried watching the first with Tyra but only made it to the 4th show, haven’t watched since then. And I watched every show up to that point. I would watch again if they replaced her with someone more in tune with ballroom dancing and with a personality. I loved Tom, he was great relating to the judges and the dancers.

  12. Marly

    Would love to see Tom and Erin back. Shows management’s however don’t typically backtrack. But I’d settle for someone other than Tyra to see if I would start watching again. I hope the new director realizes most are looking for a show similar to original seasons.

  13. Ruth Steele

    Absolutely we want them back. I have not watched since they left.

  14. Jamie Coughlin

    Tyra is Okaaaaay but I much prefer Tom and Erin. Bring them back!

  15. Linda

    Please bring Tom and Erin back. Pretty please. I want to start watching again.

  16. Cathy

    Please bring back Erin and Tom. Tyra is awful as a hostess for the show. Didn’t show any compassion and talked to much!

  17. Cheryl

    I would love it if Tim and Erin came back. The show isn’t the same without them.

  18. Hillary

    Absolutely, have not watched since they left. They were the best team ever!

  19. Judy

    I always watched when Tom and Erin were hosts. Now I find other shows to watch.

  20. Gloria Gonzales

    I would love to see return as host. However he may not want to since the show did him wrong. As long as the next host is about the show and not about that person then it will be ok. Just get rid of Tyra who thinks the show is about her. Worst host of any show that I have seen.

  21. Gloria Gonzales

    I would love to see Tom return. Just get rid of Tyra, worst host of any show I have seen. She thinks the show is about her and not the dancers.

  22. Linda

    Bring Tom back!!

  23. Angie

    Bring back Tom and Erin!

  24. Lori

    Yes please bring Tom and Erin back! Tyra is so cringy! I can’t stand the things she says or how she acts!

  25. Melanie Durham

    I have to agree with everyone else here, please bring Tom and Erin and place Tyra in an appropriate show for her! Like a model championship game show or something of that nature! Please

  26. Donna

    Please bring back Tom and Erin, they were great! ! Don’t watch as much because it seems like it is all about Tyra. She is over the top.

  27. Cindy

    Please oh please bring them back so I can start watching again. You really messed up when you replaced them.

  28. DD

    Nearly ANYONE would be a better host/hostess for DWTS than Tyra.
    She’s an ego-maniac with zero appeal. Period.

  29. BeverlyB

    Bring back Tom and Erin. I liked them better than Tyra Banks do not like her outfits.


    It would be sad, if you ask for comments about a host for the show. All comments to this point [over 30] have been against Tyra Banks. Not one good word for her. Will you listen to what the watchers want/like or continue to lose watchers? Tyra is all about her, changing outfits more times than the dancers. Ugly ones at that. I agree please Tom back.

  31. Betti

    Tyra is not a host. She was awful on AGT and even worse (if possible) on DWTS. The show is supposed to be about dancers NOT the self abscessed Tyra. She ruined what was once a classy show and made it a joke. Her costumes, her comments and her facial expressions cause one to fast forward the show. This is why I now record it. Get rid of her. AGT did . Please follow suit 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  32. Patricia Black

    Bring back Tom and Erin. If they are not available anyone other than TYRA!,,,

  33. Deborah

    Tom and Erin were the best!
    The biggest mistake was letting them go!
    The other biggest mistake was replacing them with Tyra Banks.
    She was awful on AGT!!
    I have watched this show since the beginning, but I refused to watch it since you made the changes. Plus the big glamour set is ridiculous.

  34. Stephanie McCurry

    There was no reason to get ride of Tom and Erin. I, too, agree that Tyra’s outfits were wacko!

  35. Mary R

    Tyra has got to go. Awful host. It’s not the Tyra Banks show. Some of her outfits are outrageous, and she does not need to continue to do a costume change. Bring back Tom and Erin, PLEASE!

  36. Diane Bell

    Tyra is a joke! Please please bring Tom and Erin back! Totally unforgivable what happened to them.

  37. Kay

    Tyra needs to go she’s ruining the show. Need Tom and Erin back

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