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star wars inquisitors

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  1. Bryan Dawson

    One, not every voice actor is a screen actor.
    Two, not every voice actor looks like their animated character.
    Three, how do we know whether they turned down the role or possibly had scheduling conflicts.

    1. Akuin

      1) He probably would have mentioned a conflict if that was a problem because he voiced wanting to return to the character.

      2) It is Daddy Malfoy. He is absolutely a voice actor with camera expirience…quite a lot of it.

      3) he is literally perfect for the Inquisitor looks and voice so there is no reason not to have cast him.

      4) he is gonna be under makeup so age is not a factor.

      1. Glenn

        Considering that Jason Isaacs never even watched Star Wars Rebels, he’s more interested in finding work than playing the character.

  2. Chris Wood

    I will admit i voiced my opinion about the actress playing Ahsoka, but I’ve learned you can’t please everybody. Everyone has their own take on a character, but as long as they stay true to the fundamentals. Then who cares.

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