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splash mountain with rainbow

Credit: Disney


  1. Monica

    Such a terrible idea to change one of the most popular rides. It’s about a rabbit, fox and bear. Not a single human exists in the ride…. Maybe Disney should worry about the racists at espn..

  2. My only objection is that Tiana’s ride will be out of place in Orlando. We don’t have a New Orleans section. Our Splash Mountain is in a wild west Frontierland. Will a portion of Frontierland become a New Orleans Square?

    1. Paul Stirewalt

      If Disney has money to waste by retheming an attraction that has animals and frogs, maybe they can quit charging for Fast passes, lower admission prices, bring back the free Magical Express, include chips and salsa at San Angel Inn restaurant, bring back the toppings bars at Pecos Bill’s and Cosmic Rays and don’t raise the cost for Disney +

      1. Jordan

        Magical express may have said free, but it was only free if you were staying on property, so in other worlds, they can easily charge you for it without you knowing. Also, that would require them signing another deal with Mears and they probably don’t want to do that since they are getting the train to take people too and from the airport.

  3. Kyle Wilson

    I think they said it was being rethemed to princess and the frog to sell more merchandise. If disney fans thought it was closing they would buy up merchandise and in return make money off it. Bob is always looking to make some money.

  4. William Hamilton

    Only a hand full of people and the news media wants this. As this news story states right at the start, Splash Mountain is one of the popular rides Disney has. There isn’t a single insensitive thing to be seen on that ride. It makes people smile. I for one will be sad to see it go.

    1. Jordan

      Handful? Try millions lol. Just because you don’t want it, doesn’t mean others wouldn’t like to see it get an update.

  5. Kay

    Song of the South was NOT racist. James Baskett was a black man who played the part in the movie. Sand the song. Good Grief. Disney caved again to a few in the cancel culture. People loved the whole theming of Splash Mountain and the song at the end! Takes the magic away, with another stupid woke princess.

    1. Jordan

      It literally has happy former slaves working in the field. Either way, they were changing it before everything came out, no one forced their hand into this. If you have such a huge problem with it, you are ignoring Disney’s wishes.

  6. J. Beeman

    I totally agree with all the comments. Been to Disney a number of times and loved every minute of it but now with the changes and price increases it’s not the Happiest Place on Earth.” There was absolutely nothing wrong with Splash Mountain the way it was. Disney should be quite concerned about all the changes. It’s driving away people to visit.

  7. Sad to see splash mountain changed by the cancel culture minority ! Changes like this make no sense ! Walt must be rolling over in his grave !!

    1. Jordan

      You must not know that Disney was totally for things changing. Do you not remember that he wanted the parks to continue to improve?

  8. Fortnite

    Sadly, Disney is listening to the very few, agenda-pushing people. As mentioned above Song of the South was not racist and had a terrific message. Unfortunately there is an effort to create divides in the American culture wherever possible, and one of those effort is to push “racial” issues. In your real lives, people tend to treat one another with respect & friendship…but online, you’d think we’re all nefariously plotting against each other. It’s all being manipulated & pushed by a few bunch of really far-far-out there people. Why Disney would listen to this is because they have hired people/created positions over the years based on this false-narrative that they need to examine race in everything. So now, people’s jobs are to make SURE they find racial issues….or else they are out of their high paying jobs (aka Equity officers and Racial officers (which they call “diversity” officers).

    Also, the issue really is NOT about Song of the South or Splash Mountain. It is about the era the story takes place in. The far-far-far-edge agendists want to remove any type of reference, stories, etc from that time period. Where (in their mind) even though slavery had ended, citizens who were mostly white were had wealth but newly freed slaves did not yet. So their stance is basically “Former African slaves in the country were still suffering, and whites were not…how dare or “can” there be any types of “good” or “family” stories that takes place in or comes out of that time?” Just really twisted, twisted ideas.

  9. Abraham Sussman

    CHANGE is a constant. If the new is at least as enjoyable as the old then everybody benefits. I continue to hope for the best.

  10. Justin

    Splash mountain will not be retheme any time soon stop with the post that it’s going to happen soon it won’t happen till probably 3 to 4 years you are going to be posting the same thing for years just drop it

  11. Cait

    Can’t wait for the change! My daughter loves Tiana, and I don’t think it will be out of place at all in Frontierland. Colonial Louisiana was used by the Spanish and the French to needle the newly-formed United States, and helped to define the Western edge of the Frontier!

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