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Toy Story 3 Andy

Credit: Disney/Pixar

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  1. Thomas

    I fully agree with your placements! ‘Toy Story 4’ for me felt completely unnecessary and more a box ticking exercise rather than any real purpose – there is no way that Woody would remove what makes him special and leave his tribe, and the fact that we don’t see much of the gang is criminal, and Forky to me feels such an unnecessary character. ‘Toy Story 2’ was fun, and the perfect follow up to the first, giving much more of a backstory. ‘Toy Story 3’ we got everything we want from the final chapter of the story, including the heartbreaking goodbye to Andy. And the first ‘Toy Story’, regardless of how CGI has progressed since, most of us still hanker for hand-drawn so earlier CGI and the anticipation for the movie at the time. It was really well created and told. If they insist on a 5th one (obviously not counting ‘Lightyear’ which I must admit I’m pretty buzzing for – pun slightly intended) I hope it’s Andy returning and going in search for Woody after Bonnie broke her promise, the evil preschooler.

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