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Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins

Credit: New Line Cinema


  1. Steve Meade

    The purity and innocence of Tolkien’s works are what make reading and yes watching the film’s so wonderful.
    Every vice good or bad is represented in the Hobbit and the lord of the rings, except sex and religion and that’s the way it should be kept

    1. kameko

      lol the purity? are you stupid? the tolkien estate didnt even like peter jacksons films. by that logic, none of those movies should be celebrated either.

  2. If all this is about race I have no comment. My only concern is that Amazon does not destroy Toilken’s beautiful work. Stick to his version not one u make up

  3. Norman Bates

    Well after Disney ran Star Wars in to the ground I’m sure many were looking for Amazon to do the same to Lord of the Rings…
    Now if Google could acquire the rights to…?
    The Godfather?
    Oh!!! No– the Bible!

  4. Tim

    I really don’t like Bezos or Amazon. I really wish a different company had aquired these rights. Too bad it’s run by a garbage human being.

  5. Bob

    I’m laughing that people had any faith in any adaptation done by Amazon. After the dumpster fire of Wheel of time this past winter and the deep disrespect they showed to Robert Jordan and his amazing book series(book one had many homages to LoTR and Jordan has been cited saying Tolkien inspired him greatly) I knew they would make this series just as broken. I don’t give two licks about skin color, disrespecting the source material is what gets me. Tolkien was a masterful writer and his love for his creation shows in every iota of his books, thinking you can do it ‘better’ than he did will net you nothing but backlash from fans who truly love the material whether they are of African descent, caucasian, Asian, Latino or whatever. Race isn’t the issue, respect is.

    1. David

      Yeah if they could only do the whole thing word for word . Tolkien is not a god he was very close minded in a ton of areas . The dwarves in Snow White made him nauseous? Dude it’s for kids . Nobody has ever adapted a book to a movie and made the book readers happy ever . And it might not be about race to you but thousands of a holes in these forums won’t shut up about it . Probably the same ppl who never even paid for any of the content

  6. David

    Omg there’s gonna be colored ppl in a made up fantasy about dragons and elves and dwarves. No thanks I’ll go watch the jetsons , that’s the only fantasy I like all white

  7. Your mom

    Amazon does not own the rights to lord of the rings still under warner brothers

  8. Lela

    I hate film adaptations of my favorite books, the only thing studios care about is making money. I won’t be watching this, I’ll be reading the books instead. Amazon can go screw themselves.

  9. Jeffrey

    I don’t understand why people have to assert their own modern Political, Cultural and personal viewpoints into Tolkien’s life’s work. Is respecting his ancestry, lineage and vision for his own masterpiece to much to ask? There are two words that come to mind
    Cultural Appropriation

  10. Floyd

    It’s reeeeeeaaaaally simple: if you have a problem with a person of color playing a character in a fantasy world filled with trolls, goblins, dragons, giant spiders, etc….. Then your racist. Period. Nothing you say changes that simple fact.

    1. R-Gii

      I had a problem with a white guy playing Thanos’ brother in Eternals without Photoshop.
      I looked online, and apparently he was adopted. Makes sense, though not necessarily preferable.
      Ikaris kind of bothered me too, he looked too modern to exist in such ancient settings as portrayed in the movie.
      Point is, if the appearance of the character doesn’t make sense, I have a problem with it regardless of whether they’re a person of color or white.

  11. Floyd

    I’m assuming “your country” is England….. Which is one of the most racially mixed countries on the planet………

    1. R-Gii

      Probably depends on the time period. In the modern world, absolutely. But Middle Earth does not take place in a Modern Type setting.

  12. Zach

    Amazon shouldn’t do anything to do with Tolkien’s works, unless they just legitimately enjoy burning money. They’ve proven to be creatively bankrupt hacks who have no interest in honoring the source material. They just want another opportunity to push “The Message” and their politics onto audiences under a brand name they know will attract attention. We see it time and time again with these franchises. Rings of Power will crash and burn just like Disney Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and DC comics, the list goes on and on.

  13. R-Gii

    I heard that the Hispanic actor playing the Elf was going to be playing a Silvan Elf. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Silvan Elves like a family line. Their argument is that they are reflecting the real world with different races living together and stuff like that, which I guess I can understand in some since, but last time I checked, tightly bound family lines don’t just randomly change ethnic groups between generations. (Intermarriage is possible, but we’ve never seen any indication of it on such a large scale in Middle Earth before.)

  14. Andrew Laubacher

    This story needs some serious verification. As far as I can tell, the only rights that Amazon has gained recently were the distribution rights for ‘The Hobbit’ that were previously held by MGM. I see no confirmation anywhere that Amazon has acquired all non-book rights to ‘The Hobbit’ that were purchased by The Saul Zaentz Company. Very sloppy reporting!

  15. hatesbothsides

    Everything I don’t like is alt-right.

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