Comments for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Future Release Reportedly Featuring EXTRA 100 Minutes


  1. Tim Burleson

    Yeah, I’d love to see extra footage. This is a can’t wait moment.

  2. Tracy

    Oh you can guarantee I will be watching all 100 extra minutes especially the 4 min of the gag reel!! Those are my fav and always wish they were longer.

  3. Kevin

    10 minutes of extra cut for a reason scenes and 90 minutes of repetitive behind the scenes features. Meh.

  4. DC/Marvel Loyalist

    I hope that this is all true. DVDs and Blu-Ray are skimping out on bonus features so much these days because all the behind the scenes secrets are spread everywhere through the internet.

    I am so buying this if all the bonus features listed are included, especially all the material related to the 3 Spider-Men.

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