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couple jumps out of epcot boat

Credit: Lorna C.


  1. T

    What ride was it???

    1. Tom

      That’s the boat ride in the Mexico Pavillion (Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros)

      1. And my guess is those who are fist fighting, cutting lines, jumping out of vehicles are the locals,who dont wait for that “special trip to WDW” because its no big deal to them whether they come back to WDW or kicked out the remainder of the day. Quit giving “special price breaks” to locals and you may see a change in the clientele who visit disney

        1. Sandra G

          What an interesting accusation. Where’s your proof? And don’t hold your breath waiting for Florida residents to lose their lower cost tickets. That was negotiated with the state as part of Disney gaining permission to build their huge resort as they wanted.

        2. SB

          That’s an idiotic thing to say. I am a local and AP holder and have never once broken Disney’s rules. We go to Disney often and see many people from all over acting like complete idiots.

          1. HUTLEY KAYEK

            Ditto. Bet they were tourists.

        3. Nick

          No, it’s definitely tourists who have enough money to not care or follow the rules of the park. Let’s just hope these fools got a lifetime ban and never come back

        4. Mike G

          You are FOOL for making that accusation against locals. From my 44 years at WD as a South Florida local, pretty much all problems seemed to be caused by stupid out of town tourists.

  2. Tom

    That’s the boat ride in the Mexico Pavillion (Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros)

  3. Michael Shimer

    I think Pfizer needs to rapidly develop a vaccination that cures idiocy. It’s the world’s only hope.

    1. Puckles

      Anyone who goes to Disney is an idiot.

      1. Cat

        Anyone who judges strangers in what they do for fun, ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t effect them, is the real idiot.

        1. Ernesto

          As a fellow cast member I’ve seen that alot especially from our guest I know it’s supposed to be the most magical place on earth but this behavior isn’t cool or right tbh… we have safety rules and procedures we follow before we start working for Disney is basically a whole school of training building before we become official cast members
          We do this from preventing anyone from getting hurt or worst dying we try are hardest to make magic to make everyone feel happy but stuff like this happens a lot the ones who actually suffers is us cause we should stopped it cause it’s our job to make sure u make it home safe every day

      2. Sandra G

        And you are here in a Disney interest group because…?

        1. Boppy Brown

          Because they are a nosey Nellie. We are out-of-state & loved bringing our kids to WDW when they were young!!! Now we are snowbirds for the last 10 yrs. Still love to visit the great state of Florida!!

      3. Nick

        WTF are you doing on a Disney park site?
        Mind your own business!

  4. Chris

    Does anyone even review or edit these articles? The name of the ride isn’t even mentioned!!

    1. Cat

      That may be because the name of the ride isn’t the relevant aspect of the story. Just a thought

      1. The article is truncated, presumably by ads, which have squished several lines of text into one line. I had to copy and paste the whole article to get the obfuscated text:

        “Yesterday, Guests were riding the
        Gran Fiesta Tour
        inside the Mexico pavilion at EPCOT when suddenly, a couple decided to jump out of the moving boat as they were ‘worried about their kid’.”

        “Disney World Guest Lorna C. explained that towards the end of the ride, the couple did not wait for the ride to come to a complete stop before exiting the vehicle. Instead, they jumped out of the moving boat as they ‘were worried about their kid who was patently waiting at the end of the ride.'”

        1. Tee

          Thank you for that! I figured the author had added that. So helpful!

        2. Travis Weberling

          The 1 thing I don’t understand about this story is why the parents of the impatient kid couldn’t just wait another minute or 2 to get off when they were going to let everyone else off the boat?I would’ve loved to hear the excuse the parents gave the manager in charge of that ride for acting the way they did.

    2. JeffW

      After reading through the story and all comments I still don’t know why the couple left their kid standing at the dock while they went on the boat ride.

    3. Rooftop Voter

      Does anyone even review or edit these articles? The name of the ride isn’t even mentioned!!

      I know, I was totally confused as to which ride I can safely exit while still moving. Was it GM Test Track?

  5. Danny S

    How times have changed at disney, when i was a kid things like that almost never happened. Its starting to look like OLD TOWN on 192. NO CLASS

    1. Merc

      Part of the reason we know about these things is the ubiquity of cell phones and social media. Back in the early 2000’s I was on Splash when some college guys jumped off the log and posed with Bre’r Rabbit on his porch. I was on Tom Sawyer Island when I saw security walk a man around from the wooded area behind the fort.

      This is, has been, and will always be a regular if not frequent occurrence.

    2. The only thing the times affected was the ubiquity of smart phone cameras and the ability to share every incident online. People have been jumping of rides in Disney for decades. The message they added to Spaceship Earth decades ago was added because people kept jumping out of the ride when it rotated at the top. This is nothing new. There’s literally a documentary detailing the adventures of two guys who used to camp out in Horizons overnight.

    3. Ver

      Huh? Back in the 80s and stuff before they had censors people would jump out of the rides all the time. Check out the guys who used to go hang out in the horizons ride.

    4. Rooftop Voter

      Old Town, remember it when it was a nice place, now, not so much

  6. Bill

    Or they are intentionally withdrawing that information so as to give you the idea that they jumped out of some crazy fast ride when it was just a stupid slow boat ride. People are idiots these days and the stupid continues to grow. And yeah anyone who goes to Disney without kids and a VIP pass is stupid.

    1. Why are you stupid if you go without children? Very odd statement!

    2. Sandra G

      So all those thrill rides, bars and pricey high end dining experiences are for the kiddies? Get real. The idea behind Disneyland was to make a place where families could enjoy playing together, true, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t have fun too.

    3. William

      Stupid? Why?

    4. Heath

      Bill that’s a stupid statement!! I go to Disney all the time by myself without children do you have a problem with that?

    5. Pamela

      Says someone who’s obviously never been to Disney World without their kids then. Lol. Disney adulting is the best!

    6. Chris

      Bill likes men.

    7. Susie-Q

      What??? Our first kid less vacation was to Disney World. My sister, a cousin, and a friend & her husband from where we live met us there. We obviously could skip the kiddie areas and enjoy a lot of what we missed when we took our little kids there.

  7. Eleanor Ralls

    It doesn’t really matter what ride it was, fast or slow, FOLLOW THE RULES. They always make these posts sound like Mean Ole Disney kicked people out…..if these idiots followed the rules there wouldn’t be a problem. They were worried about their child at the end of the line waiting? Why would they leave a child and go on a ride anyway? Goes to show raising the price of everything doesn’t keep idiots out does it? People have become so selfish there is no concern for others at all. Let me have my way and who cares if it ruins someone else’s trip.

    1. Rooftop Voter

      Agree 100%. Now, in the case of It’s A Small World, if the ride stops, cast members need to hand out baseballs so you can take out those annoying singing dolls while you wait for the ride to start back up.

  8. Heath

    These people are morons and should be banned forever!! They are just trouble makers!!

    1. Rooftop Voter


  9. Scout

    I am beginning to think these people that blatantly disregard the rules at Disney are plants from Universal sent to disrupt things.

    1. Marquita

      Plants from Universal? How about they’re just Individuals with a sense of entitlement.

    2. passholder

      Considering the number of cast / team members who work at both organizations, no, that’s not a thing.

  10. P.L. Hinson

    Being CONTINUALLY told to sit down by the castmember can get you expelled perma entry. If it was once or twice, you could get kicked out for the day, but continually, your banned from the parks for life.

  11. J Town

    I almost got stuck on Living with the Land once. Was on my way out just before close and swung by because it was there. Only person on what I assume was the last boat of the night. Right about where it opens into the first working area, I noticed the boat was slowing down. I mean really slow. I looked over the bow and the water was totally still. They’d turned off the jets that push the boats. And the boat stopped. Obviously, it’s a working area with plenty of exit signs so it wouldn’t have been any trouble to walk out but I was curious to see what would happen. After a couple minutes of sitting there, I pulled out my phone and started searching for a customer service number. Within a few seconds the jets fired back up and the ride continued. I assume they were watching to see what I’d do and thought I was gonna call 911.

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