Comments for Child Trespasses, Sneaks Into Goofy’s House at Disneyland

goofys house toontown

Credit: D23


  1. F

    Obviously, this story was meant to be cute. However, what it really does is, is highlight the utter lack of control, willingly or otherwise “parents” have over their children/monsters. Disrespectful, unsafe, and rude behavior is now so “cute”.

    How cute is it going to be when an obviously unruly child with oblivious parents has a serious injury on ride because they wanted to do what they wanted to do. Yeah so magical.

    1. T

      So quick to judge that this is a “monster” of a child with oblivious parents! I’m assuming that you had your eye on your 2 year old children at all times, and that they sat constantly by your side, with zero curiosity??? Never EVER leaving your sight for even a single moment, regardless if you were tending to any other children or responsibilities??? There is a rope across the entrance to Goofy’s house. A rope that hangs higher than most toddlers head, easily allowing access for them to fuel their curiosity to see what’s at the end of the path that leads to Goofy.

      1. Puckles

        If you don’t have your eyes on your 2 year old AT ALL TIMES in a public setting then you are an unfit twat of a parent.

    2. Puckles

      Agreed. I’m sure the child is a little crap headed monster with twats for parents. Nothing cute about this story at all.

  2. David

    We were there for a week.
    Everyone one was standing around trying to make reservations. We spent 60% of are stay on the phone making reservations witch were denied after we made them.
    This was one of the worst vacation we ever went on.

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