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    1. Jj Rod

      This last week was my first time at a Disney park in over four years. I had taken a “little ” hiatus! I don’t ever remember it ever being so bad before. This was the first time I remember hearing multiple guests stating that they would never return. While I’ll give it another shot, mainly because I have an annual pass, I’m too considering this to be my final one. I understand that this decision will do little to impact Disney’s bottom line, I do think the tide will turn. They have and continue to take so many perks while keep increasing the prices that I humbly think will make others think hard about returning.

      1. Blayr

        Jj- we went for a week. February 6-12. We planned the trip for almost two years. We utilized the genie plus and paid extra for all the rides you could purchase. Wait times were 100+ minutes. Paying extra for what once was “fast pass” and complimentary, added $1400 to our trip. They are greedy and it definitely is not the “most magical place on earth.” The staff were rude and prices were insane. It’s so sad… it’s suppose to be for children and the CEO and his minions have destroyed it.

        1. Joe

          And you played right in to what they expected by paying for what was once free. People need to STOP buying Genie+ and LL. Disney needs to see people refuse to use these kinds of services before they remove them and bring back what we all want. People continuing to pay for these kinds of services just tells Disney that they were right and that they can suck even more dollars out of our wallets with no added service/benefit.

      2. UberChemist

        Spread the word. WDW is a miserable experience, and they’re just coasting on their reputation. Quit going until they make positive changes.

      3. Scott

        My annual pass ends in March. Not renewing. The magic is over. Is only malaise and misery now at Disney.

      4. Barb

        We went with a
        A child years ago. Disney characters were everywhere int eractingvwith the children it was magical
        Not now no cha re actors for the kids. Not going back. Just went in September. Not again till it changes

        1. pgh

          didnt renew my annual pass. the benefits of it changed- not for the better! must be old pixie dust cause the magic is gone!

    2. Chris Wood

      Well im certainly not surprised to hear that the visitors were rude, especially in a society that has an entitlement mentality and thinks they are owed something. Now id be pissed too if I’m staying at a hotel that charges close to 400 a night and doesn’t even off some kind of skip line pass.

      1. Vin

        I have experienced the
        worst at a Magic Kingdom. The park takes in more people than it can hold. People were jam-packed and the security guard and other restaurant staff were very rude. They drove ed us and from place to place and treated us like animal. Very racist.

    3. Annie

      You’re exactly the person she is talking about: mean and rude.

    4. Liz

      My daughter works for Disney, and we have been annual members for years but you are completely correct. Since covid, Disney has completely changed and not for the better . It’s complete greed and lack of respect by Disney executive.

      1. So true. No magic just greed greed greed. It makes me sick to my stomach. I have been to DW at least 30 times. Everything has gone down hill. I WILL NEVER go again! NEVER…I could not afford it!!

      2. CK

        We waited 45 minutes for Pirates of the Caribbean, with about half an hour to go in line they abruptly closed the ride down, set everyone away, completely wasted time with no recompense and no explanation. We waited 83 minutes to ride the Haunted Mansion. Staff are rude, sending all the Lightning Pass people in while yelling at people after we’ve waited 70 minutes. Like our passes which we paid hundreds for are not good enough, just wait longer while we fill the ride with these Lightning Pass people, they are the preferred guests. The park is overcrowded, waiting 1+ hours for any ride is excessive and exhausting and the ride itself becomes anti-climatic when it ends in 3 minutes

    5. Susan

      Wow! Rude! He didn’t ask for your opinion. He’s absolutely right WDW is going down hill. Yes, revenge travel has a lot to do with it. But it is also because Disney has sadly sold out and become like everyone else: all of about money, not Guest service.

      1. Ken

        I am here now with a party of 7. What a nightmare. Paid for Genie+, staying off park. Just not worth it. Cost $500, and cannot book anything. The crowds are crazy, and cast members were screaming at guests. No characters, it feels more like 6 flags, the magic has gone. This is my last trip, and I will sell my Disney stock, as this cannot last.

    6. Selkie

      Just got home from a week-long trip to WDW, our last day was Friday where there were already Presidents Day crowds. As an annual passholder I have to unfortunately say that people being rude and pushy isn’t new, but CM not doing anything is. But they’re being overworked and under compensated, and all the new bs like Genie+ and LL, as well as the most recent update in mask guidelines, have just made their lives more difficult. Even for longtime Disney goers, my family finds the price hikes and Chapek’s inane changes to be absolutely ridiculous and, yes, killing the magic. Knowing that people wait and save to have trips like these only to face these truths is honestly sad. Disney is slowly but surely alienating itself from the vast majority of people, but people will always shell out the money for that last little bit of magic.

      1. Pao

        I have been going to Disney every year since my daughter was two years old. This year she’s turning 8 and we have booked a SeaWorld trip instead.

    7. Charli D'Amilio


  2. Jose

    We were annual pass holders for the last 8 years but decided not to renew. We are done with Disney. We went to Universal instead and loved it. The value for your money is significantly better.

    1. Al

      Been AP holders for decades. 109 WDW vacations and youngest daughters wedding there too
      We are not planning any more trips in the near or distant future. Just not worth the aggravation. Disney has changed and not for the better.

    2. Caleb

      Fuuuck you

      1. Sarasota Food Lover

        This is why you are sad and lonely Caleb.

      2. TheTruthBurns

        Jizney the Pedo Kingdom that charges like a Pimp selling a cheap street hooker – no wonder you feel ripped off.

    3. Liz

      I agree with you

  3. Walt

    As annual pass holders we can also agree that some of the magic is gone. It’s all about money now. This genie + is a joke we refuse to pay for it and play the game. Pay money to stand in a 40 minute or longer fast lane or just stand in the 1 hour standby lane. Seems like a no brainer.

    Not really sure we will renew and everyone knows Disney doesn’t care because someone else will be the next sucker to get annuals.

    1. Jackie

      The annuals are not a big money maker because we don’t pay for hotels, or as much food and souvenirs. That’s why they had it turned off for so long and had such a low capacity when they rolled out the current version (can’t get them at the moment). Most PH probably don’t even buy genie + and ILL. It’s more easy to relax when you know you’re coming back, and eventually you hit everything, but this weekend was really crazy! This president’s day weekend was a test for WDW to reconsider their park and genie + capacity! It was cray cray.

      1. Yolanda

        I went this past weekend because of a dance performance for my daughter. I did tell my kids that if the line was over an hour I was not going to use my life to be waiting that long. We focused on the 40 and less time. Then it’s a small world didn’t work. Wasted over 40 minutes there. I mistakenly bought the genie plus a little before midnight for the next day and it wasn’t working. I didn’t know I had to wait till the next day to buy it and now I have to wait 10 days for a refund. Sadly, we only saw one or two characters but not like when I was a child. Sadly, the magic is fading, the true purpose of Walt Disney is not there anymore.

  4. DJTluvsputin

    We went in the beginning of December and had the same experience. We stay off site and that is not the problem. Yea great if you stay at the GF, but how many can do that. It takes only a few minutes to get to the parks with the exception of MK. The Disney experience was not the same
    Standing in line, running through your phone, extra fees, broken attractions… Luckily I had no other guest problems. Not sure how i would have handled it. Not well i assume. The whole fam was less impressed. The kids liked universal because they got more done. I think two days there is good enough though. Get rid of the horrible genie!

  5. Gary

    Sounds like a fun family vacation – spend thousands and stand in line all day every day!! Been an annual pass holder for 20 years – since Cheapak took over its been a nightmare. What once was a fun experience has now turned into a money grabbing awful time. The old fast pass allowed you to plan your day and enjoy the parks without spending all day in line. I say be done with Cheapak!! Bring back someone who cares about the patron experience VS. Price gouging

    1. Susan

      EVERYONE feels that way except shareholders making money. Cast morale is in the toilet, rides are always broken down and guests will hopefully get some sense and stop coming when they see it’s not worth the money. Bob needs to go and I’m not sure Josh is much better. Just more charismatic.

    2. Jackie

      Walt himself never wanted this. He wanted it to be accessible and inclusive for all incomes. I remember staying at Polynesian when I was eight (that was a REALLY long time ago!) It was good cheap fun in the seventies.

  6. Dani

    The guests are most definitely more rude and pushy than ever before. It’s like the past 2 years have taught people nothing (Chapek included). At this point, I don’t blame CMs one bit for not caring or being as cheerful.

    1. walt

      What has happened is in the last two years people have stopped caring about holding up false masks. Thats y they say ” do good works” cuz bein good is a choice and people r truly innately mean selfish greedy ego driven animals

    2. You obviously, are one of the rude guests that people are commenting about!! You are NOT superior to any of the other guests!!! Having a larger income means nothing, it apparently just makes you a fu$#%ng Ahole!!!!!

  7. Linda

    Just came home from Orlando and to pay souch to stand in line for over 2 hours for avitaris ridiculous. I cannot imagine being there in the summer heat with huge crowds. If I ever go again I will definitely look into the VIP tour. Expensive yes, but after talking with some who have it ,there is NO wait and you can ride as many times as you want and can have up to 10 people in the group. Stayed off property. I would NOT rent a car. Uber is much less expensive since you have to pay for parking on top of rental.

  8. Steven

    Disney is being run by saboteurs on the front end. There are devious racist people getting their laughs off (behind the mirrors) by making Disney Guests and their families get sick (food tampering) and suffer and have a horrible experience.

    1. Tommy

      @Steven – If you’re gonna throw out a term like “racist”, you need to have some proof. What proof do you have?

  9. Erik

    OMG, quit post crap like this, boo hoo, your vacation is ruined because it did not go exactly as planned. Poor baby. You thought everything was going to go your way. Disney is never an inexpensive proposition, crying because you spent extra money on whatever pass is just silly. But that is fine, ruin your own vacation, but keep it to yourself. Crap happens. Just be happy if you have some semblance of health.

    1. walt

      People like u who defend the riches right to gouge the public is y we never see real change.

    2. Julian H

      Erik you are not a very nice person I think

      Why should people keep it to themselves if they get a crap service or something they paid for but never got what is promised.

      Disney has probably gone over capacity and clearly over sold Genie +. People need to know they are getting ripped off.

      1. K.Cee

        The system for park reservations should be used so crowds never get anywhere near this heavy. Also Genie+ has no maximum sold per day. Disney has left it open so everyone there can buy it whether or not there are rides available to reserve. If Disney wasn’t vastly overselling limited availability there wouldn’t be this problem.

    3. Mr Fab

      You are 100% correct.
      They seem to be blaming Disney for their poor choices. It’s not Disney’s fault you chose to stay off-site in what seems like a shady hotel. It’s not Disney’s fault you felt you had to get Genie+ (probably didn’t research it…of which there’s plenty of information online.)

      People seem to think Disney owes them this perfect vacation and when on little thing goes wrong it’s “Greed and I’ll never go there again!”


      1. Julian H

        But it is Disney’s fault for selling you a product that does not do what it says, only one ride in a full day was available, it was clearly over subscribed and at full capacity, and yet it allowed them to continue to purchase it, seems to me Disney was a big part of the problem.

        Disney is greedy, you cannot seriously think otherwise, and with the amount that is charged the holiday should be perfect or as close to it as possible. I understand things may go wrong, but one would hope Disney would try to put it right, however from many comments on this site they seem to care less and less.

      2. RICH W

        So it is quite simple how to help change/fix the problem with Disney greed. Stop going. The rich elites in that company react to one thing and that is their net profit each quarter end. If their quarterly Wallstreet calls go south, Chopak will pay attention to the peasants. It is up to us, stop paying these asinine prices and substandard perks. Genie+ sucks, it is a money grab, period. Start going to Universal, that is what me and my family do now. Better experience for sure and cheaper.

      3. Susan

        Get a life, entitled idiots. Just because you can afford $1000/night at a resort doesn’t mean everyone can. And just wait: you WILL get disappointed and they don’t care and we will see how whiny you are.

    4. Adam M.

      It is Disney’s fault. All you have to do is compare the current experience there vs. what it was a few years ago and to how well Universal run. SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are a much better experience as well. Disney is a miserable place now and I doubt parents of young parents have the time to read blogs like this to warn them.

  10. Ken

    We had a similar bad experience. Spent $700 on two tickets with Genie+ and Park Hopper. Get to one park and could only use fast pass on one ride. ( Genie is useless)
    Then we go over to another park to have lunch and they won’t let us in because park hopper is only valid after 2:00pm.
    No one told us that and when we went to customer service the unprofessional young man told us it’s in the fine print.
    The fine print is 32 pages when I printed it. He was rude and when I asked for a manger he said he would call security.
    So we spent that money for 2 hours at Disney. We are local so I promise I will let everyone know Disney is a total waste of money and buying additional features are useless and just a big money maker for them.

    1. Kris

      “He was rude and when I asked for a manger he said he would call security.”

      Methinks there’s more to that interaction than you’re letting on. CMs don’t just threaten to call security over asking for a manager. 🤨

      1. Annie

        Or black Karnishas that feel entitled to handouts

      2. Annie

        Or black Karnishas that feel entitled to handouts

  11. lorraine

    we moved to florida to be at the most magical place on earth some time ago…….It has changed a lot, prices soar, entitled people think they can do anything they want, people pass by you in line and they leave terrible messes for the CM’s to clean up …….then they blame the lack of cleanliness on the CMs . Some places I do see cm’s just standing around , sometimes 4 or 5 at a time talking , but most of the time they are very courteous and are doing their job……..A lot I believe has to do with your attitude when you go. You know its really going to be busy, you know its going to be hot or rainy and sometimes down right cold for florida….. We still love disney and will keep going although not as often , we bring snacks but always buy at least one meal or snack , I just love walking down main street and the other parks too , riding a few rides, ( sometimes we get on 6 or 7 rides a day) and people watch. The cms hate reminding people about masks as much as we hate wearing them ( luckily most of that has stopped now) Just go with the flow, if you see its really busy dont get upset and dont spend all day on your phone trying to get LL passes, stand in line , talk to people , get to know other guests, and most of all be kind, but also report when there is a real problem ………and enjoy

    1. Zeke

      Hear Hear!!!

  12. Lynette

    We were at Disney all last week. Friday was crazy so we changed things up and did shows like Mickeys philharmagic and sillly rides with no wait times. As always we had an amazing and fun week. The fireworks show in itself is worth the price of admission !

    1. Mr Fab

      Lynette….. That’s awesome that you made your own magic!! Philharmonic is great!! It’s a must see for us every trip…..Can’t wait to see new Coco part.

      My family and I went in April while a lot of attractions and eateries were still closed and never once complained about anything.

  13. Kim

    Just got back it was very busy , back to normal crowds I felt. We had a terrible issue on property w/ DW driver my granddaughter who is 2 was sitting w/Dad and upset wanted Mommy but couldn’t because we’re on a moving bus she’s across the aisle, driver turns on the light and yells”women get your child”. The bus went quite we were in shock ! Made complaints but nothing done except they would handle the driver! Very 😢

    1. Kris

      Unfortunately the drivers on Disney busses aren’t CMs, they’re Mears employees. That’s why they rarely have the “charm” that normal CMs do.

    2. Ron

      Well at least your grandbaby got to sit with her Mommy after all. Isn’t that what she got when he yelled “woman get your child”. Now let’s get upset at the driver for having to react to a 2 years old moving unrestrained on a moving bus. If he had to brake quickly and the child was thrown and injured then it’s “Disney bus drivers have no concern over child safety”… Didn’t like his tone, then wait for the bus to stop for the handoff or make sure the 2 year old is with Mom from the start. Safety before convenience.

      1. Susan

        Ron, you must truly be the biggest ass in America. For real?

        1. Ron

          Susie-So you disagree that safety should be the first priority? The baby girl decides to through a tantrum because she’s not on Momma’s lap. If they really were across the aisle from each other the driver would not have noticed a hand off. There’s always more to the story, like maybe little girl was running around the bus and/or screaming at the top of her lungs. If this “terrible issue” was the worst thing they encountered at WDW during their visit, they would have had a great time compared to what other folks are commenting about here. Take some advice from Eeyore and gets some help for your anger management.

      2. Stacey


    3. Brittany

      I understand where u are coming from the cast members have gotten very rude and don’t care anymore what happens or who they yell at. It use to be the friendliest and nicest place on earth but has became the rudest and greediest place

      1. Mike M

        I am a passholder and went to MK on Saturday. I totally thought to myself that if this was my first trip to the parks that I might not come back. All of the waits were way above average. For a few rides, the standby lines completely stalled for long periods while they let Lightning Lane guests on the rides. While wait times are typically over estimated, they seemed to be under estimated in a few instances. I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come for the upcoming busy seasons. Because there is such a backlog of demand because of the pandemic, they can probably get away with bad experiences from their recent money grabs to where attendance and consumer spend won’t be affected for a year or two.

  14. Kareesa Riggins

    I took myself and my 21 year old pregnant daughter my 7 year old daughter my 6 year old son and a 2 year old son paid for a whole week at animation art Resort from the first day our wristbands didn’t work I was talked to like I was a peasant, then I wanted to go get some of the long white gloves for my baby girl for her dresses because she was taking pictures with the princesses the next day I was told by one of the drivers on the bus who’s only job is to take you anyway in Walt Disney
    He told me to wait on the next bus that bus for me because this bus was full and there were like 10 people on the bus I said huh I don’t understand, you are here now why do I need to wait on the next one and the Disney mall closes in an hour he said this bus is not for you close the door and pulled off
    Then at the magical kingdom park where taking pictures with pooh Tigger piglet Igor rabbit and the people in the character suits were acting like they didn’t want to teach me
    No hug when I took a picture it looked like a pension picture
    It was like I went on the racist days I sent emails every time I felt that way or experience a time where I was talked to and treated like I didn’t exist the kids enjoyed their self’s so I guess that’s all that mattered

    1. Missy

      So sad 😥

    2. Kris

      Bus drivers aren’t Disney cast members, they’re Mears employees. Capacity is being limited on transportation, in restaurants, etc., because of Covid precautions, including limited interaction between guests and characters. Does that suck? Yes. But it’s for the safety of guests as well as cast members.

      1. Michelle

        I just came back from Hollywood Studios and Epcot. My friend and I paid for Genie + but our experience was horrible. We also went to Universal Studios.
        I went last year in September as well. The virtual reservation at Disney was better than genie+. We couldn’t even fully utilize the it. I planned on taking my nieces in September but instead I’ll take them to Universal Studios instead. Their express pass is better.

    3. Disney is nothing but a ripoff.high prices an over crowded. Greed has taken over. MR.Disney is rolling in his grave. Sad0

  15. Mike

    I had the same experience . I miss a lot of the rides they took out . And I miss just walking up and knowing how long you would have to wait . I had rather just wait in line then this crap they’re doing now I will never ever go back Disney . And that’s sad because I used to love it there .

  16. AH

    CMs are under paid and over worked. Many of them have not bern called back or they have found other work that pays more or is less stressful. Disney has been pinching pennies for years and it is starting to show with the price increases coming at the same time as perk removal. Been over 20 times since 2003, and have a trip three day planned for October. After that I may never be back cause of the way the Disney brass has been killing the magic.

  17. Walt

    I am disgusted by people here who blame it on the family. Good grief!! As a former cast member YOU are paying thousands of dollars which could be spent elsewhere with more enjoyment. Disney WAS known for top of the line service – to fault the family for expecting that level of service is ridiculous. Why will I never visit again? Continued price increases, institution of new systems that make planning your vacation 6 months in advance (no spontaneity) on their apps – which of course cost money too, massive crowds, reduction in service, fewer attractions, then to deal with rudeness and also at times cast members people who do not employ the “Disney way” of service. Add on top of that all the other garbage Disney is into and shoving down peoples throats sexualizing children, wokeism – it goes on and on. not to mention their love affair with the communist Chinese. Disagree all you want on any of this the fact is you can get better value for your vacation dollars elsewhere.

    1. JW

      I agree. Disney has always been more expensive. Buy until recently, thanks to excellent customer service and extra perks, it was worth it (at least to me). Now they’re operating like most every other theme park…nothing special except the very expensive prices.

  18. Jenna

    My husband and I were there 2 weeks ago. It was my first trip to Magic Kingdom and it was awful. Lines were incredibly long, at least 60 min. Or longer. And to try and get food, earliest time to order was 2 hours from that time. Absolutely ridiculous. I was so excited to go and we lasted 2 hours. Plus there were no characters around anywhere. Definitely was not the most magical place on earth. Comete waste of money. Universal however was fantastic. Not as overly crowded, line wait was about 40 min for some which wasn’t bad…they moved kinda fast. Next time we go to Florida, it will be for Universal, not Disney.

  19. Cindy

    Went to Epcot for one day with a hopper. My son, myself and granddaughter and tickets for the day was over $600. Ride three rides. Unbelievable. I remember complaining about local carnival ride prices, no more. BTW, with Disney, there is no slow time to go, that’s a myth

  20. David

    Annual passholder the many years prior to COVID. FastPass was far superior and equitable than Genie Plus. The lines are longer, the people much more rude, and there are small great perks removed (like the Sorcerer’s game). It is not as good as it was a few years back. Quite a bit of the magic is is frustrating that some rides like RTR are hard to get in, but I fully agree that folks who got an on site stay should have first choice at experiences, and during high traffic times, that can mean that only on site hotel guests ride. But from the other side, could you imagine staying in site and not getting to ride your top picks?

  21. Pat

    She should have worked with a Disney certified travel agent. It doesn’t cost you a penny more than booking direct and providing you make sure it’s a “quality agent” (ask for references/check out their FB page) she would have got advice about the right hotel, on or off site, working with Genie+ and help developing a schedule, booking dining and making the “trip of a lifetime” enjoyable. Can’t control the crowds but getting the most for your Disney buck and navigating to make the most of the trip is what they do, especially if you’ve never been to WDW before.

  22. MaryBlair

    This sounds like our experience in December 2020. Disney is always like this- full, long waits, rude people. The people (customers) make it miserable. I saw some things I hope to never see again on my lifetime. It’s shocking what people will do in public- absolutely shocking. I don’t think this will ever change and I’m pretty sure people have been acting like rabid animals since the park opened.

  23. Phoebe L Ho

    I just had a radical idea. Why do people have to pay a separate Genie-“plus”/Lightning Lane charge for each park? If people get tickets to all 4 parks for their trip (and many do) it should be one and done. Meaning one purchase of 15 bucks or so per person and you get to have paid Fastpasses at all 4 parks. And for those staying at any on-property hotel, it should be complimentary.

    Of course we know this won’t happen. Those in charge aren’t nearly so altruistic to make things easier for their bread and butter.

    1. K.Cee

      If you have the park hopper tickets, the Genie+ works for whatever parks you go to that day (well, if the parks aren’t bursting at the seams with people like in the past few days so that Lightning Lane disappears in the first hour of the day)

  24. Mari McDonald

    My husband and I just went for the first time in over 10 years. We met up with our adult son and his girlfriend who had a Disney package. We only did Magic Kingdom. It definitely wasn’t the experience we remembered from past visits. We were told January and February were slow months. (It was the busiest I’ve ever seen it). The genie benefit had us bouncing all over the park like a pinball machine with how rides were scheduled. Splash Mountain was supposed to open back up that day and never did. Some rides never opened until 2-3 hrs into the day. At one point mid-day Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean were all shut down. This of course caused even longer wait times at the other rides. My son said things were much better from Monday – Thursday.

  25. Lisa Stark

    Just returned from a reunion with my college friends for a girls trip! I knew ahead of time it would be busy as it’s a holiday weekend. But I was surprised at how hard it was to use all the supposed conveniences like the Genie+ and mobile ordering. We actually lucked out several times for ride waits but had to be at the park, in line before the gates opened to the resort guests. Resort guests have early entry 1/2 an hour before everyone else. But HS and AK let them starting coming in and hour before just because of the line que for major rides. Makes for a very long day if you wanna ride anything in Star Wars at HS or avatar AK. Sunday (yesterday) was our worst experience of the week with crowds at Epcot. We had to set an alarm to make sure we purchased the $11 per person LP for ratatouille at 7am. With this purchase, it allowed us to not be there before the gates opened. Times the 5 of us, we spent almost $60 (they charge tax on these) to ride it. Worth it? It’s a cute ride and now I can say I wrote it, but I’m not sure it was worth the extra $60 for just the one ride. I also spent 48 minutes in line to buy crapes at 10 AM. Every Food Lion was at least 30 minutes and there were no mobile order available until later that evening. People with kids must’ve hated yesterday at Epcot. One last note, I was a cast member in 1995 when I was on the college program. I used to live in Florida and I’ve been to Disney World many, many times. When they say the magic has been lost, they are absolutely 100% correct. I was really sad to see how much Disney has changed and it breaks my heart that it’s so hard and so very expensive to go there now. Seeing people write that they will pay the $6000 for a VIP experience just so they don’t have to wait in line is absurd. Disney is pricing out the average American family who won’t be able to either navigate or afford to see the mouse. Its really sad and heartbreaking for me and a hard pill to swallow that I won’t be advocating people to spend their vacation there. #bringbackthemagic

    1. Diana

      We had Disney Florida Resident Passes while our kids were small, but hadn’t gone in 5+ years. We went during COVID while it was at 30% capacity, and it was wonderful. Sadly, unless things change dramatically, that was the last time for us. Everyone attending since then has had terrible stories, and not having free fast passes is a joke. That was the only way Disney was able to run efficiently in the past. I feel sorry for families that won’t have any happy Disney memories.

  26. My family has been visiting Disney World yearly since my youngest just got out of diapers (she goes to college in the Fall). It has always been our family’s Happy Place.
    Our last visit was in July, 2021, It was to celebrate my oldest daughter graduating High School, which was a postponed trip from April,2020 (we all know why). And when I say our last visit, I mean our LAST visit.
    The parks that we visited where not the Disney that my girls grew up to love. The lines were long, the food was HORRIBLE!!! When you go to McDonald’s rather than have cold potatoes and eggs in a cardboard box, it should say something. And the Cost, I don’t even want to get into that. We also noticed how the cast members had changed. Disney Castmembers had always been that special perk that you got either at the resorts or in the parks… It was not there last Summer. I actually had two Castmembers say “I don’t know” and walk away from us, which used to be a big no-no.
    This year, we are celebrating my youngest daughter graduating High School (the one in diapers) and she said that she did not want to go to Disney this year. She said that last Summer was not Disney and she does not want to ruin the memories that she has.
    So this year we are visiting Universal, SeaWorld and Discovery Cove, staying at a Universal Hotel and as of right now, our trip is $3,000.00 less than it cost us for Disney last July.
    So as Disney continues to offer less and, on top of it, raise prices, I will no longer support the Corporate Greed that is now Disney.

  27. D

    I’m sure this comment will get a ton of flak, but it’s the uncomfortable truth, the same groups who complain about Disney raising prices are the same that complain about crowds. Price hikes are the easiest and most efficient form of crowd control for Disney, is it insanely expensive? Yes. However it’s supposed to be a luxury vacation, and the few guests the more luxurious.

    1. Christine

      I can’t say I disagree with this at all. There are 7.5+ billion people in the planet now, and growing. Disney can’t accommodate the growing population and keep things cheap (even more crowds then) and keep everyone happy. Our new “normal.”

      1. JS

        They can build more parks and more rides rather than cashing the bonuses. Just like Universal is doing. And there’s no excuse for terrible food and underpaid and thus limited staff, leading to horrible customer service and poorly maintained rides. At the prices they charge. It’s egregious.

      2. Yes, but they are not offering ‘the Value’ of a “Luxury Vacation”, but are still charging the price for it. They, as a company, are now the ‘Biggest Vacation Grift’ out there. They are heading into “Boeing”-territory when it comes to ‘losing their way’ as a company.

  28. Massive mistake not staying ON property. That’s a killer mistake and likely would have alleviated ALOT of the bad here. Even if just staying at an all star resort. Lines are to be expected. It sounds like the planning or lack thereof was the biggest issue. We are going in July and you better believe I’ll be booking all restaurants 60 days out , e up at 7 AM for all Genie+ , etc etc ….stinks that this happened to you, it really does, but rather than say you would never go back , maybe plan again for say 5 years and this time learn from your mistakes.

    1. FL-Dad

      Man you sure are brainwashed! You really are defending paying more, getting less, and putting up with too much crap?

  29. I got it all wrong. I want to go to WDW. I want to see strangers that absolutely mean nothing to me treat each other like garbage. And, hopefully beat the Hell out of each other. I hate civilians anyway. So, to see these fine upstanding walking, talking pieces of whatever they are putting on a animalistic display of primitive violence in front of children, that’s worth the price of admission. Go ahead morons, kill each other. All I need is a bag of popcorn.

    1. Rudy

      Rando – that popcorn will cost you around $122 at WDW. $109 to get into the Park and $13 for the basic bucket. Eat it quickly and you can get a re-fill for $2. Or take a road trip to the right neighborhoods in New York or Baltimore or Detroit or Oakland, CA (or any number of other cities), grab a bag of popcorn at the 7-Eleven (just walk out with it because they’re not prosecuting shoplifters) and “watch these fine upstanding walking, talking pieces of whatever they are putting on a animalistic display of primitive violence in front of children” for free.

  30. Thomas Calandra

    I think everyone vacation would be different, but Walt Disney Work has become to corporate. It is become to much a money grab and lost its special place it was once was. As much as I would to see it again, it will never be the same.

  31. Thomas Calandra

    I think everyone vacation would be different, but Walt Disney Work has become to corporate. It is become to much a money grab and lost its special place it was once was. As much as I would to see it again, it will never be the same.

  32. Morgan

    Can I just say here, I 100% agree with the OP. I’m wondering why he chose to cross the country to go to WDW when he mentions he is from the west coast- I wonder is he is a DL regular? I live in the middle, but consider myself a DL regular- we have APs there and visit approximately 3x a year. After being used to Disneyland, Disney World is a series of letdowns, disappointments, and an overall slap in the face. It’s not the same, not even close, and all the advertising and general feeling out there is that WDW is in fact the Disney Meca- ITS NOT. If you have any experience at all with DL, I and. my family feel that you will be sorely disappointed and greatly letdown by WDW.

  33. John DeJones

    Seems it’s time for Di$ney (WDW) to build another gate (theme park) to help distribute guests across the various parks. It only make sense as park attendance grows to plan for this. This is exactly what Uni is doing, and they just might over take Di$ney in the theme park space.

  34. Ashley

    We just went a few weeks ago and had no issues. We stayed off property, used genie + and ll and we rode 12 rides in one day at MK. Disney is what you make it, along with everything else in life. If you have a negative outlook it’s going to be a negative experience

    1. Disney Al

      Same went end of January had no issues with Genie+ went to 3 parks was able to get on all rides i wanted.

  35. Disney Al

    People complaining about crowds is so preachy and annoying it is what it is.

  36. BookladyDavina

    We were just there at the start of the month. Party of 9, so things were crazy and pricey because everything was times 9. Magic Kingdom day was the only day we used the LL options and it worked really well for us. We went in knowing we weren’t going to be able to get to do everything but we also knew that each park was going to be focused on a few people from out group. HS was for hubby and I and the teens (though the younger kids were excited about toy story land… just sad that was the day it poured all day…) Epcot was for the other adults in the group.. we tried to get on Remy’s, but it broke down while we were in line… and MK was mainly for the younger girls… but everyone had fun each day.. (We went with adult kids and grand kids..) never ever go over a holiday if you want to skip crowds. Holidays, school breaks, weekends should all be avoided. Though. That said, they’ve been having higher then normal crowds for this time of year because everyone has been anxious to get back to the vacations they have had on hold for 2 years

  37. Penne

    Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, bragged during the last quarter profit announcement.
    He is very proud that Disney had far fewer guests last quarter than they had in the same timeframe 2019!
    More profit per guest is the GREED that makes Bob Chapek HAPPY !
    I would like Disney and Bob Chapek to explain WHY THE LINES ARE SO MUCH LONGER THAN 2019 WITH FEWER GUESTS,
    Here is my guess:
    Disney wants guests to stay in the park “spending money” from open til close.
    So I believe they are running rides at half capacity (parking half of the trains at mine train etc).
    IF THEY HAVE FEWER GUESTS and they allow the lines to move faster … then the chances that families will finish all the rides and exit the park before close are higher.
    I have been to Disney World way over 100 times.
    My 19 year old daughter just did her 42nd trip.
    They got every extra penny that I have had for 41 years !
    BOB CHAPEK DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE GUEST EXPERIENCE…. He only cares about stock price and PROFITS !
    The worst part is that his GREED will prevent millions of middle class children from enjoying DISNEY !

    1. Susan

      You are right in completely!!! It is also because he doesn’t want to fix or maintain anything, so if they run everything at half capacity, it will last longer. Even so, everything has been breaking down. On top of that, the App and website are a disaster. They never work, which should be warning #1 to guests. Cheapskate I mean Chapek only cares about one thing. It’s not guests or cast members. So sad to see what Disney is becoming.

  38. Penne

    People…. Please stop buying genie + and Lightening Lane passes.
    We paid $45 per day for 4 days and we were only able to get 2 fast passes in those 4 days.
    And it will go away !
    We all need genie + and lightening lane to GO AWAY!

  39. Kim

    I agree People are very Rude making your experience terrible. No need for this. Cast members no its very busy and should never be snapping with guests. Shows were good. Need make a path for people who are on motor chairs they think they have the right away always yelling at people to move. Not fun.

  40. This is not a one off experience and that is the part that is so scary. It’s easy to accept that someone just had a bad run of luck and didn’t enjoy their Disney vacation. It happens. This, however, is a tale that is being told all over the internet and they are getting continuously worse as time goes on. My first trip to Disney World was in 1979 and I have visited hundreds if not thousands of times since. I will not set foot in a Disney World park and it would take a lot to get me to do pretty much anything on their property anymore. Pricing is out of control and value to dollar spent is unreasonable. Quality of everything from food service to sweeping the sidewalks is practically non-existent. Customer service is a thing of the past and there is little concern for anything outside the bottom line.

    The Fix

    Get back to basics. Lower the price of admission to something reasonable… let’s say $25-50 per park per day, bring back the ticketing system for most attractions, make the attractions a first come first served system, and cap attendance at something reasonable. Not everyone that goes to the parks is concerned with going on rides (that’s not what Disney is all about) so charging $100+ just for the privilege of walking through the gate is unacceptable. Options for ticket packages are endless and could include a package with one ticket for everything within a certain tier or all tiers, single ride tickets, etc… Those that don’t care for the rides would tend to spend money on other things, like better dining options, souvenirs, pictures, shows, etc.. Those that do enjoy rides would be less likely to go on Space Mountain 5 times (since they are paying for each ride).

  41. Aldridge

    This is definitely a you problem. Not a whole story. Just leave a mean comment and move on. People have their own problems which are far worse than this.

  42. Chris

    Disney just raises prices, takes away perks and packs in the customers. It has gotten so bad over the last 15 years. I used to go 1-2 times a year but haven’t been in at least 7 years.

  43. Tracy Turker

    Your absolutely correct I was a pass member for years never once was I ABLE TO USE FAST PASS FOR MANY RIDES I COMPLETELY GIVEN UP ON THIS PLACE YOUR NICKEL AND DUMES EVERY InCH HOT LONGGGGGG LINES ANYTIME NOT JUST HOLIDAYWEEKENDS .Better to take a cruise somewhere.been doing disney 30 plus years they lost me for sure

  44. Yes its was suppose to be done of the magical moments for me and my family we were going with our grandchildrens and lines were long none of the characters were anywhere to be seen only some in a parade my grandkids deserve to have a picture with them and be able to talk to them, a real interaction I was so upset we spent lotes of time planning and money for nothing my 8 year old said grandma i had more fun at the hotel then disney and that’s not right anyway our next trip will not be disney

  45. You obviously, are one of the rude guests that people are commenting about!! You are NOT superior to any of the other guests!!! Having a larger income means nothing, it apparently just makes you a fu$#%ng Ahole!!!!!

  46. marky mark

    Lived in Orlando for two years with two kids and didnt even take them to disney. Just a huge money grab for some huge attractions you might get to ride. Moved back to VA and we can get in and out of parks for next to nothing and guarantee a good time.. have fun suckers

  47. BB-8

    its past time for DW to LIMIT its guests to e reasonable, enjoyable ammount

  48. BB-8

    thank God you’re not the CEO, booster.
    DW just needs to set a cap for amount of guests each day.
    would have to start that Jan 2023

  49. Doug

    We all need to start referring to the Lightning Lane system as something more appropriate to what it is – the Thunder Turd system. WDW relies on too many big rides that go down on a regular 2-3 hour basis. Once those go down, the rest of the park gets to enjoy the massive dump of people looking to get on a ride – increasing wait times by 20-30 minutes without updates being posted for the standby times. The system was designed to be a massive turd, so it should be referred to as such.

    Recently went on my 3rd trip, and I definitely agree that it wasn’t the same experience as 3 years ago. We planned for a “not busy” time, but the parks were nearly sold out the whole time. Wait times/lines were ridiculous, and there was really no point trying to get specialty foods at Epcot. Unfortunately, I have to agree with a couple previous comments that price hikes are one of the fix options here (even though that prices me out). Other fixes are to make at least one more entirely new park and/or reduce park attendance to match what the park and staffing can actually handle. Disney also needs to figure out how to make rides reliably operational.

    My wife and I may go to WDW for a long weekend to experience holiday theming, but we’ll not dillusion ourselves with the notion that we’ll actually get to ride rides for the price of admission. We’re more likely to spend our money elsewhere, though. Too many experiences in life to be had for the cost of waiting in the lines at an aggressively expensive theme park.

    Speaking of aggressively expensive, can’t wait to see the Galactic Starcruiser hotel reviews. 🤣

  50. Mousetrap

    Poor white trash stay home? Who do you think goes to Disney? Only the stupid pay 1000s of dollars to take their litter of children ride two lame rides and huge some 22 year old in a mouse costume.

    Your just advertising yourself as their king.

  51. Kev

    I went to Hollywood Studios last week and Genie+ was totally useless for Lightning Lane. In fact Genie+ seems generally a waste of money.

    Got there in the morning and only could use it on Indiana Jones which I could have just walked into. Saved *maybe 5 minutes. It repeatedly tried to offer rides that you can just instantly walk into that few are interested in.

    Toy Story=No. Rise of the Resist=No chance. Millenium Falcon=No Way. Tower of Terror=Are you kidding, NO. Tilt-a-Whirl that is deserted with no line=YES. They need a far better system than this.

  52. UberChemist

    COVID killed many businesses too. The magical place many once loved no longer exists.

  53. Juliet Swan

    We were always a big Disney family, often flying in twice a year (even though we aren’t wealthy). We haven’t been back since they changed their policies for the disabled. My disability besides being incredibly painful causes terrible fatigue and the inability to regulate body temperature well. Disney was one of the few places I could enjoy with my family. After they changed the policy, I couldn’t wait for 3 hours any longer (regardless of the waiting area). Now, with the loss of annual passes, paying for Genie+, etc. it is no longer even close to it’s former glory. It was difficult enough maneuver in a wheelchair before (I can’t tell you how many adults ran in front of me causing me to almost fall out.. kids were careful). This CEO will be the downfall of the Parks if he is not stopped. The money grabbing at every turn is so out of control. It is sad to see what was once a wonderful experience reduced to Great America at outrageous prices.

  54. HF

    My family and I went to Disney Orlando last October 2021 and I echo the same sentiments of disappointment. We didn’t see any characters except the last day we were there and we paid to stay onsite. No Mickey, no Minnie only Goofy and Donald. The staff inside the parks were rude and the food tasted like the cheap cafeteria food they serve high school students. It was horrible and it was over priced. My grandkids are still really small 3 and 1.5 and there was more rides and meet/greets for them at Universal than at Disney. The apps to make reservations for the princess tables did not work. The fast pass wasn’t fast. It’s not even about the money, it was just so very disappointing!

  55. Jeremy

    I went last year all the way from Texas 1st time hoping it was as advertised and I went when they were at 50% capacity supposedly lol but best park out of Universal DW and Sea World was Sea World hands down…staff at DW was so disrespectful to Veterans and handicap…made me sick. Get this…a handicap elderly man since birth and his wife was told by DW staff that and I Quote “If you’re handicap and bound to the chair… maybe you should leave and never come back here. So go home” Like…WTF? I’ll never go back to that disrespectful ungrateful racist sexist and narcissistic place ever again….worst waste of my time and money of my life… All of the DW was garbage. Don’t ever go back!

  56. franklin

    What Disney really needs to do is build another park to handle the increase in people like Universal is doing with Epic Universe. WDW has a ton of resorts with even more coming online soon but no where to put all the guests staying on property. The end result is spending hours in line with lot of other people while spending $$$ to even get in the parks.

  57. Verna

    We went to Orlando in July 2021 most expensive and worst trip I have ever took staff was rude, waited in lines for hours then they close wen we are next. I paid for the pictures package and waited in line for pictures once it is my turn they walk away from me with out saying a word and two photographers did this so it must be a regular thing I am a single mom I saved for this trip planned for a few years we were so excited till we got there then everything went wrong I even sent a message to there customer care center and they replied saying sorry your trip was bad but we know what we do here and its the most magical place on earth so it’s all ok no this is not ok I don’t understand how it is ok that they treat there customers this way they only care about the money not there customers and the best time they can give them a waste of money

  58. Queen_Boudicca1

    That is exactly why it is happening. Disney knows this is a “once in a lifetime” trip and people will pay anything and put up with everything.

  59. X disney

    Disney keeps building hotels for time shares and such. They need to build 2-3 new parks. The lines at the parks are like straws that could break the camels back

  60. WDWSucks

    In the beginning of COVID, right before shut down, the fast pass system failed for good (because of crowd numbers- right before shut down). Then…they silently ushered in the new CEO as the old one who believed in the intrinsic value of free fast passes resigned. He was also the inventor of the fast pass system. Soooo…now there is a new CEO and Disney has gone down hill. I am a Florida resident and I have always felt times at disney were stressful unless you know when to go off peak. But now, nothing is off peak. It’s all stress. It’s no longer the most magical but the most stressful time you’ll have in your life. And I will never for one moment spent a penny on the ILL whatever…it’s the same thing as the old virtual que that was free for some rides which I could never get a spot on because clicking on the button as soon as the clock turns time to open reservations (I’m talking the very second) is like playing the lottery and most people don’t win. Disney sucks. Bring the magic back you sucky disney. Walt would not approve.

  61. Steve

    On top of ALL that, has anybody noticed many of the slower rides have all been sped up to push more people thru faster? Toads Wild Ride, Pinocchio, Roger Rabbit, Peter Pan etc. The damn cars are hitting turns so fast it makes your head snap to the side. Magical moments have been replaced with “hurry hurry hurry!”.

  62. Mike E Gunthner

    my vacation was ok, my sister and I visited WDW Resort from Cali, in Nov.2021 at the same time for the Disney Run Marathon, we stayed at Fort Wilderness Resort in a pop-tents, did not know that the RUN was close by, Friday and Saturday morning was waken by the testing of speakers at 2am until 4am after going to bed at 10pm from visiting Animal Kingdom park … don’t know when I’ll be saving up for the next vacation to WDW

  63. Chris

    Just returned from 4 day weekend. Last visit prior to letting multiple years of AP expire. My issue is blackout date changes and price increase. Very busy weekend. Glad to be able to walk out at lunchtime and not worry about having missed things. Best advise is to research hot to vacation at WDW and if your lucky enough to have friends/family that are regulars seek advice. We were inline for Slinky Dog and a family with young children were having a problem with a child that was scared. They were clearly upset that one parent was going to have to miss the ride. I politely said hello and explained rider swap. They were very appreciative. Having someone who know helps how it goes 😉

  64. Teresa

    Been to WDW 13 times. Last was April 2019 (pre Covid and with FP+) and it was already starting to deteriorate. Long waits for buses, LONG lines at all rides, outrageous food prices, just not enjoyable at all. We are always at each park at rope drop but it made little difference this time. After 1 ride, long waits for all the good rides. We were lucky to do 3-4 rides all day long. I haven’t been back since because it’s only gotten worse. Sky-high prices, horrible ride system, monetizing what used to be free (FP vs LL), not enough CMs to handle the crowds. Bennies disappearing all the time (e.h. Magic Express). I used to love Disney. I now loathe what mgmt has done to the experience.
    On the other hand. Uni is still great and getting better all the time. When we return, we’ll spend 4 days there, stay at their resort, and MAYBE spend 1 day at MK or HS.

  65. Here is the real problem – Disney management has become MBA biased (the bottom line is their one and only concern) if left unchecked it will kill Disney – when you want to kill a snake you cut off its head – it needs to happen

  66. Shell

    Except for greed there really is no reason for Disney to get so jam packed with people. They need to set a reasonable limit and stop selling tickets when it’s reached.

  67. John

    I don’t know about all these remarks. It wasn’t too bad…went in Oct 2021… Granted I would not go back multiple times a year but maybe once every few years.

    Plan well in advance and pay up. Enjoy your time and break it up in a couple of days with magic kingdom being done in 2 days….. BUT I do understand lines and wait times as they were a big issue.

    Definitely worth it if you have kids. Its for them and they have a different mindset.

  68. Daniel

    A perfect example of genie+ and lightning lanes being a scam. It’s literally fastpass, but you’re paying way too much now and still not guaranteed to get the ride you want.

  69. Faith Shaw

    My family was at WDW for the marathon weekend in January. I’ve been a HUGE Disney fan for 33+ years. For many years I would be at the parks two or more times per year. This last trip was the last trip. My heart breaks at the changes and the total loss of magic. I might consider returning if they brought back real parades and returned to the free fast pass service. Short of that, Disney has lost me as a fan. I am very sad about the situation though😭😭😭

  70. Tammy Saunders

    I’m sorry you had a bad time but I think you just have to let go and not worry about what you ride and what you do and just enjoy the experience. I went to Disney World twice in 2021 and we did almost all the rides in three days. We learned to really watch the times and where we were and what we were close to. Also # 1 rule, go with a small group, not big. If you have a lot of people in ur group, divide and concur. Make sure you take the time to watch some of the shows to give you time to decompress and figure out your next ride. Disney can be magical, you just have to relax and not worry! Don’t have expectations of getting everything done. When you stop worrying and just go with it, you will be surprised how much more you will get done and how much you’ve enjoyed the day. Just make memories, smile, enjoy each other! That’s what Disney is, it’s about living ur childhood again with ur children; and maybe embarrassing them a little with your excitement seeing ur favorite characters, beating them at Toy Story Mania, seeing ur family photos on Tower of Terrors, riding through the Na’vi River Journey, eating churros! When you go to a major theme park remember, you will have long waits, you will see grumpy people, you won’t be able to ride every ride…..but you can choose to make happy memories that will last forever!!

  71. Tissiny

    We went way back in the late 90s and when we were at MK it was drizzling and they shut everything down. It was so frustrating. The whole week every park we went to got shut down because of drizzling rain. My mom was so angry that she had spent thousands and we only got to ride two rides at MK, two at Universal and spend a slightly cool and breezy(temp) day at Blizzard Beach. We didn’t have much luck with the dinner theaters either they were booked up. We did stay at a Disney resort hotel but it was unfoulible and we loved it. I remember thinking that I thought it would be funner; also I thought they wouldn’t shut things down so easily. Here in Colorado when it rains the rides at Eltches still run unless theres lightning and/or thunder. It was strange to us that drizzle shut everything down.

  72. Tissiny

    I hope Disneyland is better. I’ve been told it’s better and kid friendlier. My son wants to go to Disneyland for the Starwars stuff.

  73. Paola

    Usually I find that the best costumer service is in MK. All the other parks are okay when it comes to the cast members, it’s almost like if your working in MK your at the main spot where everyone needs to be jolly. So I’m sure, you’ll have a better day there.

  74. Elaine E Carey

    Being a FL resident & former military, I’ve been to DW many times since 1974. Last trip was 2 1/2 yrs ago. My son gets his younger daughter for the summer visitation, and we had yet to take her. Frankly, the experience has not been as wonderful as the years have passed. As the prices went up, the lines somehow got longer. People are spending thousands of hard earned dollars to stand in lines for attractions and over priced food. I truly doubt we will be going back. Scheduling rides via Fast Pass, and reservations for a decent meal wasn’t worth the money or the trouble. Sound like the newer changes, during & since COVID haven’t improved the Disney experience. I think Disney is done. Stick a fork in it. No one wants to have to fight or stress out to “have fun”. To me a fun vacation is in a cabin in the mountains AWAY from crowds of entitled guests who seem to have the money to spend that only makes the Disney descendants richer. They may put thousands to work, but they also have too much political clout here in Florida. Disney only represents a microcosm of our society, and from what I can tell, it’s not a great relection these days. Walt would be hugely embarrassed. Rant over.

  75. AJ

    I went during the pandemic a week before the 50th anniversary started. Crowds were light and saw so much. Did enjoy it. I will do this once but never come back because it was stupid expensive. I really feel for families it must be stupid expensive. I enjoy it but will never go back because of costs. They charge you for every single thing you do. It is the ultimate corporate greed. What I spent for 2 of us for 3 days. I could have gone on a week vacation or a cruise. So I did it I did enjoy it but it is done and will not go back. All of you who go back again and again please second guess yourselves. There is a whole world to see use your money more useful.

  76. Deb

    Disney has become a money sucking business and with people “me first-eff you” attitudes in today’s world-wheres the magic??? I live in Florida and the parks are all hotbeds of possible covid-wallet drai ing-obnoxious people-stand in line forever everywhere and the list goes on. Do yourself a huge favor-skip Orlando-get a place on the beach for a week on the Gulf Beach in Tampa bay-no stress-affordable-tons to do . Screw the mouse.

  77. Dawn KARR

    I totally understand. We went in January, however we did stay on property. Same experience with Genie+. It’s a rip off. I’ve never seen crowds as big and we have a teenager in a wheelchair. People are rude. Bathrooms are few and far between. At Epcot, add alcohol to the mix.
    The parks were dirty and rundown in some areas. I’ve been going since I was young, 50 years ago, and always loved it, but this may be my last time. And to add insult to injury, the cost is more than we’ve ever paid before.

  78. Claudia

    Went last year in February when there was supposed to be no crowds. It was awful we will not waste $ again going. They have made Disney parks only for the locals and it’s sad. Walter Disney would be sad about the way gone down so fast. The magic it had in the 80’s & 90’s is completely gone! The Villans are their big thing and it’s obvious they are running it! Even their movies making the bad guy the good guy!
    Mickey has been killed and taken over!

  79. sodie

    Disney is a one time gig….head over to universal where the real rides are….we always went Sept or Oct. Was never any lines. Disney is packed but raising prices AGAIN….is disgusting. This is not family friendly at all as far as price goes.

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