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  1. East Clintwood

    I’m firmly convinced that Cad’s not dead because of that thing blinking and beeping on his chest.

    Why shooting that scene, with so much emphasis on that particular, if he’s actually dead?
    They wouldn’t have shot it, or maybe they’d have shown that thing slowly stopping blinking and beeping.

    I think it was some sort of life monitor or otherwise a beacon calling his buddy Todo for immediate help and evac.

    And for those who are happy about his death or who think/fear he is dead: guys, he’s that kind of character you simply can’t kill.

    If you are a smart director.

    He’s too cool, too badass, too damn well done and well portrayed to be wasted in such a short time or to be let die at all.

    If directors, writers, producers or whatever were smart enough they should make sure to keep him alive all the time, have him cross paths with other characters in future stories, maybe with a semi redemption at some point, like Negan in The Walking Dead (not too much redemption though, Cad Bane is cool as hell as a villain).

    If Kylo Ren dies who cares, if Snoke dies who cares, Tarkin, Hux, Krennic, who cares, no one will miss them because crappy villains, little personality, little substance…

    Whereas characters like Darth Maul, General Grievous AND CAD BANE ABOVE ALL, these are characters that the public wants to see, these are characters that attract millions of viewers!

    Watching a saga like Star Wars no one will have particular emotions to see a human villain in a fancy costume, but to see Cad Bane, with that face so perfectly evil, that snarling deep voice and those movements as a gunslinger of the classic western movies…. AMAZING!!!
    IMHO, he’s even better than the first Darth Vader and emperor Palpatine, he really made me jump off the couch when arrived in Freetown!!!

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