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  1. John B

    December 2018 wasn’t five years ago, it only felt that long.

  2. J

    Try doing your math again. It’s “only” been 3 years. Definitely feels like forever, though.

  3. How long now until disney remove the seven dwarfs from the mine train along with prince charming kissing snow white ,after all it’s no longer Politically correct, and discrimination

  4. Ron

    Bug thunder railroad?

  5. Sara M

    Five years? Is that Florida Standards or Common Core math? I’m pretty sure December 2018 was a couple of months over three years ago.

    1. ITMSucks

      What kind of moron wrote this article? Newsflash– 3 dosen’t equal 5. Idiot.

  6. DonB

    As others have stated , it hasn’t been 5 years , but it seems much longer than that. Walt and his team of geniuses would have put Tron somewhere else that didn’t shut down Walt’s beloved train. This current group of “ leaders “ could care less about Walt’s legacy as it’s only about how much money they can squeeze out of guests.

  7. Choo Choo

    I went to MK for a quick in-and-out dinner last weekend. I could have sworn I heard the train whistle. I’m excited to see this come back! If you love trains and they bring it back – you have to do the Steam Train behind the scenes tour!!!

    1. Mary

      It wasn’t the train but the steamboat by Tom Sawyers island. Several times I have been there and thought it was the train, but I was very disappointed it was not.

  8. Edward Jackson

    It really will be great to get the trains rolling again. I always enjoy taking a break to take a ride around the park and relax. It has the same appeal as the PeopleMover, but I really enjoy the ride a little more.

  9. Rox

    Love the train and so hopeful it comes back soon!

  10. Tammy

    Maybe I missed something along the way, but why has the train been shutdown for so long?!

    1. franklin

      The tracks went right through the plot of land for the new tron coaster. While that was being built the trains couldn’t run with all the construction going on. Now that Tron is almost finished we now get to have a grand circle tour of MK once again!

  11. Beckaroosy

    While it did give me a chuckle, it’s “Big” Thunder Mountain Railroad. Thankfully there generally aren’t any bugs on it. Always good to do a quick proofread before posting.

  12. Jeff

    My wife, daughter and I got a seat on the last trip around the MK which was supposed to be for cast members only. I think I was as emotional get off the train as the cast members. I would love to be onboard for the first trip when it reopens.

    Aaalllllll Aaaboooaaarrrd!!!!!

  13. GRUMPY of snowwhite

    We will never go back….Disney has gone totally woke and the parks are dull and not worth waiting in line for an hour.Tired of half naked women running around,line jumpers,gays kissing and being obnoxious.

    1. Jan

      It’s best that you stay away then, no one wants to look at your old sour puss anyway

    2. Bob C.

      Thank you so much for this wonderful news of your thoughtful choice to stay away from all Disney properties worldwide.
      Have a magical day as a very ” treasured guest “

    3. Ben

      Damn, guess you can’t go anywhere in modern times then. You won’t be missed

  14. Pete Main

    I will be thankful when the Disney Trains are running again at Disney World. When I heard about the train tunnel under Tron was being built I thought this would be a great opportunity for Disney to construct the tunnel to the same format as Disneyland’s tunnel having the Grand Canyon and having the Dinosaurs.

  15. Jeanie

    3 years and 1 month is not almost 5 years.

  16. Steve Eldredge

    I think the railroad may have shut down before 2018. The last time I went to the Magic Kingdom was September 2017. The train was shut down then and construction walls were up for the Tron Coaster.

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