Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Fans Will Be Reunited With Cara Dune Soon, Announcement Reveals

Gina Carano as Cara Dune in 'The Mandalorian'

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Matthew Jones

    I wish she would return she made it interesting.

    1. Randy Duntz

      I don’t think her questionable politics should have cost her her job. She is an actress playing a part, and did a good job. She’s entitled to her beliefs.

      1. Daniel

        No Cara Dune unless it’s Gina doing it!!!!

        1. Scuta


      2. T

        Disney made a woke fool of itself for firing Carano over her opinions.

      3. S Hebdon

        I think that Disney firing her for having her own opinion is BS! I will not support a company that dictates what an actor or actress can believe outspoken or not. She fit the part perfectly and no one else can ever fill her shoes. Our forefathers would have Disney out of business if they were still alive.

      4. Scuta

        Apparently not.

  2. Larry Yniguez

    This should not be political. Let her come back she is a good actress.

    1. Pedro

      Me gustaría que volviera hizo un gran personaje, que la den una oportunidad

      1. Matt

        Absolutely not. Cara Dune should be recast.

        1. JayArnold

          LOL – Recasting with would be met with extreme ridicule. Yeah lets put some actress that Gina Carano could break across her knee in a Cara Dune outfit and see if anyone will notice. Favreau would never allow it he’s not that stupid, and so far Disney has been adamant about not recasting. Everything points to Gina Carano coming back at some point.

  3. John

    Heck no, she a idiot anybody who advocate hate and lies, has no business in the Disney world.

    1. Mature John

      Your an idiot if u can’t differentiate between fiction and the real world. Grow up you whiny lil child.

      1. Cubs2317

        Thanks to replying to that guy the way I’m sure we all wanted to. Nuts like that are why Gina was fired in the first place.

        1. Derek Jones

          I am glad to see her come back. It’s sad some people “can’t handle the truth.” For some of us she has been the only one to say what needed to be said. What had happened to freedom of speech in America?

      2. Scuta

        Yup, and hell yeah.

    2. Keil

      It’s a good thing Gina Carano never once advocated hate or lies. The hate and lies come from the cancel culture Twitter mob.


      1. JayArnold

        Exactly. Gina Carano expressed opinions that you can agree or disagree with. But never anything hateful or abusive. The lies, hate and abusive messages all came from wild eyed twitter trolls ….. hundreds of them if you count the bots. Unfortunately some of these wild eyed trolls have influence at LucasFilms but that is likely to be changing.

        1. Backcountry164

          Pretty sure that “wild-eyed Twitter troll” describes most of the people who work for Lucasfilm so I’m not sure how or why their influence will be diminished. Especially since they just keep doubling down. Seems pretty clear that profit comes second to message.

    3. Joe

      Considering Whooping Goldberg said worse things yet was only suspended from being a host on her show, and yet Gina was fired for just stating facts about the Holocaust of WW2, doesn’t that make Disney a little uneven?

    4. Purpleflash

      John, nothing in her comments espoused hate. Did you actually understand them?

    5. Jonsi

      With grammar like yours, I wouldn’t go around calling people idiots.

  4. Anthus

    She should absolutely be brought back to the show. She’s a real badass!

  5. Lisa Leyendekker

    Agreed, but Disney fired her unfairly because of horrible Twitter users

    1. JayArnold

      It appears to me that they fired her because of some horrible, irrational tone deaf people within the leadership of Lucasfilm. The few hundred twitter trolls throwing a tantrum about Gina Carano were simply useful idiots for Lucasfilm. But they in no way represent the feeling of Star Wars fans in general… or the general population.

  6. Cubs2317

    She should never have been let go. So of course she should be brought back.

  7. Loxody

    They should 100% bring Gina Carano back. She was fired unjustly based on the bullying from Twitter users. Even the other Mandalorian actors supported her.

    1. Daniel

      You’re an oaf. She did nothing wrong but express her opinion. It’s called free speech.

  8. Wing

    And how long will it be until the Disney fans AKA Twitter fans turn on this “replacement”? They can never really seem to get it straight. This “replacement” could think like them today and think differently from them and say something they won’t like tomorrow. So unless it’s Gina coming back I’m going to keep pirating Disney’s crap. Gina Carano forever

  9. AmpMan

    She wasn’t the greatest actor, but she did the role well. If we are to fire all actors for saying stupid stuff, we wouldn’t have actors. Cancel culture is censorship and fascism at its worst and sadly the fastest path to 1984.

  10. Vince

    That means that the other Lego characters are not based on the actors, or hers is. Once you see the characters, you can’t unsee the actors, logic dictates. So, the statement of the guy responsible for the Lego figures, does not ring true and he knows it. That’s why it sounded like he was trying too hard to rationalize his way out of the impossible.

    1. JayArnold

      These are toys for little kids. Star Wars is for kids. The Mandalorian is for kids. Kids love Cara Dune and according to her castmates and everyone who has ever worked with her Gina Carano is a terrific person. Nobody cares about a tiny fraction of adult twitter trolls throwing a tantrum. This is for kids.

      1. PATRICK

        A guy gets cut in half by a door in the first few minutes of the Mandalorian. I kinda doubt kids are the target audience, did you even watch the show?

  11. Dave

    Good riddance to that Putin-lover. Now take the rest of those Russian-loving Trump cultists with her.

    1. Joe

      Wow, do you actually review the facts???? She never said a damn thing about Trump or Anti Biden or pro Russia anything, she simply said, don’t hate your fellow Americans for their beliefs the way Germans/Nazi’s specifically hated their fellow Germans for their religious beliefs. And they fired her for that, because some anti-republicans liberal for their feelings hurt for having the truth revealed by her words.

    2. John

      And there it is. Invoking the name of Trump where it was never about him. How much real estate does he consume rent free in your head troll?

    3. Mason

      Wanting to get rid of people because you don’t like them? Sounds like 1940’s Germany and a communist regime. Trump supporters don’t side with Russia by the way.Oh don’t fall for these democrat politicians saying I stand with Ukraine.

    4. Annie

      If they hadn’t cancelled her for what she said on Twitter about vaccines and the Holocaust, they would have found another reason to cancel her. She is a beautiful and powerful woman in real life as well as in The Mandalorian. You’re only allowed to be a beautiful and powerful woman in 2022 if you are flying a rainbow flag with your boobs hanging out

    5. JayArnold

      “Trump Derangement Syndrome” affects only a small number of wild eyed irrational people. But it’s apparently very traumatic for them.

    6. Jonsi

      “Derp” – Dave

  12. Joe

    I only people who don’t want her back are mostly people who aren’t fans of Star Wars anyway. And the Star Wars fans who do want her gone are ignorant pieces of crap themselves!

  13. Leadfootjen

    Firing her was severe, in my opinion. She made statements that many deemed insensitive, and got a long talking-to from Pedro Pascal, from what I hear. After that conversation, she says she understood better others’ point of view on the situation and why they were so upset, and she deleted her comments.

    Suspension for a bit and being made to apologize would have been appropriate, not being outright terminated. Because what that says is she lost her job over not thinking the same way the “woke” public does. No opportunity given to her for making amends or waking up herself. I feel that they should give her another chance.

    1. Duh

      You can’t make someone apologize (even if you somehow force them, it’s notva real apology). If she had apologized, it probably would’ve blown over.

      1. Backcountry164

        Please cite one example of the twitter mob allowing anything to “blow over”.

    2. Scuta

      If Gina would have apologized, for her beliefs, I would have lost some respect for her, and the calls for her to be fired would have intensified. No apology has ever worked against cancel culture trolls.

  14. Mason

    The irony about this whole situation is that Disney wants more strong female characters in Star Wars and Gina Carano is an MMA fighter.😂😂😂😂 The tweet that got her fired was making a point that is sadly becoming true. Disney must learn facts don’t care about your feelings. The company that she works for now has huge diversity because half of its personalities are minorities, and it has a best selling LGBTQ children’s book author. Not to mention it is ran and was founded by a minority. Unlike Disney that is ran and was founded by the white man.

  15. CJ

    Lucasfilms / Disney owns the Character via intellectual property … but who owns the live action role thru their portrayal? Does having the Character come back thru Animation only going to make a difference? (FYI plenty of Animation uses a different actor or actress to voice the role compared to who portrayed the Character in Film and Television).

    The only way we will know is if the audience disappears (so far Star Wars has proven to be a profitable intellectual property on Disney +).

  16. Stuff

    Cancelled D+ ; didn’t even finish Boba episodes and don’t need to. The universe is a huge web of lies and hand waving story lines. With political leanings, I’m out. Enjoy the new “woke” star wars.

  17. Biggs

    Bring Gina back! Cara Dune is awesome and its so stupid that cancel culture is getting rid of a star wars character that fans have come to love. Bring Gina Back to play Cara Dune for the love of God. Forget Politics.

  18. Justin

    Bring back Gina!!

    She’s awesome and she’s entitled to her own opinions with Free speechandall.. She has a personal and a professional life and from what I can tell she never mixed the two, she kept them separated.

    However she also only spoke facts not anything she was accused of doing. Cancel culture sucks. They also need to keep politics out of entertainment.

  19. We love Gina Carano and her character Cara Dune. Bring her back!

  20. Backcountry164

    Meh. Star Wars is dead. Darth Kennedy killed it…

  21. Nathan

    I find it hilarious that everyone is blaming woke culture… she has no one to blame but herself. When you sign a contract with Disney and get the big Disney money, you are voluntarily agreeing to keeping your trap shut. She knew that and made her choice.
    Personal responsibility. If you don’t want to get fired. Don’t break your contract.

    1. Vincent

      What part of her contract did she break? Did you read it?

  22. Vincent

    Cara Dune isn’t Cara Dune without Gina Carano

  23. JaekSpaero

    Bring her back or not. It doesn’t matter anymore. It’s already too late. Star Wars is dead and buried. The Mandalorian was pretty much putting the strings on the corpse to make it move like it was still alive. It looked convincing at first but you know deep down that it has been dead. RIP Star Wars. Stay away from Disney Gina Carano they are toxic and will continue to be.

  24. Nate

    What reason could we possibly have to care what her political opinions are? We’re not watching her rant about them; we’re watching Cara Dune kick ass. I hate Conservatives but the things she said were nowhere near as bad as internet snowflakes want them to be anyway. It’s absolutely disgusting for anyone in a supposedly free society to lose their job because they think the way they’re not allowed to think. It’s also a slippery slope. Today they make it against the rules to be Conservative. What rights do they take away next? Do they start cancelling people for questioning the government? For being publicly heterosexual and dating only CIS genders? For being white men and calling women pretty? Well that one is already happening.

  25. Scott

    Haven’t watched a Disney show or movie since her unjust firing.

  26. c

    YES…BRING CARINO BACK!! Disney has gone so far downhill. What happened to free speech! Just because you don’t agree with her views we all now censor her and try to make it hard for her to make a living.

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