Comments for Fans Say This Disney Park Is “Lacking” Rides, In Need of “Complete Overhaul”

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  1. Paul T

    Maybe many people are losing focus of what Animal Kingdom is supposed to be. Just the name “Animal Kingdom” is self explanatory. It was designed as an educational venue of the worlds animals. I heard someone once complain about lack of fireworks, not realizing that it is harmful to the animals

    1. Trixie

      Exactly! If you want rides, go to Magic Kingdom…..Animal Kingdom is about the ANIMALS!

      But nowadays people whine about everything. Personally I hope those kind of people stop going to Animal Kingdom so those of us who enjoy it for what it is can do so without them.

  2. Barbie

    For us, it’s not a full day park until characters/Nemo come back. Our last few trips we ended up having a miserable time trying to make it a full day. With less to do in the park, the lines for the rides were insane.

  3. With the crowds these days and the huge admission cost, all four parks need to be fully open with everything available. Shame on Disney for escalating the daily ticket cost, allowing full park attendance with less hours and not having all attractions and shows operating.

    1. Aron K

      We were there today for the first time with my 4 and 7 year olds. By 2pm they were ready to go back to the hotel pool. Definitely the most underwhelming of the four parks.

  4. Michael Smith

    I don’t understand the point of an article saying some fans like a park and others don’t? You could write this about every park.

    1. Trixie

      I DESPISE Magic Kingdom…..too many bratty, uncontrolled, spoiled kids and whiny parents. We almost never go to it.

      I LOVE Animal Kingdom for what it is….all about the ANIMALS.

      Epcot is no longer a full-day park for us….maybe half-day. And then usually it’s just for a specific restaurant or to wander and people watch.

      Hollywood Studios….aside from a couple of restaurants we like there, it’s just not that great…..although they did do a good job with Star Wars land.

      See? Anyone can whine about any park…..I figure if you don’t like one park, don’t go…..

      1. Beth W.

        Right there with you Trixie. I love the animals! I do like Magic Kingdom though…and I really try to overlook the spoiled kids and their parents.

  5. AH

    The Primeval Whirl and the Dino ride were the things in Dinoland that I really like. With PW having gone the way of the Magical Express, the area is lacking. Now my favorite place is Pandora.

    1. SP

      I agree with you. I loved Primeval Whirl and am sad so see that it is gone. Dinasaur is a good ride and now the only reason to go near Dinoland.

  6. Beth W.

    I definitely agree with those are trying to remind people that Animal Kingdom is not about rides…it’s about the ANIMALS! If you’re not interested in the animals, their welfare, and their possible extinction, then go to another park. Simple. When they opened it up, I was excited for what it was; all the rides have done is crowd it with people wanting a “fair” atmosphere. You want rides, go to Magic Kingdom and the Studios.

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