Comments for Captain America’s Future Isn’t With Marvel, Goes Rogue With New Studio

Captain America Sam Wilson

Credit: Disney


  1. Bill

    I think he’ll stay for a while. He can keep making plenty more money with Disney/Marvel that he can continue use towards getting his studio on its feet.
    Plus if he’s as smart as I believe him to be, he’s probably going to work on joint ventures with Disney/Marvel Studios.

  2. Duck

    Just speculation! Just my opinion as I am speculating myself but I would assume that the MCU paycheck is what funded this giant studio. Being that the capitol gave him this financial freedom to help himself & his city, why would he not continue on in this role of a lifetime? Again just my opinion but I believe we will see Anthony Mackie as Captain America for as long as Disney will have him.

  3. Mike

    Mackie is excellent in his role as Falcon and he will most likely be very good as the new Captain America. But if he decides to move in a different direction I can see the mantle going to non other than the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes who I actually thought would be Caps 1st choice originally since they were such good friends!
    Let’s see how it plays out?

    1. Drake Pendragon

      Except he will never be Cap, he is just a sidekick trying to wear big boy shoes.

  4. Chris Wood

    Well I certainly wish him well in his other endeavors. As for his Captain America, considering the falcon/ winter soldier was the least of the marvel serise lot, I don’t have any hopes the 4th outing of Captain America, unless they bring Steve Rodgers back. It he serise wasn’t bad, quite good if they just left out the social justice notions.

  5. Robb Blak

    Of course the person who complains about social justice in a series can’t even spell the word series. That’s hilarious.

  6. Liam

    Woke trash…. Way to ruin something good.

  7. Drake Pendragon

    Falcon will never really be Cap, he is just a token iced sidekick stand in wanna-be that can’t live up to the real thing. They need to stop pretending like Falcon will ever be more than a sidekick.

  8. Mr White

    Erm, he will do both? He most likely isn’t going to run it, he’s just investing and making it happen. Also this is more like renting out the space for productions rather than creating productions.

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