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Revenge of the Mummy Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal


  1. Jimbo

    My inside source tells me that it is being completely re-themed to be a new Fast & Furious Race to Outer Space coaster.

    1. JS

      LOL! You know the first thing I thought when I saw F9 was I hope they replace The Mummy Ride at Universal with a space car because that scene was the most awesome thing ever (how to I express sarcasm here).

    2. Ibuddy66

      Your inside source is a moron. One of their most popular attractions falling prey to yet another fast and furious less than stellar attraction would be theme park suicide.

  2. Andrew Fontanez

    Revenge of the Mummy is not gonna be rethemed it’s just a lengthy long refurbishment will you guys just calm down the mummy is not leaving anytime soon. If we want a better version of the fast and furious build it at the new upcoming park Epic Universe.

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