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  1. William

    Sell the non-interactive wands at City Walk. Like, for example, the Universal Store. Far away from Harry Potter’s world(s). How about that?

    1. billnyenotascienceguy

      They are already available for purchase at the Legacy store and the Universal store located in City Walk. The real issue is the wand they give you for free with the purchase of a gift card is what they have not necessarily the one you would like. I feel if you spend 300 bucks you should have your pick of the non-interactive ones. Just saying.

  2. Liz

    I bought 2 on Saturday at Universal Hollywood. There was a whole wall of them

  3. Justin W.

    I spoke with several cast members on our last trip and the non-interactive wands are being phased out. They will only be available in the sets.

  4. Julian H

    I cannot believe that Universal would stop selling the non-interactive Wands?

    They are very easy to find on the Web from the Official Wand Maker, just pop in Noble Wands, and just like magic they have all the wands you cannot get from the parks.

  5. Carter


    1. Jenn

      Right? Every HP fan I know has bought one…obviously a big money maker…

  6. JMH

    I guess a replica is nice if you’re cosplaying but the first thing I did when I finally got back to HP this year after not going for 10 years, was to buy an interactive wand. I wanted to play the spells through the land. And actually what was most surprising, is I was picked to have a wand choose me. The ones they do that with are interactive. Chosen by the wand or not, I think the non-character ones are more authentic as they’re for you, not like a replica of Harry’s for example.

    1. Julian H

      I agree the interactive wands are preferable to me to, but its nice to have a choice. A wand for all budgets.

      We purchased two wands, one interactive and one non-interactive they both look great in a display.

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