Comments for Child Sobs Over Elsa’s Frozen Sing-Along at Hollywood Studios

elsa singing in frozen singalong

Credit: Disney


  1. Becky

    That’s not any reason to cry over a frozen song this has been there for years ever since the movie came out

    1. Guy

      Wow. Hating on a child who is having a wonderful experience…

      Maybe you didn’t notice but they seem pretty young, it’s possible they just recently saw the film? There are people who cry over songs written by musicians decades ago so not sure why you are hating so much. Channel that negativity into something positive, you will be a happier person for it.

      1. Marie

        I love frozen as m6ch as anyone and ot would be a wonderful experience. I think I might cry too out if joy

    2. BreakupWoes

      Damn, who dumped you without letting you know?

    3. Scraggly Pants

      The girl that your guy left you for must’ve been super hot for you to be that salty

    4. Adam

      Daddy didn’t let you be a princess for Halloween, did he?

  2. Bierontap

    DWD haters can stuff themselves. Little kids don’t break down in tears of joy at Universal. When a five year old girl meets a Disney Princess it is real.

  3. BreakupWoes

    Damn, who dumped you without letting you know?

  4. Bo

    And then afterwards cast discussed with her how she might actually be a boy.

  5. SH

    We were there in 2018….we were all adults but my daughter and I both shed tears of excitement and joy just watching the expressions Of the kids around us.

  6. And that is exactly what Disney is supposed to be about. The pure unadulterated joy of a child. (And some of us adults too)

  7. Adam

    What is wrong with some of these people here? It’s a little girl and this was probably beyond her greatest dream. Tes, this is what little girls dream of and this is what disney is supposed to be about

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