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cheerleaders at disney world

Credit: Disney


  1. Bella

    After being told not to do this, why weren’t they immediately escorted out of the park? Why wait for someone to get hurt? Those large groups are a menace!

    1. Ken

      Because money.
      Disney doesn’t care about the customers as long as they keep getting people that are willing to pay their outrageous prices. This attitude goes all the way up to Chapek who doesn’t care that Florida passed the Don’t Say Gay bill while leading a company that supposedly supports the LGBTQ community and inclusivity in general. Heck, Disney even gives donations to these politicians while pretending to be LGBTQ friendly…

      1. AH

        It’s the Parent’s Education Bill of Rights. Nothing in it is anti-gay.

        1. KT

          Tell me you didn’t bother to read the bill without saying that you didn’t read the bill

          1. Josh

            Hey moron it’s k-3rd grade pedophile

        2. Trebor

          I bet you call it the Obamacare and not the Affordable Care Act, huh?

      2. Ashley s

        Wtf does that have to do with bratty teenagers? That were both asked to leave but banned from competition as well by Disney?
        The reason they aren’t listening is because their parents obviously didn’t instill any common sense into them.

        1. Ramona

          Good. Entitled little brats
          I think it’s hilarious they got booted from the competition. Far worse than escorted from the park.

    2. Agreed!! Rules are rules and these yucky kids shouldn’t get a pass. Bye bye. Disney won’t lose money.

      1. Angel

        You don’t actually know how much money is in that competition huh?

        1. Frank

          not as much as you think.

    3. Liz

      Disney don’t pay these people enough to get into them altercations. They’re not law enforcement. The police should’ve been called. Disney probably wasn’t trying to cause a scene.

      1. Deanna

        No the police should NOT have been called! If they did flips and accidentally bumped into some one then that’s an accident and not something law enforcement would have anything to do with. Disney has the option of kicking them out of the park if they choose to, but it’s like the man said Disney is more interested in money than anything else. I think the cast member that pretended to be their friendly cast worker should be asked to leave as well though. I definitely can’t stand a two faced liar. My daughter was a cheerleader in PopWarner for years and we paid lots of money for her to compete at Disney and Knotts Berry Farm. If there were people not following the rules then it’s those people that should have been excluded from the competition and NOT the entire team because it’s not fair to the people that were following the rules. Disney’s shady sneaky two faced cast member should be an EX employee in my opinion. The cast member could have gotten their names and reported it to their coach or ask them to leave the park but instead they ruined am awesome experience for other people because a few weren’t following the rules.

        1. Jwed

          Yes, take away someone’s livelihood over a cheerleading competition. Nah bro

        2. Kelly

          It’s a TEAM sport. You win and lose as a team!!!!!!

        3. Alex

          Oh, please! That cast member did what was in the best interests of the park and other guests and you know it. If these spoiled little dunderheads were violating a rule they were told to obey several times, they deserve to be disqualified from competition and kicked out of the park. You wouldn’t be standing by your comments if it was you or your child who was hurt by this. Spare us all the sanctimony, thank you.

          Honestly, I’m inclined to believe you’re a parent of one of those entitled brats that did this.

        4. Donna J Mosco

          Sounds like your an obnoxious and entitled problem person

        5. Andrea

          As a youth cheer coach, one of the first things we teach the girls before we even start stunting is to never do any lift stunts without a coach there to watch and make sure everything is being done correctly. The 2nd thing that is taught is there is NO tumbling allowed anywhere but at practices, games, competitions and if you are practicing tumbling on home to have a parent around to make sure you are keeping a safe distance from anyone who may be around to get hit. It sucks for the entire squad that they were not allowed to perform but again, as a cheer coach of a youth league, I can tell you if it was multiple girls from one team and only those girls got banned from performing they screwed their team over anyway. There was no way they could have redone their entire performance to accommodate for those girls they got banned in time to come up with a competing performance. Those girls were thinking only of themselves and didn’t care about their team or any of the other guests at the Disney parks. They got what they deserved and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re also banned from joining that team again next season.

    4. alicia

      we had this happen in February with the cheer groups practicing routines and lifts in lines that were already super packed. several people asked them to stop and they wouldn’t. i definitely get they were just having fun but one wrong fall could have ruined people’s vacation with an injury. it wouldn’t have been much of a big deal if it was in an open area but being so close to others was the issue

  2. Lisa Anders

    Why is Disney DOMINATING GOOGLE lately. It’s getting ridiculous. Walt Disney World in Florida was THE BEST PLACE I’ve EVER BEEN.. but everyday I click on GOOGLE it’s not just one but numerous insulting stories. WHY ????? There certainly is more newsworthy stories. And also getting tired of TIK TOK videos filming things they do at STARBUCKS OR MCDONALDS OR ALL RESTAURANTS— all negative crap. Just stop with it. If people want to watch TIK TOK get the dang app !!!

    1. YeahRight

      It’s called algorithms, honey. Stop clicking on articles if you hate them so much. Every time you click on an article, the internet stores that info as an “interest” and adds it to your algorithm, resulting in more articles about that subject.

      1. Thor

        Yap pretty much this like I get these articles since I click on them yet I hate them

        “Please listen to the Disney Cast Members and report any suspicious behavior.” This article sounds like the cheerleaders where doing drugs.

        It could have been rephrase as ignoring rules and harming guest while doing tricks when they where not allowed to do trucks outside the competition.

    2. I hear ya Lisa. Instead of getting tired. Scroll to another story. Cause no one cares what bothers you.

    3. Deanna

      I just have one word that answers your question. “CHINA”

  3. JJ

    Y’all this story is from a tiktok like a year or two ago. Cheerleaders get kicked out every year for being idiots.

  4. Tom Hardly

    Do really trust a story that starts with, “One time”?? This is 100% made up.

    1. Laura Beauregard

      It’s really not made up sadly. And it happens every year we go. 99% of our boys and girls are awesome. Sadly we have some entitled cheerleaders who ruin it for the rest.

    2. Rooftop Voter

      ”This one time, at Band Camp”…………..

  5. Rylee Andrews

    There’s a picture of UF cheerleaders in this article. As a UF cheerleader myself, I do not condone this behavior and the cheerleaders mentioned in this article was not any of my teammates.

    1. Angel

      Generic picture. Do we really have to say not actual picture of cheerleaders teams thrown out.

      1. Chris Kinney

        In this day and age, unfortunately, yes, we need a disclaimer for everything!

  6. Erwim

    Park was probably to overcrowd for this …Really should be at an indoor building, where they dont hurt guests! And they can practice and enjoy the park at the same time! Never understood travel sports!

    1. Angel

      There is a building for the competition, duh. They are allowed to use the parks in the off time to have fun. Sadly they can’t listen and act like asses

  7. Rich

    For Christ’s sake, Ken. Read the damn bill. Telling schools to not talk about sex to 5 to 7 year is NOT anti gay.. it’s just common sense and it’s sad that we even have to make a rule like that.

    1. Deanna

      👍 I agree!

  8. T

    We should absolutely be teaching young children about sex. The reason we have so many teen parents is the fact that so many parents are afraid to have the talk, then by the time they’re ready, it’s already too late. Give up the stigma surrounding sex and there will be so many less teen pregnancies. Hiding facts from then only causes them to repeat the same mistake mommy and Daddy did when they were kids and decided to play adult games that might result in said child.

    1. Harley

      Not to 5 and 7 year Olds. Duh.

      1. YES 5 year olds! They need to know what appropriate and inappropriate touch and what to do if someone touches you in a PRIVATE place. UNLESS YOU WANT KIDS TO BE MILESTED? DO YOU LIKE TO TOUCH LITTLE KIDS?

        1. Jason Burroughs

          What a ridiculous and offensive assumption!? Or are why can people not have an intelligent conversation without immediately resorting to hurling accusations and insults. Besides, there’s a huge difference between talking to children about what is appropriate touch, and the difference between gender identity. Let’s use some critical thinking here ladies and gentlemen

    2. Deanna

      No we shouldn’t!! You nor anyone else has any right to be teaching my child anything ESPECIALLY about sex without my consent and I sure won’t be giving it when your actually saying that 5-7 year Olds should be taught about sex. Written like someone that doesn’t actually have children so I don’t know why your even commenting on this. SMH

      1. VDog

        Ummm.. how did we go from clumsy cheerleaders to.. oh nevermind, why even bother asking anymore

  9. Mugsy

    Being told repeatedly to stop should be enough. Since it wasn’t the red line should have been the first time they hit another person, adult or child. They wanted to bask in their glory now they can bask in the bus ride home with their coach and teammates. Wouldn’t they fall in the category of mean girls??

  10. Melody Agilar

    My daughter compete at the high school nationals that is held at ESPN (part of the Disney resort) it is the responsibility of the coaches/parents to watch the children involved. I hate that the kids were banned from competing.the kids work extremely hard throughout the year to compete at these event. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE KIDS BEHAVIOR IN THE PARKS but I feel that the punishment should have only been limited to expulsion from parks and voids of the park tickets not banned from the competition

    1. Angel

      If you can not follow any of the rules given to you at an event you risk getting your team banned from the event. They are all informed of this. This is not knew info. You could boo hoo hoo all day long but you agreed to those rules too before sending your kid down there.

      1. Ann

        I avoid planning a Disney World vacation during cheerleading weeks.
        They’re loud and annoying, and tie up the rides in big groups.
        The only thing more annoying is Genie+

    2. SarasotaFoodLover

      I disagree. It was a fitting penalty. They were asked repeatedly to stop, were told in advance and chose to continue their reckless behavior. It’s about time more punishment is accessed for things like this.

    3. Megan

      I was a Pop Warner cheer coach & coordinator for our cheer program for many yrs. We as coaches & team had to sign and agree to follow all rules inside Comp venue, park, hotels & etc. This was not only a Pop Warner set rule, but also a Disney set rule. If for any reason a team did not follow the rules set forth & acted like fools, they would be relieved from the comp & they knew the consequences before hand. I never had to worry about any of this, THANKFULLY, my teams always showed the utmost respect & decorum. Sadly there are those teams that think they are above the rules, and that falls on the parents & coaches for allowing that behavior.

  11. Jeff

    I don’t beleive this story for a second.

    1. Jeff


      1. billnyenotascienceguy

        Had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing the pop warner cheerleaders at Universal during a December visit. They are quite obnoxious and unruly and the parents are even worse. Wish they would stop having these things.

  12. Disney Jedi Fan

    Well done cast member! 👏🏻

  13. Walt

    Disney should stop the cheerleading nonsense altogether. It annoys most guests that have nothing to do with it and posses liability to the company. They make tons of money as it is and will make it up in no time if they stop it.

  14. Anon

    Zero sources, zero names, zero dates, zero details. This website is nothing more than a gossip rag with zero journalistic experience or integrity.

  15. Margaret

    That cast member was perfect. Getting the name of the group and all their names and reporting them to the competition. Spot on. Hopefully this will send a message to the other groups about doing as they are told by cast members. The head of the competition should announce this to all cheer teams prior to participating. Any stunts done in the park will be an automatic disqualification

  16. Mike

    The pop Warner cheer competition was moved in 2021 from Disney to Universal Studios. Due to the pandemic and other issues Disney decided to no longer host the competition. Universal immediately jumped in to host. This is actually closer to 15,000 guests. Universal didn’t realize the size of the group and had difficulty handling the logistics.
    I must say that during my stay I never saw the girls performing their stunts in the parks

  17. Mickeymouse3

    What about other groups who cause disruptions? Brazilians when they jump around their “pennant” while chanting. How about the groups that walk shoulder to shoulder blocking the aisleways? Will Disney stop any of them? We all know the answer is a straight out, “No.” Disney advertises they care about safety, but in reality, they care about the money.

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