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  1. Ryan

    In the ideal world, this solution makes sense. However, we all know the people least likely to want to continue wearing masks are the unvaccinated. So all this does is encourage them to take their masks off indoors because nobody is going to make them prove they are vaccinated.

    1. Rian

      Stay home Ryan.

      1. Doony

        So happy to hear all of these foolish mask policies
        Are being eliminated… we should all say
        I can’t breath!!!

        1. Jordan

          But you can breath with a mask on. If you can’t breath with a mask on, then you shouldn’t be outside around people since you’ll be the first one to truly suffer from getting sick. They aren’t be eliminated though, they ask those that aren’t vaccinated to wear masks still, but we all know the unvaccinated won’t care and will do what they want and will suffer for it later probably

    2. Rich

      Move to Austria.

    3. SoCal

      Keep getting those jabs maybe just maybe the 20th will kick in.

    4. Kenr

      I’m vaccinated and I am the least likely to want to wear a stupid and useless mask. If you’re vaccinated and choose to neurotically wear a face diaper, why should you care what other people choose to do?

    5. Miriam

      But if you are vaccinated why should you care? Personal responsibility. People still drink and smoke and I object to both but don’t care if you partake in either! Time to move on and start living. Covid be darned.

      1. Mindy

        Lol, I would definitely have an issue if somebody decided to smoke their cancer sticks right next to me.

  2. Mike

    In celebration I’m going to buy a picture with my kid smiling on a ride. My cancellation day was tomorrow which I fully intended to do. Now my kids get an Orlando surprise for vacation instead of grandmas house.

    1. tg

      Awesome idea! Time to buy those pictures. Week of 2/19 for us. So much relief.

    2. Mindy

      Instead of Grandma’s? Wow, what a great in-law you are.

    3. Rodger

      Thanks for bringing back this useless policy to begin with Universal. I just spent two weeks there of team members that couldn’t seem to wait to tell someone to put the mask over there nose, in a way that made it seem that was their sole purpose for working that ride/attraction. What most people did anyway was drop the mask below the nose after passing the last attendant so we could breath and see everything clearly, especially on those 3D rides. I especially liked the part where it ended on the day my vacation was ending.

  3. Molly

    It’s a move in the right direction.
    Just say masks are no longer required.
    Take responsibility for yourself.

    1. J

      Amen Molly. It’s obviously just lip-service. In this lawsuit happy society we live in, no business wants to be the first to just go back to normal though. Hopefully soon.

  4. SoCal

    They’re still requiring the jab so no favors done with this move. 👎🏼

    1. JD

      Where does it say that they’re requiring the jab?

    2. Maskless in Florida

      Universal Orlando has never required proof of vaccination for entering their parks. I went many times in 2021. I doubt they started now. They are just dropping the mask requirement which unless you wore a N95 mask, masks are ineffective. I think your third grade teacher needs to repay her salary to the county since your reading comprehension needs a lot of work.

    3. Jarvis

      Not in Florida. Ever…

  5. JD

    Why should anyone have to prove that they’re vaccinated? Perhaps YOU should be required to prove your IQ.
    How would you like that Ryan? I can guarantee that my lateral thinking skills are far superior to yours. Why would I want a less intelligent individual to be allowed entrance to a theme park? I don’t want your carelessness and general lack of awareness to potentially harm me or my family. Sorry, but unless you provide the results of a recent IQ test– you’re not allowed entrance. It’s better for everyone. It’s safer for us all.

    1. Maskless in Florida

      Stay home then if you don’t want your family injured. Make sure you wrap your house in layers and layers bubble wrap in case a plane drops out of the sky so it will bounce off. Next, where in the world in this article does it mention anything about proof of vaccination? It is about dropping the mask mandates that they reinstated on 24 Dec 2021. Now that we have established you cannot comprehend reading and your skills are lacking, what were you saying about IQ?

    2. Mindy

      Damn, dude. Are you that triggered? Who cares? If you don’t want to wear a mask that’s on you. I frankly don’t care if you get sick. You do you boo, and don’t get so riled up. You aren’t losing anything here.

    3. Mindy

      Welp, anyone who voted for Trump is automatically seen as a less than intelligent person IQ wise, so this will be easy.

      1. Free in Florida

        Well Mindy, I think everyone who voted for the block of cheese in the White House now are short of a few holes to be called Swiss cheese themselves. It just goes to show you how you liberals are so not inclusive even though they say things “we love everybody except those that express their own ideations”.

        1. Jordan

          Well, if you look at what trump has said, he likes those less educated, so he must think if you vote for him you are less educated than others. Just saying, at least Biden hasn’t caused people to attack any capital buildings yet

  6. Alacard

    Great news! Hopefully Disney will soon follow. After holding off the last couple of years for the experience to go back to normal, I just booked a Disney trip for this Summer in hopes that masks and such are completely gone by then and things are as close as they can be to the Disney that we all know and love. (I know it won’t be exactly the same, don’t get me started on the Fastpass/Magical Express/dining plan/reservation system debacles, but at least most of the magic will hopefully be back)

  7. Kenr

    It’s about time. These masks don’t do a darn thing except make some confused and neurotic people feel safe. Come on Disney. You next!

    1. Miriam

      Yes Disney needs to get on the diaper free face train!

      1. Mindy

        Grow up

  8. Jarvis

    Hey Ryan keep wearing your napkin and elastic on your face. Keep up the lie that masks do anything except make people sick.

    1. Mindy

      Masks don’t make people sick. What tin foil conspiracy website did you get that from? If they don’t work then you’re not going to make yourself sick, as it won’t hold your germs in anyway. Your theory, not mine. If masks make you sick then you were sick to begin with…since masks don’t work.

      1. Not a sheep

        Mindy is a fine example of it’s easier to fool an idiot than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.

        1. Jordan

          Masks don’t make people sick, if they did, doctors wouldn’t be wearing them for surgeries. Asians wear them all the time when they are feeling under the wear or if it’s the season for people getting sick and they have a longer life expectancy than other countries. You need to stop going to those conspiracy sites 😛

  9. Miriam

    It’s about time! Masks don’t work people especially when you wear the same nasty one all day long in a damp sweaty environment. Touching them every few minutes with dirty hands….ugh it’s virtue signaling at best.

  10. Rosa

    I think this is the best decision ever. Thank you Universal Studios. I will be making vacation plans now.

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