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  1. RobbieRa

    Who knew who Larson was or cares who she is? She isn’t anybody, so who cares when she knew who JD is? She knows who is is NOW! We all never heard of any star on the celebrity map until we did. How newsworthy NOT.

  2. Figment

    ITM is turning into a joke.

  3. Kevin

    What’s a Brie Larson again? Is that some sort of cheese?

    1. Count Ravioli

      She’s annoying but I’d still eat that Brie.

  4. Wanda

    He was in a costume which heavily disguised his appearance. So, I’m not sure if this is a quiz, or what.

  5. Sue

    Who is Brie Larson ? who is Chris Rock ?. I really have never heard of either of them. In fact whilst on the subject of unimportant people. How about reporting on people that matter in life not delusional greedy nobodies. I am a little tired of this me, me, me world.

  6. Shel

    Shel is the name my family calls me. I’m back, but I don’t know how long. It’s not within my control. As crazy as I sound I need to share in this opportunity.

    Mr. Depp, I will be in court with you, in heart and soul, every step of the way. I am so proud of you for your courage and strength in this fight. Only God knows how much you struggle and endure. Yet you continue to move forward building a better future to share with the world. Your fight represents hope for so many people. People depend on agencies and organizations to provide life sustaining help. They follow public figures for leadership and guidance. Their misuse and misapproprition of funds is reflected on the people, teaching them how to manipulate systems to satisfy oneself, eliminating the purpose, and ruining lives in the process. This leaves a great unbalance in the world. It takes more than credentials to win, that’s just a number. It takes heart. Winning a court case, often times, still feels like a loss, unable to fully replace what was taken. You already won regardless of the outcome. It only takes one heart to shine light onto the world. It’s your heart, always was, is and always will be.

    My comments will stop until the hearing ends, but my prayers will continue. God bless you. With all my heart, always ❤

  7. Shel

    It’s about time I say this. Fatal Attraction’s love note directly correlates with my last comment and Discord DMs with a profession of love for Mr. Depp and a nickname for me, Shel gas. So funny I had to capture it in a screenshot, God I love capturing a moment. It’s very sad that a Manson like cult (one can never escape) thinks it has the power to listen, watch, invade, intimidate, threaten, torture and take a life that is not theirs, putting everyone in a household in danger. If you give in it will only cause more to be taken until all is lost. Mr. Depp it’s obvious you tried to escape. The love Fatal Attraction professes is not love. It’s jealously of your heart. Love does not try to suck the life out of you. A creepy, deranged stalker does. It doesn’t use non profit organizations and public speeches to attack you. That’s using subliminal messages to mentally and economically abuse.
    Like the movie Minamata (beautifully directed and executed, left me speechless and in tears) shows what happens when money becomes more important than people, value is lost and life is disposable.
    I need you to know my comments will stop through your hearing so I don’t react in haste. I have so much faith and trust in you and your team. You got this. Go POP their blue balls!

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