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  1. Victor Nazarian

    I was at Star Wars for opening weekend at the Uptown Theater when I was 12. It helped shape my future along with 3 generations of aviation engineers in my family. I wanted to work in aviation and space. Now with 40 years behind me as a technical expert and aerospace engineer with time at NASA and even a small amount of show and film production I’ll simply say that I’m not yet impressed by what I see from Disney in prep. for my Galactic cruise in April.

    I was married at WDW and love visiting several times each year. I hope this 2 night ‘experience’ is at least as fun as my $6000 week long cruise on the Disney Wonder (concierge level) in early 2020. I hope the level of personal service and opportunities for exploration are even better.

    I’m wary that Disney is forcing a ‘Rise of Skywalker’ theme that few people have an emotional or personal connection with. I wonder why a time shortly after ‘Return of the Jedi’ wasn’t chosen. We’d all like to see that fill-in-the-gap time period when celebration of liberation and victory by our favorite heroes of the Rebellion was in the air rather than the nebulous, ominous, turn-off, return of evil with Ray, Snoke and the stupid 1st Order.

    I know many of us have Luke, Leia, Han, Lando, Darth Vader and Chewie action figures. I don’t believe I know anyone who has a Snoke or Ray or Kilo action figure.

    BTW, I’m shopping for a hovercraft to make my arrival on when I go 2nd weekend in April. Driving up in a Volkswagen (unless it is Herbie) just seems too pedestrian.

    1. X Wing KC

      I’m going in April 4-6. I also have some misgivings. I don’t like the new trilogies at all. TFA was OK, but as you said, I am not emotionally attached to any of like I was having seen the original trilogies in theatres when they came out.

      1. Bob

        The prequels and the new trilogy weren’t made for you. They were made for kids at the respective time just like the original trilogy was made for kids at the time. Yes, adults liked the movies, much like adults like Disney animated or Pixar movies. But the predominant drive was kids. How many brand new movies do you have an emotional attachment too that you don’t have a tie to from
        Childhood? Maybe MCU but that’s comics come alive.

  2. THX1138


  3. Tony

    In my opinion, the $6000 would make more sense if it included an extra 4 nights at another Disney hotel with park tickets and meals. I can’t imagine travelling to Florida just for this so if you add on tickets for the other parks and other expenses your easily over $10,000.

    1. Victor Nazarian

      One odd note, when I signed up for Galactic Starcruiser I told them I am already a pass holder but they said I had to pay for park tickets anyway as part of my GS package. It feels a little skeezy having them tack on the equivalent of an extra $100 – $200+ for entrance into Hollywood Studios for 8 hours on Saturday when I’m already paid for.

  4. I love Disney

    I watched a 3 hour video of the Starcruiser. It was a relentless barrage of somebody talking or singing or acting at you all day long. Everywhere you look, it was crowded and loud, understandably. I agree with another viewer saying that this would work as a Disney dinner theater experience, where you do this for just several hours instead of 2 days, then you get to go home and rest from all that incessant noise.

  5. RoC

    Any reviews that come out prior to public opening cannot be found reliable as those are comped by Disney to build hype. Any reviews from ABC and affiliates should b taken with a grain of salt as well. I have read reviews from those from the “press corp” and “influencers” and they have gushed about how awesome the experience is, but again, these were comped for hype. There is no way anyone who depends on the parks as their income revenue is going to say anything negative for fear of being black listed from future events.
    If you have 6k to just throw away, good for you, have fun, but I can think of 6000 other things I would rather spend my money on.

    1. I love Disney

      I do have 6k to throw away, but the Starcruiser doesn’t look fun to me or my family of 4 in any way, and we are all SW fans. For the same money, I rather stay at All Stars for the same 2 nights and go to the parks for 1 day and eat wherever I want. However, for people who find it all exciting, I hope they have a great time.

      1. Bob

        Doing what you describe is gonna cost way less than $6000 lol but point taken

  6. I love Disney

    Some people watch the Starcruiser videos and say that it all looks so great, they really want to go. I’m jealous of those people because I didn’t get their feelings of enthusiasm. I love most Disney rides and experiences, but out of the 3 hour video I watched, I didn’t see a single thing that I wanted to see or do. Gaya’s singing? I’m not into singing. CMs talking to me? I don’t like being talked to like a sales pitch. Lightsaber training or bridge button pushing? Looks lame, and I don’t play video games. The food all looks like it’s from Saana, the African style restaurant in Kidana. They even have a bread service. I find Saana food acceptable but not amazing. The box truck looks nice inside, but it’s definitely windowless without even a screen to show how your shuttle is landing on Batuu. Most space crafts in Star Wars have windows where you can see out, so I was expecting that.

  7. Kelvington

    I still want to know how Kylo’s mask is intact. During this time, isn’t his mask broken/destroyed? It’s the lack of attention to detail that bugs me. They could have had an Adam Driver look-a-like, just like they do for Rey. Though the Chewie looks like a Spirit Costume Chewie in the videos. If this had been themed to be in the era of 4-5-6, I might have gone. I’ll just wait until it’s re-themed as Wall-E and I an float around all day on a couch.

  8. Al

    Sounds reasonable to me. Will be giving it a try very soon.

  9. My family probably wouldn’t eat the earth food painted with food coloring. We are spending $7k for 6 nights at polynesian with park hopper. I like spending my vacation outside enjoying the glorious weather.

  10. Gary Fraleigh

    I personally would love to do this and probably will some day. I think to get the most you have to put aside your inhibitions and just give yourself up to the fantasy completely. If you just go to it as a themed hotel, it’s not worth it. But if you get involved in the story, I think it will be great. You have to take full advantage of the cosplay and become one with the fantasy and the force.

  11. Jordi

    The idea is really good, like a long scape room, but if now they have mixed feelings and no one has paid. When the paying guests visit this maybe the rates are lower..
    It will be better 2 days (1 night) with a cheapper entry price.
    To be honest, this makes me dream about a Harry Potter hotel experience in howards rooms with Universal Qualitty!

  12. We have booked our Gallactic star cruise for our family of four. I fully understand that these types of things are a privilege that only some can enjoy. When I was younger, my family could never have afforded to do any thing like this and I feel badly for those who would like to try it but it’s cost prohibitive. To be able to get a snap shot, however real or unrealistic as it may be -to what it might be like to take a cruise into space, plus have a Star Wars theme about it is a family bonding event no matter how you look at it. We are actually checking out of this cruise there and then driving to Miami and taking an actual Disney cruise for five days in the Caribbean immediately following, so all of these things add up to the moments in life that build memories. However anyone chooses to do so, and whether they spend any money at all doing it, it’s about family -it’s about bonding and it’s about love. I hope everyone that goes enjoys themselves. I know that there will be critics. I am always amazed at the effort and toil that all of these things take. It’s easy to criticize and difficult to do in any endeavor in life. Thank you Disney crew, for continuing to create these escapes. May the force be with all of you and us 🙂
    The Karu family


      You’re probably going to get COVID on the ship.


    If any Disney shareholders are reading this, please send CHAPEK packing. He is unimaginative, greedy and probably the worst CEO ever.

    From the disastrous Lightning Lane idea to this overpriced nightmare, it’s time to get back to basics.

    What would Walt do? He would give CHAPEK his severance for just raking it in without giving anything back.

    Please do this for Walt.

  14. Deb Lawley

    We have reservations for March 27-29. We are supposed to be in “Batuu”, on the 28th but they never scheduled us on a shuttle to get there, and they scheduled our passes for ROTR and SR for the 29th. Checkout on the 29th is at 9am, before the park opens. We are scheduled to leave Florida before we can use these passes. $6000, and we can’t even do the two rides in the park. Meanwhile, the customer service number is refusing to accept calls. So far, this whole thing is an epic fail.

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