Comments for Several Major Theme Parks Drop Mask Requirements, Is Universal Next?

Six Flags

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  1. Chris

    Unfortunately, LA County is keeping their mask mandate for now, so Universal cannot drop the requirement until the county says ok.

    1. Drew

      Of course, it’s okay if you’re one of the 100,000 maskless privileged people in Sofi Stadium tonight, though.

      1. Chris

        Doesn’t mean the rules are applied consistently and I personally think mask mandates need to go permanently without any possibility of bringing them back. Individual business shouldn’t even be allowed to require them, it should be up toneach individual person to determine if they want to wear one or not. Everyone has had more than enough time and opportunity to be vaccinated. If they have chosen not to do so, they have made their choice and will have to deal with the medical consequences of their choice. We also shouldn’t require proof of vaccination or allow employers to require vaccinations, again, people need to take personal responsibility without being forced into things.

      2. James

        Excellent point – LA’s mayor and countless “celebrities” all maskless…All of them. It’s well past time to drop these mandates. FYI- If you still want to wear a mask, no one will force you to remove it. It’s call FREEDOM of CHOICE.

  2. James

    Seeing the mayor of LA, countless “celebrities”, and thousands of fans completely maskless at the Super Bowl, prove these rules/mandates need to go away. Enough already. I am really tired of cast members playing mask police.

  3. Michael Leon

    I need Disneyland to need masks forever

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