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The Sunshine Flyer

Credit: The Sunshine Flyer


  1. Corrine

    Honestly, Disney should go back to having Disney’s Magical Express and charge guests instead of it being free. I’m sure people would rather have that. I can’t imagine it any other way! Before they had it, my husband and I always drove down with our 4 kids and would stay in tents at Fort Wilderness. However, once they were older we would fly down and the atmosphere was immediately magical once you boarded the bus. Disney, PLEASE bring it back and charge a fee like all the other companies do!!

    1. Rox

      I agree! DME was a thrilling start to so many magical vacations. Even with a fee I would welcome it back.

  2. Lisa

    I wish the Sunshine Flyer did not stop its service at 10 pm. We are flying down to Disney in April and are arriving at 10:15pm. We will have an ECV in our party, so we have no choice but to use the motor coaches, so now our only option is Mears. I agree that Disney should bring back DME and if they want to charge a fee, so be it. I would rather have the piece of mind knowing I will have transportation to and from my resort with the ECV and it won’t take more than an hour to get there and then have the ride back to the airport that won’t make me late for my flight, which I have heard has been happening with Mears.

  3. Tonya

    I agree with what the others have said about bring back DME with a fee to pad the pockets of Douchie McPaycheck.

    It makes sense for many reasons. For one, that is the first bit of “Disney Magic” (for newbies, this use to be a “thing”). You get off of your plane and get whisked away, not having to fight at baggage claim for your luggage, wear yourself out dragging all of that luggage to transportation, etc. All you had to do was check into your hotel (digitally, easy peazy) and head off to the parks. Now all of that additional time and energy involved, depending on the time of day, may possibly keep guests out of the park(s) on that first day. Money lost, Douchie McPaycheck. tisk, tisk!

  4. Jarvis

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see a commercial with a white family. Just about every Disney ad features only blacks.

    Nice to see reality again.

    1. Nina

      Sunshine flyer in first week of service, they were 25 minutes late for iur pickup. We barely made the gate in time. 3 days later, they never came for ny son’s family. They got lapped by Mears bus, who picked my kids up for free when they realized it had been an hour and they were still waiting. Cannot recommend yet

  5. Andy

    Rental cars are way cheaper.

    1. Penny Lynch

      Are you adding in the fee to park at the hotel? It starts, for the value hotels, at $15 per night, and goes up to $25. And if you are driving to the resorts, it’s even more.
      Then the rental fee for the car.

  6. Magic

    Bring back the Magical Express if you must, charge a small fee. How special we felt getting on the bus to Disney!! Taking away all the magic and comforts Disney offered 😘

  7. Sarah

    Why wouldn’t I take an Uber, which has one price independent of how many riders? Plus it is direct to my hotel without any stops.
    And why are these comments not monitored to remove the racist? I don’t think I’ll be using this site for Disney information anymore.

  8. Drew

    Received horrible service from the Sunshine Flyer. Took them 2.5 hours to get us to our hotel from MCO from the time we checked in with them. We cancelled our return trip because we didn’t trust that they could get us back to the airport in time for our flight. Get your transportation elsewhere!

  9. Melissa

    I was a little disappointed in Sunshine Flyer. We traveled to Disney via air transportation with 5 children ages 3-12. I had told them so much about Sunshine Flyer and how neat it’s going to be. Well we got 2 motor coach rides and no Sunshine Flyer.

  10. JK

    We had booked the sunshine flyer for a 9pm transportation from the airport to Disney in February 2022. Imagine how disappointed we and several other families were to find a regular passenger van with no theming or even an apology for lack of theming. A later search found a Facebook post saying they were overbooked and supplementing with normal vans. I submitted a complaint and got a refund. Would not recommend.

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