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Donald and clarice

Credit: @just_disney


  1. Wack

    So what exactly is wrong with that.

    1. Abc

      Nothing. Nothing is wrong with that. They’re clearly being playful. People are too uptight these days.

  2. M. Licausi

    Not such a deal, if everyone enjoyed the moment, no harm done. You want a real example of character naughtiness ? We took our daughter to DW in May 2001 for her HS graduation celebration. She was allowed to ask 2 friends to go along, another young lady and a young man joined our party. One afternoon we went to the Magic Kingdom to enjoy a meet and greet inside the building just inside the gate to the right., can’t remember the name . We all got in line to meet and take photos with Snow White. When it was the young man’s turn , he said hello and stood next to her to get his picture taken . When he stepped away , Snow very surreptitiously patted his butt and said ” goodbye handsome prince “. He was so shocked he couldn’t say a word. A few ppl in our party noticed but we didn’t say anything, not wanting to cause a problem. If we had told anyone, there would have been no proof , one’s word over someone else’s. A memorable moment!

  3. Frank Humphrey IV

    Thou Protest Too Much !

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