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SeaWorld Orlando

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  1. Christina

    Lol, this list is a JOKE! Kings Island does not belong at number 3 in any universe. Wth, I think maybe people are just voting for their local parks, this ranking makes no sense otherwise. Magic Kingdom being the only Disney park on the list reveals the taste level of these voters. Again: this is a joke.

    1. Christine Antoine

      I agree 100% and SeaWorld is definitely not #1!

  2. Jennifer Kruse

    SeaWorld Orlando is tops in my books also! If I only have one theme park day when I am in the area SW is where I am headed! Love the peace I find there, beautiful vegetation, best holidays included in admission. The Seven Seas Food festival is fabulous also. (#2 is Epcot.)

    1. Rosa

      Love seaworld and I am there just about every damn weekend. Thanks seaworld for all that you do for rescues and the environment and conservation. God Bless them everyday, all day. ❤️🌏❤️💙❤💙💙❤

  3. Mollie

    I just want to know who paid who to write this backwards list up and publish it 😂

  4. I haven’t been to Seaworld in years and I refuse to support them. No one should. Having a faulty list like this that makes them seem great doesn’t do any good for the poor animals in the park. Its not a zoo. Zoos are about conservation. Large marine mammals should not be housed in small enclosures.

    1. Nicole

      Completely agree! I don’t understand how anybody with a conscious can support Sea World after Blackfish and other supporting articles were released. Everyone was complaining about having to stay home during the pandemic yet some of those people ran to Sea World to see the equivalent of an intelligent animal being stuck in a bathtub. Absolutely disgusting.

      1. Suzanne

        No one seems to ever say anything about the manatees and dolphins in small enclosures in Epcot living seas, wonder why that is, maybe bc Disney is too big to allow PETA to publicly complain

        1. Evan

          Probably because they’re there for conservation reasons as well. I was pissed off too when I first saw that until I spoke to people who worked in the conservation efforts.

        2. Rosa Hill

          Agreed. Then maybe we should start by emptying every zoo around the country. Heck take it as far as around the world. These Peta supporters are such hypocrites and is a big joke. Bet yet they still own dogs and cats. Ha they are all being kept against their will too. If u are against one u gotta be against all. There ain’t no picking and choosing who u decide to berate. Such idiots. Periodt.

        3. scott

          exactly. No difference at all

    2. Trent

      Until something is done about the murder of millions of unborn babies I don’t want to hear a hypocritical peep speaking out about well fed mammals in cages. That is a part of pretty much every zoo and most aquariums in America, where is the outrage about that?

      1. Steve

        Please just shut up.

        1. Trent

          I didn’t expect anything other than an attempt to silence me.

      2. Christine Antoine

        Lol lol lol let’s not compare apples to tshirts

  5. Mike Mulaney

    Just the local list would be:

    1. SeaWorld
    2. Busch Gardens
    3. Gator Land
    4. Universal
    5. That Pirate’s Mini Golf that’s right off I4 at LBV.
    6. That guy that has the collection of toilet seats in his garage.
    7. Disney

    1. Dan

      Funny but no.

      1. Magic Kingdom
      2. Islands of Adventure
      3. Hollywood Studios
      4. Universal Studios
      5. Animal Kingdom
      6. Epcot
      7. Sea World

      1. Christine Antoine


  6. Jay

    Everyone needs something complain about. Didn’t your mother’s teach you if have nothing nice to say.. Just shut the hell up

  7. I love Disney

    Sea World is a dump. It doesn’t deserve to be uttered in the same sentence with Disney.

  8. johnpark

    wow wtf!! no way in hell would seaworld be top 10!! Probably not even top 25 in my book so many better parks. Granted seaworld has alot of good things there just not worth a spot in any respectable list that high!! That paper is probably not even people that go to parks lmao. Dollywood is way better then a 5 spot on any list… This list much list that paper is nothing but pure trash!!

  9. CJ

    I think this list is coming from Park Guests who’ve had enough of how expensive Team Disney Orlando and Team Universal Orlando have become.

    More Families are looking at value / discounts, so please look at every Theme Park listed to see how much is General Admission, Season Passholder, Parking, Food & Beverages, Merchandise …. how many Rides, Attractions, Live Shows – how long they are open daily …. and maybe overall? it’s a better experience than a Disney Theme Park requiring you to use a Disney App all day, along with paying extra Genie+ at each Queue, overpriced food and beverages (that lack the original quality), overpriced merchandise (that’s not up to prior quality) …. please don’t hate the list, hate how Bob Chapek is ruining the Disney Brand! 😢

    1. scott

      Agree. With all the cutbacks I don’t go to Disney anymore, and I’ve gone there many times in my life. I haven’t gone to Seaworld in a long time but am willing to give it a try again

  10. DailyDose

    I live in Orlando. Have season passes to Universal, Disney, and Sea World. And I’d say I definitely think Sea World is the cooler place to visit. They’ve got great roller coasters, Sesame Street for kids, tons of penguins, Orcas, Dolphins, opportunity to ride and touch dolphins, and it’s cheaper. Their parking situation, however, is absolutely horrendous and needs to be addressed. Other than that, it’s a great place for children to see and learn about wildlife they’d never otherwise see. And Sea World does a great job bringing to attention things that endanger these amazing animals.

  11. Cabrera

    I agree with CJ. I find it hard to believe that SeaWorld would have beaten at least by Busch Gardens. Just because they TWO rides that are unique doesn’t make them the best. I’m pretty sure this list was just made for ITM to make a story and get attention. I never read this news media because all there stuff is questionable.

    1. Cabrera

      Fix: I find it hard to believe that SeaWorld would have been beaten at least by Busch Gardens.

  12. Dallas

    Apparently the author doesn’t realize that Seaworld and BG are the same company.
    It’s a USATODAY poll and not worth the paper it’s printed on.
    That being said, it’s easy to make a case that SW is competitive with the Universal parks and both the FunSpots even beat out Disney’s glorified kiddieland, fake soundstage, overpriced mall and reclaimed swamp…

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