Comments for Disney Asking Guests to Fork Out Even MORE For Full Starcruiser Experience

galactic starcruiser stormtroopers

Credit: Disney


  1. J

    Should the photo package be included? For six grand? Yes it should be included!!!

  2. SarahELuvsDisney

    Yes the photo package can be included. For the price making a lightsaber should be included either. But then again if you have that kind of money to burn, you’ll probably buy all the extras as well.

  3. AH

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    1. Jim Haverford

      Yea, heaven forbid people spend money on something they enjoy. You sound jealous.

      1. Rick Rilly

        No, he sounds wise… you sound like one of the fools about to be parted from his money lol.

        1. Pickapeepee

          Fools don’t have this kinda f you money to spend…

  4. Ash

    My biggest frustration is Disney putting this stuff behind a paywall. The concept images for GE showed almost everything that was put into GS as part of GE. Now if you want to experience it, you have to shell out thousands more.

  5. Tom Silvia

    Is this what that poor young boy growing up in Missouri envision? Walt grew up poor, and and had dreams and visions of a place, like Electric Park, where families could relax and watch as their children enjoyed a safe, accessible place, away fro the crazy in the world, and apart from the expensive enjoyments that only the rich could partake in. Walt would have never been weathy enough to enjoy what his parks have now become. Relax at the park now….no way…. and $6000 plus for a two-day experience on a marketing hyped venue? Walt must be turning in his grave. So very sad

    1. Tucker

      I agree. All very sad to see the direction the company has taken. A company that once supplied such enjoyment to so many.

  6. Tim K

    Entitlement runs deep. Let them charge whatever they want and add as many extras for as many things as they can. I believe alcohol isn’t included either, everyone should cry out in unison and then be silenced all at once by the big D.
    I’d rather visit several other theme parks before Disney, who obviously hates me (according to all that is said and done by the “stars,” writers, and execs.

    1. DarylT

      Why waste your money at inferior places?

      1. Tucker

        Inferior? Theme park rating came out and only one Disney park landed in the top ten. Magic kingdom at #8. Disney’s got a long way to go to become remotely close to “superior” when it comes to parks and it’s competitors.

  7. Terry

    Fire bob chapek change.org down with the bean counter

  8. THX1138

    Jumped the shark awhile back!

  9. It’s really sad what Disney has turned into. Something that used to be affordable is just gotten beyond over priced and most all free/fringe benefits of even staying on property is being stripped away too.

    1. In the past we have paid $299 for the photo package on DCL, and yes we paid $4000 plus for the cruise for 2 adults and a child for a short cruise. As soon as they are taking bookings for October I will at the front of the queue, I have already started making our outfits😁

  10. John

    Quick question for everyone who says it’s too expensive at Disney. If they lower the price and double the crowd, what good is that?
    What is the solution to over crowding then? Build more parks? How many?

    1. Michelle D

      If the higher prices actually resulted in low crowds, I don’t think there would be much complaining. However, the higher prices AND additional charges to mitigate the large amount of time spent in huge lines caused by such crowds is what is making people upset. Truthfully, Disney would likely get a LOT of good will back if they only did two things – went back to the Disney customer service model (right now, CMs are obviously trained to say No ..a lot!) and bring back the free FPP. It separated the Six Flags parks from Disney parks. Now, Disney is actually worse than the Six Flags model. (ouch!) If those two things changed, I bet the numbers of guest complaints would drop dramatically! Now, for the complaints to stop at the Halcyon, they would need to cut the prices to about $1000/night for the room, not each person. That’s still $2000 a trip for a single adult, and $500/trip for a 7 year old. These are still outrageous prices, but justifiable with a cast of live characters and decent food. Then, no one would care if you had to pay for alcohol, building a light saber, building a droid, or getting pictures taken.

  11. Deb

    Wow. When is it ever enough! Price gouging at its finest!

  12. John DeJones

    $6000 to take part in an interactive video game with a dungeons and dragons overlay with Disney cast members, is way to expensive. This adventure would make a much better 3 hour ride with a breakfast, or a lunch or a dinner scenario at a price of about $500 pp. plus the usually Di$ney extras $$.

  13. Rev. Gelene R Grice

    I’m so sick of Disney raising their prices! My husband and I used to go 2 times a year and then 1 time a year and this year we plan to forgo the trip all together. I don’t like what Chapek is doing to Walts dream. I think we will try Universal next year.

  14. John

    Last time we went was 2014. Since then we have been going to universal and plan to return to universal this year.
    All I can say is thank goodness I was able to take my kids before all this.

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