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Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings'

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Don Pablo

    I mean, this is the Kal-El problem, isn’t it. If you make a superhero so powerful, that there are no earthly threats that could possibly trouble it, you’re going to struggle to find a villain that feels like a decent challenge without wandering into the realm of high fantasy or science-fiction and alienating a portion of the audience.

    1. Jokasak

      Except that Captain Marvel isn’t Superman. MCU does not have a Superman. Not saying that She, or Thor, or Hulk, or Wanda, or Dr. Strange – can’t be turned into Supermen by bad writers. Already Eternals is a badly written film with boring Superman charactrers. And No Way Home makes Dr. Strange into an overpowered idiot with magic so it could happen.

      But the facts of Danvers in the MCU is that she has had two fights – one with Yon Rog – where she won, and the other with Thanos where she got knocked out.

      She isn’’t Kal El.

      1. Monstah

        Your rught. She has no weakness. Superman does. Captain marvel is a infinity stoned powered hero. And thanos needed the power stone to even budge her. She would destroy thanos. And d.csucks

        1. Manny

          @Monstah to say DC sucks pretty much sums up your argument. Lack of character development is the weakness in Marvel and DCs strength. DC just appeals
          To a different audience. Using your argument I could say Marvel is like the NY Post and DC is the NY Times. Marvel being more pedestrian and simpler to follow. Therefore, DC requires more intellectual prowess and deeper dive.

          1. Tim S

            Lmao off. DC more intellectual. DC is boring as buck.

            1. Kevin

              DC did everything first. Way before Stan Lee even dreamed of Marvel Comics.

              1. Tuere

                You do realize that Stan Lee did not create Marvel Comics but did create or co-create multiple characters for Marvel…right?

              2. Backcountry164

                With has nothing to do with anything. DC can’t sell anything today other than Batman. They don’t call it Dead Company for no reason…

                1. Kevin

                  Sorry you can’t handle the truth that everything you hold dear about Marvel was done way before by DC and your hero Stan Lee never had an original thought in his life.

          2. sam

            not sure why, but serialized DC shows end up drawing, and holding my attention very well. DC movies, I’ve learned to not waste my time/money on the theater experience, and then just be disappointed with them when they are on TV.

        2. Luke

          Yeah a super powered Mary Sue

      2. Monstah

        I never read comics did u ????? Strange controls the time stone. U sound very uneducated in comics. But i guess all u ever seen was mcu movies

      3. Shawn


        1. As a kid who grew up reading and collecting comics in the 60’s, with good writers and directors, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby etc, anything is possible,honor the writers!

        2. Lee


      4. Marvel has Sentinel and Hyperion, both are Superman equivalent

        1. Matthew W St John


      5. WackArnolda

        You’re saying Eternals had “superman characters” while they were all portrayed as vulnerable to something. Seems like you didn’t really follow the movie, too bad.

        1. Matthew W St John

          They clearly didn’t see the film, they saw Ikaris in the trailer and made a ton of horrible assumptions

      6. Kikii

        Captain Marvel and Superman both have weaknesses to magic. Idk about in the MCU but in current comics she still has that weakness.

      7. Agunzi

        She only got knocked back because Thanos used an infinity stone, before that part, she was owning him. There’s no doubt Captain Marvel is one of, if not, the strongest, maybe Wanda will be, but until then, she right up the top of the pile.

    2. Rick L Dennis

      Larson is a big box draw.i think what marvel comice is saying s j.g e is to powerful is bull ****.its a movie for christs sake,people are drawn to movies f ok r whos staring,they better rethink there future..

      1. James

        She is far from a big box draw. People do not goto the movie to see her, they go because it’s a Marvel movie.

      2. Story Archer

        The article loses credibility the moment they say that Captain Marvel was the ‘glue holding Infinity War and Endgame together. If it hadn’t been sandwiched between those two films, it would have made a fraction of what it did. The movies dont do a good job explaining Captain Marvels powers very well. She only goes all uber after she absorbed a ton of energy (like from spaceship cannons). Without that Hulk could just calmly walk over and rip her arms off.

        1. Lisa

          Exactly this.

        2. selurpullagnomiSgagnooomiSgnomiS

          That’s the whole point of the origin story of Carol Danvers. She absorbed energy from Mar Vell and it turned her into Ms. Marvel. And eventually, she took up the mantle of Captain Marvel. I know the MCU is different, but the origin story is similar, similar enough that your attack on her source of power is inane. You might as well downplay the gamma accident that made Banner the Hulk, or the radioactive spider bite that happened to Peter Parker. They were both passive recipients in those situations, although Banner was at least TRYING to have some sort of thing happen to him. Just back off with the lame attacks on her simply because you don’t like what she said a few years ago, because you are a bunch of scared, fragile men. Grow up.

      3. Jeremy

        WTF are your saying? Seriously? Your comment basically is written so badly it makes no sense. Did you quit grade school or something?

      4. Luke

        Larson a big office draw??!! What?? She’s a Misandrist, annoying PITA. Even the Avengers cast couldnt stand her

        1. Kara

          ooo man baby threatened by woman in leotard

          1. selurpullagnomiSgagnooomiSgnomiS

            Lol these boys can’t handle adults.

  2. Marcus

    I’m so done with people being critical of Brie Larson’s performance as Captain Marvel. She’s done a fine job in the role. People need to shut-up!

    1. JoeBryant

      Thank you, I soooo agree with your assessment.

      1. Gerandroid

        Thor, Hulk, Dr. Strange, and Scarlett Witch are all more powerful than Captain Marvel and they haven’t shown the full potential of their power. If the MCU made it work with them… I guess they can make it with her.

        1. Drew

          Funny how we are only talking MCU movies. You all are forgetting Pheonix and Silver Surfer. Hence why there are Galatic types of foes.

    2. Bo Dacious

      Absolutely. Brie Larson is outstanding in the role. I really don’t understand the small cadre of “journalists” who constantly want to drag her down.

      1. Jeremy

        Yeah, I guess that is why they are sidelining her in her own sequel. But yeah, she did great.

        1. seluRpullaGnomiS

          If you think this is “sidelined”, you are more dense than osmium. It is a brilliant idea to bring together Spectrum and Ms Marvel in the same film, since Monica has been both Captain Marvel and Spectrum in the comics and Carol has been both Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel. And Captain Marvel and Spectrum were on a team together a few years back, as Monica and Carol. So yeah, it SURE SUCKS THAT THEY SIDELINED HER… tool.

          1. Backcountry164

            The people making the movies couldn’t care less what happened in the books years ago. This was supposed to be her sequel, that’s how it was announced. So yes, they’ve obviously changed their plans and reduced her role. These are irrefutable facts even if you can’t accept them

    3. Kevin

      “Agree with me or shut up”. Got it. Bet I know who you voted for in 2020.

      1. FalseGod45

        I voted for Trump 💯🇺🇲

    4. Paul

      Well, I hope they introduce Rogue into the MCU in this movie and then the point will be moot anyway.

    5. J Pittsburgh

      Here! Here!

    6. Luke

      Who paid you , Simp?

    7. FalseGod45

      Brie Larson Sucks donkey balls 😂

  3. Goldwin

    Acting seems to be her greatest villain

    1. Brandon

      Oh yes an academy award winning actress’ biggest villain is acting.

      1. FalseGod45

        She only got an award because of the ridiculous P.C. movement. And because of her stupid hair cut!

    2. Rob

      Her Best Actress Oscar,
      British Academy Film Award, Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, National Society of Film Critics Award, Canadian Screen Award, Gotham Award, Irish Film and TV Academy Award, National Board of Review Award and the rest of her 114 wins and 174 nominations all say
      otherwise, but please, inspire us with your equally impressive life accomplishments.

      This site used to be a go to for Disney information, but at this point, it should be renamed “Inside the Drama”…

      1. James

        Her Award and nominations are pretty much for the 2 same movies that no one saw or have even heard of. The people that vote on these awards are usually pretentious self serving twits like her. And a few of the other awards were for producing a VR experience, so stop kissing her a$$, she is not any type of amazing actress.

      2. John

        What everyone is forgetting.. rogue from xmen damn near killed marvel and took half her powers in the comics. That’s how rogue got super strength and able to fly. So yes there’s someone that can take her out.

      3. Backcountry164

        LMAO!! Wait?? You think these awards mean something?? I hate to burst your bubble but most people couldn’t care less about Hollywood elites patting each other on the back. None of those awards will sell a single ticket to a movie theater.

    3. FalseGod45

      Yes! That and the Patriarchy!!! Lmao 🤣

    4. FalseGod45

      Yes, Thank You! 📣 Down with Pelosi!! Oops, I mean Larson!!

  4. Steamed Hams

    Brie Larson is great as Capt. Marvel. In that role, her acting ability runs the gamut from A to B.

    1. Jeremy

      Yeah a straight line with no depth.

  5. Scott Hunt

    This site barely even attempts to hide their bias in these opinion pieces that masquerade as faux “news” articles.

    1. Jerome

      Thank you!

      1. Dividing the Magic

        This site inst for people looking for more information on a topic like Brie Larson in the MCU. It’s for people lookimg for articles that support their opinion..

  6. Martin

    Perfect opportunity though. Use this chance to bring Rogue and the Xmen into the fold. Granted Rogue got her flight and super strength from Ms. Marvel, use Capt. Marvel instead to give her those powers. Reduces Capt Marvel a bit and introduces Rogue.

  7. Jehoshaphat

    Brie’s offset behavior us what gets her flack. Her acting in the movies was ok, i think the role was poorly written. As a comic reader, the stories in the comics were much better than her movie.

    1. Brie’s offset behavior is perfectly fine. Nothing she’s done or said is particularly controversial or out of the ordinary.

      1. Luke

        Oh. Making sexist misandrist comments is not controversial huh??? Ooookkkk

  8. Jeremy

    Typo: Ton Holland

  9. This isn’t how super powers work. When your character has greater power, you just throw greater challenges at them. Anything from even more powerful villains to giving them problems to solve that you can’t just punch your way out of. This is how you get a range of storytelling that isn’t limited to a particular scale. Comics have been doing this successfully for years, and I’ve yet to understand why this question persists. It’s such an overly simplistic argument.

  10. Bgbdbill67

    This page does nothing but stir the pot. It creates more controversy than exists.
    Then everyone comments, thinking they’re geniuses on the subject, yet they sound like fools!

    1. Samsson0202

      You saved me so much time by writing this. These ” articles” are straight foolishness. Written by ppl who did a quick Google search. Such crap writing

  11. Del Cox

    In what universe did the movie Captain Marvel “form the glue” that held the Infinity War movies together? It bridged nothing and the movies would have carried themselves just fine without it, save for people wondering who the blonde Superwoman was during her mere minutes of screentime. This article over-hypes the IP’s contribution without ever getting into any risk that isn’t already well-known.

    1. Luke

      Thank you!!!

    2. Twilight

      I didn’t watch captain marvel, can’t stand the actress. I can not support her because she is so vocal with her political opinions and views. Definitely was not the glue bridging the movies. I really liked the Avengers movies and didn’t need to see her movie at all.

  12. Jack Dis

    Some random guy writes a fluffed out article about how they have to get rid of the strongest female character because vague reasons?

    Shocking I tell you.

    They have characters stronger than her and handle it fine. They will continue that I am sure.

    1. Jerome

      He didn’t even really say that! The article was worthless;

  13. Rob

    I think people are way to sensitive and need to lighten up. I could care less what Brie Larson said to hurt the feelings of some more insecure men . Captain Marvel was a tinder box from the jump . Guys crying that it should have started out with a male lead like the comics .
    Captain Marvel was good and made Billions. If you’re so hurt by Larson’s comments don’t watch the movie and shut up .

    1. Orlando Furioso

      Then you should carefully watch the interview she did with Chris Hemsworth and Don Cheadle where they can barely restrain their contempt for her annoying behavior and attitude. Though oddly every single three Marvel movies since Endgame have seriously underperformed and I don’t think have managed broken even(using the 3X budget rule) and Cpt Marvel only did well because it was thought of as a must read project for Endgame. Put Black Widow in that spot instead it would have made 1 billion(not billions) and Cpt Marvel would have made $300 mil in it’s spot in 2021. Then I think of the other Brie Larson projects. Oh wait there isn’t any of them where she is the front and center movie lead carrying the film(that made money) and she isn’t very good in any of them as a supporting actor either. In Kong:Skull Island her acting was flat and unremarkable and Rebecca Hall(a real actress from Britian)did more in the sequel by just breathing in the movie. In Free Fire she is completely forgettable in that film too. Now I see her credits and she has returned to TV where she started and really belongs. Though I see you stole Kelly Sue DeConnick’s line about don’t buy my book who is no longer working at free falling Marvel Comicbooks and yet in 2021 she is lamenting the demise of the her industry.

      DeConnick would then lay out just how bad of a shape the comic book industry is in, “I think I tend to be pretty optimistic, but in this one I’m worried. I’m straight worried.”

      When asked why, she responded, “Because stores are closing at a phenomenal rate. Independent comic sales are down. Mainstream comic sales are down except the top three or five books are up. Everything in the mid list is way down.”

      So remember the fans can speak with their money and one country named after dinner plates has completely banned Marvel Studio films(though not Sony) so I guess the CCP leadership has taken your advice and now Marvel has lost about 30% of it’s revenue on every film. Good work.

      1. ErhmahGerd

        Then you should watch the 6 other Interviews she did that day with Hemsworth and Cheadle vs the 100 grift articles done by Fandom Menace / Comicgaters. WAIT WHAT?! YOu didnt watch those? You just watch 100 videos of the ET video echoing the same spew focusing on 2 moments – 2 minutes out of 60 minutes of all day interviews so you can reinforce your bigoted hate for someone? 1000s of interviews over the years. 100s of various videos to see. But you dont want to see that. You were easily duped by your bias that she hates white men or is a whaman elitist. Its your world to live in.

      2. Pagan

        Wait…Are you really saying that if an actress isn’t from Britain (not “Britian”), she isn’t a “real actress”. And which part of Britain? Because it’s an island containing the countries of Scotland, Wales, and England.

    2. Luke

      Cuck!! Guys like you are the ones that keep Larson going. Pathetic

  14. Jerome

    Hey everyone. Go back and read the title of the article.Now read Brie’s “comments”. Now , read the title once more. Now, tell me how her comment that Carol has mastered her powers more is going to be an issue for Marvel. No, not her powers, but Brie Karsens comments! Joke of an article and a joke of a writer. Why the hell did he not say that perhaps CM is overpowered? Because that might not get eyeballs? Do he says Brie’s comments could be an issue for Marvel. Yeah, her saying he got into better shape for wirework is something Marvel is going to have to deal with sooner rather than later! How are they going to spin this one?? What bullsh$t!

  15. Orlando Furioso

    Funny decisions with this Capt Marvel 2 movie that they won’t called Capt Marvel 2 unlike every other character sequel in the MCU. So this actress has become so radioactive that she needs to have the title hidden and has to be given other characters to bail her project out and lure fans back to this her character’s series. I think Marvel’s actions speak louder than words and I am going to be very interested to see if this film fails to get to the $1 billion mark(which it will) and even gets to the $500 mil mark(???). Maybe Sony should come in and help Marvel fix that character and show them how one of the their movies in 2021 made more than 3 Marvel movies combined in the same year.

    1. Anonymous

      Spider-Man is literally the most well known and popular comic character alongside Batman. The two of them will always be bigger draws than any others. Spider-Man’s gross means nothing in the way you are trying to compare it.

  16. Jay

    After release captain. Bri Larson reaction is that of her entire life.that why she dont care about studio, co-stars, carol denver..no one person oinion here..check records.as soon movie earned billion, co-co larson began telling world success captain was due to women power, than self appointed her self as only person qualify to disquss. By this scam she figured captain marval would be locked play larson untill she retired..naming her own salary after while

    1. Luke

      Thank you And there are Capes that constantly run to her rescue. Simps

  17. Jack

    Lol the comment about her needing others to come in and save her is laughable. Every single marvel movie has multiple other hero’s in them. Do I think she’s the best, absolutely not but let’s all stop pretending like we all know these people and just enjoy movies for what they are, entertainment.

  18. Marvel has Always needed a “superman ” quality hero, why not Cap. Marvel? the Movie verse has always been out side the comic verse so lets make her as Amazing as our Imaginations can go, or the wreiters are willing to.

  19. ErhmahGerd

    Stan Lee said in his late years, “I always get asked if these 2 heroes fought, who would win the fight?” He said, thats easy ~ whomever the WRITER wants to win! Now stop asking me these stupid questions. Prime example, Thor. OMG, the things I read about all powerful Thor on social media. Cant be defeated! But yet we saw Thor easily incapacitated in Marvel Movies. It will be the same with Captain Marvel. She will have weaknesses. Will win in the end because thats how all Super Hero stories go. So yes, it will depend on how the writers make it all happen which will make the movie enjoyable. It will have its fans and haters like they all do.

  20. Christian

    They cancelled my favorite character in the Mandelorian. Liberals have no morals!!!!

  21. GG

    Brie Larson is producing a Documentary Series for Disney+. She is now in the family.

    1. Luke

      I heard rumors that she will play Mara Jade Skywalker…… Agghhhh

  22. Windy

    I’m obsessed with with her. Absolute Queen💕

  23. Eli

    Captain Marvel is my new favorite superhero. I love her power and how she uses it. Give me moar!!

  24. Allie

    I love that she keeps making big money moves with Nissan , Decorte’, Nintendo, Disney+, and Apple TV.

    Brie is living the life and dream of a geek and gamer❤‍🔥

  25. SamusKnight


    1. FalseGod45

      The role of the Queen Bee is just to pump out an ever constant supply of babies. No power over the colony except for the pheromone induced hypnosis she puts the hive into. If a Queen Bee dies, ANY bee in the colony can be picked to become the next Queen.

  26. SamusKnight


  27. Bart

    Mary Sue bulldozing any obstacles all the way is boring. I have more fun playing mobile games than wasting my time on bad characters.

  28. Dino

    Captain Marvel has yet to defeat The Supreme Intelligence. Why would this writer of the previous ranting say she has.!??

  29. Nathan

    Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is absolutely a positive for the MCU! I’m saying right now that without her character, it really doesn’t bring the continuity that we need for moving past the Avengers. We need her for thr future, just as we needed Continuity on other characters. I’m telling you right now, 1 woman’s voice and stature starts to impact the studio because she’s phenomenal…begin the backside for Marvel in to obscurity.

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe get your nose out of her rear. Marvel has never *needed* Carol Danvers, be it comics or MCU. Brie got too big for her britches and got clapped back because of it. It’s telling that the movie isn’t named after her character anymore. I think she is rightfully done after it.

    2. Andrew Steven Montague

      Man this simping is quite pathetic.

  30. Andrew Steven Montague

    The problems here are two fold. One is that Larson has a terrible ego which isn’t playing well with the fans or cast mates.

    The second is that they are too chicken to take on the most interesting idea of Captain Marvel, her alcoholism. That gives her a significant flaw that could make the character interesting but these days women aren’t allowed to be flawed (see Rey in Star Wars for example) and so what you end up with are boring characters. It’s not Captain Marvel’s power levels that are a problem (though they do represent an issue) but her lack of character and anything that makes her human.

    1. Luke

      Thank You Thank You Thank You. Right on poin

  31. J Pittsburgh

    Ya know!
    At 57. I’ve been apart of this comic movie thing Alot longer than Most of You!
    Hell! I was Alone watching end credits for Christopher Reeves ~Superman~ (“You will believe a Man can fly”)
    So fast forward to My pleasant surprise to 2008’s Ironmans end credit reveal!
    When there were 6 of us remaining in the theater!
    Rest assured people!
    The Superhero movies are in No Trouble at All!
    And Marvel has Truly changed the game!
    Along with CGI !
    And as for topic at hand.
    The information age, which has made Us ALLL critics of Everything!
    Why shouldn’t hero movies get blasted as well. I get it!
    But coming from what I saw!
    And what I see!
    What a Glorious movie Time to be alive!
    The debates will Never end!
    I remember waiting in line for 2 hours to watch Empire Strikes Back a Second time!
    And 12 of us Arguing!
    Vader, Skywalker and Ben’s Strength with the Force!
    And I read Now! The debates rage on!
    I’m Greatful.
    And you All are So Lucky!
    Let the Great Debates Continue!

    1. FalseGod45

      Bravo 👏👏👏👏

  32. Hope

    It could really be a turning point if they show her a bit more human than in the first movie. She may have powers, but being a human being is just as powerful.

  33. FalseGod45

    Fascism is Bree Larson’s Kryptonite! The MCU needs a steroid powered, testosterone filled, Alpha Male to slap her around.

  34. FalseGod45

    Donkey 🐴 Balls

  35. VMarc

    Larson’s acting was just terrible as Marvel. She came across as a bratty teenager that just didn’t want to be there. The only reason that movie had any success is because it came right before endgame. This will be another flop.

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