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woman handcuffed hollywood studios


  1. She must have done something really bad to be face down on the sidewalk for the police to handcuff her. The police must have believed that she was a threat.

    1. Tj

      Slow news day? She was a shoplifter. Case closed.

      1. @TJ is that what she did? She stoled some items from a store?🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Marquita

    Who goes on vacation just to get arrested?

  3. Anna

    So sad! What are people thinking? If you cannot afford to buy the merchandise than deal with it like many others including myself. Just be happy to be there! Disney is definitely changing and not for the better.

    1. The Magic is GONE! Just got back and the experience was so disappointing! Walt is rolling in his grave. Cast members don’t even speak to the guests and charging for the Genie is criminal!!

      1. JS

        I’d admit the magic is suffering, but it’s still not gone. The cast members have a lot to deal with and trust me, they are being treated terribly by Disney as well so I do understand. However, I have still been very pleased with their friendliness and overwhelmed with birthday wishes from many cast members. If the magic is gone it’s because of the Walt Disney Company and their poor decisions as of late.

  4. Emma

    My aunt worked at a Disney store about 20 years ago and the policy back then was Disney didn’t pursue or prosecute shoplifters. No more, Disney now prosecutes to the full extent of the law. Maybe she thought she was in California where she could walk out with $950 worth of goods and not get arrested. Sorry honey, in Florida if you do the crime you’ll do the time.

    1. Steve-O

      I’d be surprised if they changed the policy much. I’m sure even back then they’d prosecute shoplifters–if they could be detained outside the store, by the police, without incident. What almost all stores do is have either specialized on site personnel or a policy like you state, and it’s not because they don’t care, it’s to protect the store from liability should the person being arrested claim injury from a store employee. It’s very likely all Disney locations still have a version of that same policy in place–which is why there aren’t images of Cast members wrestling this woman to the ground.

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