Comments for Fan Claims Disney’s TRON Coaster Will Never Be Built, Video of Workers Racing Surfaces


Credit: Bioreconstruct


  1. The Disney Company has misplaced priorities. Disney focused it’s time and money on the fake Star Wars cruise which is not doing well. It’s booked in March, and that’s about it. They may not even open on time because they are having difficulty attracting staff. Wait staff can make more money in the parks so why would they want to work on the fake cruise. Fake cruise only takes 100 “passengers”. The cruise only attracts the affluent. Finishing TRON would attract everybody. It’s just an executive failure.

    1. Granny M

      Don’t care about Tron opening as much as when it’s completion will allow the Walt Disney Railroad to resume its tour around the Magic Kingdom. We really miss the train!

    2. Iworkthere

      They were booked out for 4 months in June. Disney isn’t the contractor building Tron. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  2. Brian

    The “cars” were delivered today”

  3. So, let me get this straight: because some random person takes a video clip of workers taking a break and blowing off steam, your article assumes that TRON will “never be finished”? Not sure that’s fair.

    1. Nick

      Don’t let it bother you, it’s just another marginally written, inaccurately suggestive article in a big group of them . That’s what ITM does.

  4. Jim

    This story makes me wonder if the writer ever takes a break or sleeps. If she indeed does, then it is astonishing that she gets anything written at all.

  5. Angela Buckley

    Disneys rides and expansions always take forever, it’s the contractors they use, its some kind of money saving scheme (not that the Disney corporation needs to save 🙄🙄).

    Bill and Ted writers would be having a field day with this “coming in 2039, and we still don’t give a 💩”


  6. Deb

    I would also test my speed if I was in a break ,as for Tron it’s done when it’s done

  7. Chris

    Velcicoaster was not built in a year. Do some research started late 2018 opened summer 2021

  8. CJ

    Chill out folks. I was there just 2 weeks ago and they were busting their behinds. This will be a very advanced coaster and much like a lot of thee newer tech it takes time.

    1. Orange

      Hardly newer tech. I rode the same thing in Shanghai six years ago.

      1. Your statement is not wholly correct. Shanghai Disneyland only opened in mid-year of 2017. By my calculations that is only three and a half years. I rode the Tron light cycle coaster in Spring of 2018. I will concede to you that the tech used on the ride is not new.

        1. Habbu

          Breh 3 and a half years??? 2017 to 2022??? Even if we go to mid 2017 thats still 4 and a half almost 5 years.

  9. ClickThis

    If I’d seen where this link was from, I never would’ve clicked. this site is 100% a joke.

  10. SG

    I want to hear more from “Iworkthere”!

  11. HS

    I think there is one thing Americans are better than any other country in world at doing. Complaining.
    Unless you are directly involved in the management/construction/design of the attraction, you don’t know what the real story is. Even if you are involved in say, construction, if you’re a welder for example, you’re most likely not privy to the decisions which directly affect the timeline.
    Anything else is pure speculation.

  12. Kenr

    Given that it took longer to build the walking path from the MK to the GF, than it took to build the original entire Magic Kingdom, they should finish Tron in another 10 years.

  13. HC Labrock

    I was in the construction site on February 8 and can tell you that there was a large crew of construction workers there. The grounds around the building were a mess, so it will take quite a while to finish up. The tracks are in and the building appears to be in the final phase. I expect this ride to open for XMAS 2022.

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