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pirates of the caribbean

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    I would love to see Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack.

    1. I would like Disney bring back Jonny Deep rehire for Jack Sparrow in pirates of the Caribbean 6 movie so pirates 6 can have all the odd characters in the movie and Jonny Deep needs to be Jack Sparrow in pirates of the Caribbean 6 movie and not leaving him out of this movie and Disney will lose a lot of fans and money if Jonny Deep is not in pirates 6 movie so if Disney don’t want to lose money have Jonny Deep back in pirates of the Caribbean 6 movie and we need Jonny Deep in pirates 6 movie

      1. Pirate lover

        Yes, the movie will not be the same without Mr. Depp. I for one will not ever watch any Disney movie again since they have removed him from this one and others.

        1. John Wilson

          yes yes yes
          theres only 1 sparrow

        2. I definitely will not go to watch #6 without Johnny Depp. I said it in the beginning and I will say now. And I agree that Disney, will lose money and fans.

      2. Kathy

        I will not watch the movie unless Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow!

      3. Chris

        Auf jeden Fall Johnny Depp als Jack Sparrow. Sonst kann sich Disney das drehen sparen: NIEMAND will PotC ohne Jack Sparrow!

        1. Amar


      4. Tracy Davenport

        I totally agree with you, Johnny Depp is the one and only Jack Sparrow

      5. M

        Pirates is johnny

    2. I will only go see it if Johnny Depp is Captain Jack. Anyone else and they can forget it!

      1. Breezy

        Nobody can be Jack Sparrow besides Depp. Some actors can be interchanged, but some definitely cannot.

        1. ROSE HOWELL

          It’s easy enough to see Amber Heard was a gold digger. She used and abused J.Depp. He needs to return as Jack Sparrow.

    3. Roxann Burke

      If Johnny Depp was not found guilty, there is no reason he should have been dropped by Disney. No one can make that movie come to life like he can. Personally, I will not see #6 without him.

    4. Cathy

      I would too. ONLY Johnny Depp could do Jack Sparrow. Nobody else could replace him except my son in law since he looked so much like Jack Sparrow a couple of Halloween ago lol

  2. Rene P.

    It definitely has to be Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

    1. Aaron

      Johnny Depp = Jack Sparrow, no body outs !

    2. Cathy

      Has to be Johnny no one else could do it,and certainly won’t watch it if not him.

    3. S.

      Johnny Depp of coarse. Who is Disney to point a finger at anyone else, with all their sins!

  3. Rene P.

    It has to be Johnny Depp.

    1. Kathy

      Will not watch the movie if Johnny Depp is not Jack Sparrow

      1. Jen

        I won’t be watching without Johnny Depp

    2. JT

      Depp or Pirates doesn’t exist. not watching it without Depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kelvington

    Just FYI, in the justice system we don’t find people innocent. They are either guilty or acquitted, or in very rare circumstances a mistrial is declared.

    1. Dabir Dalton

      It is innocent until proven guilty. Anyone who is acquitted is innocent because they were not proven to be guilty.

      1. Amber admitted SHE abused Johnny. I have totally boycotted everything to do with Disney. It was NONE of their business anyway!!!

  5. CJ

    I was already under the impression that the Pirates Franchise Character wise was getting handed over to Kaya Scodelario (Carina Barbossa) and Brenton Thwaites (Henry Turner) …. so I’m fine with that – I’m not fine with the Margot Robbie alleged spin off rumours (we already get a Female Pirate with Captain Barbosa’s Daughter!)

    Why do I get the impression every time Team Disney Burbank has a regime change (ie a Tron 3 without any of the former cast director associate producer from Tron, or Tron Legacy) the stupid ideas come to the surface and get greenlit?

    At least have Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) and Kevin McNally (Joshamee Gibbs) come back one more time to do the handoff so that we can get some closure – is that so hard Disney?

    1. JS

      I totally agree with you. I’m fine with them moving on without Johnny or Jack as long as they can have one more adventure with him and end it properly. You can clearly tell by his last performance that he was off because he was going through abuse. We just need one more (and I really mean it has to be a very good send off) and I’ll be happy. He is almost 60 so I understand he can’t play him forever (though Harrison Ford seems to keep going) so we have to let him go eventually. I might see any spin offs or sequels after that, but until they give my favorite movie character a proper ending I’m not seeing anymore.

  6. J

    Any without Johnny Depp no thank you

  7. Andrey

    POTC is not POTC without Johnny Depp. Also, most people don’t want a female centric movie, just look at some of the latest big franchises that replaced the main male character with a female character…didn’t go so well for them.

  8. Kristy Bailey

    Johnny Depp without a doubt. He is the reason for the success of the movies.

    1. Chris Wood

      Well unlike the bulk of remarks, I’m fine with Depp coming back if they give him a proper death or send off. Robbie did very well as Harley Quinn, so she is capable of playing crazy characters. For all the people complaining they won’t see the movies, yes you because you have no life if your not complaining about something that gives your tedious lives meaning

      1. Dabir Dalton

        Harley Quinn didn’t sell a single ticket and Ghost Busters failed at the box office as well. Until Hollywood gets the message that audiences want real action movies as opposed to fake ones with female leads it will continue to lose money. Female leads = bad investment.

        1. JS

          You can still have female leads just not for propaganda reasons that cause a loss in quality. As a woman I do want to see strong female roles, but at the same time I also still want to see men (especially in Pirates films). One of the main reason I go to the movies I’d for the guys and I’m tired of Hollywood assuming that most of us women want more women in movies. No, I want more Johnny Depp.

        2. Taffy Risbon

          I’m goingnto disagree with you but on a different level. Hollywood movies can be successful action movies with women leads, it’s when they replace a role we are all familiar with as being a man or men as in ghostbusters and thennredoing them with women. It’s just weird and doesn’t feel authentic anymore.

        3. M. Grey

          Sigourney Weaver?

  9. Miia

    I want on The movie Johnny Depp, no Margot Robbie! And Keitä Knightley and Orlando Bloom must to Be in The movie like Johnny Depp

    1. Bethany

      Johnny Depp is the movie, with out him there is no movie

  10. Alisha

    They can’t replace Johnny as captain Jack!!! It’s inconceivable!

    1. Annemarie

      Jonnny depp is de best voor die film sonder hem is het niks aan om er naar te kiiken

  11. Marnie

    Without Johnny Depp, many diehard fans are not going to be interested.

  12. Richard Thorn

    If Depp isn’t in it, it’s a farse sequel and neither, nor my family
    will waste the money on it. Those California liberals are always whining for rights, but, evidently “innocent until proven guilty” isn’t one of them.

  13. Edie

    If Johnny Depp doesn’t return, then I won’t be returning to watch any more “Pirates” movies. Disney is becoming RIDICULOUS.

  14. roz lagges

    It wouldn’t be the same with anyone else. Johnny Depp is the only one that could portray Captain Jack Sparrow. He is fantastic in that role.

  15. Trudy

    Sorry, no Depp, no movie!!!! Don’t even waste the money.

    1. Rinaldo

      Bring back Johnny depp!

  16. No Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow = Boycott the Disney cancel culture.

  17. Cindy

    If they’re not bringing back Johnny Depp then I won’t be seeing #6.

  18. Wensday Michealis

    Honestly I ots not Johnny Depp it’s not worth watching. The fact everyone jumped to Amber heards side when it came out Johnny was the one is abused is why I refuse to have anything to do with Piriates or Fantasic Beasts…. Men can be abused as well…. Disney and Warner Brothers are wrong to throw him away but allow Amber to keep her job when she too was accused of hurting Johnny……

  19. Lynn S

    Without Jack Sparrow it isn’t Pirates. We won’t be going and hear similar comments from friends. Has Disney not heard “innocent until proven guilty.”

  20. Millie

    Johnny Depp period

  21. Mary

    I’m not even interested if Depp isn’t in it. He carries the storyline, I’m definitely not interested in an all female cast.

  22. Michelle Austin

    Bring back Johnny Depp he made the films awesome. Wouldn’t be the same. Listen to what the fans want. Why should Amber’s lies have anything to do with the movie. The man is innocent.

  23. Brenda

    Without Johnny Depp there is no pirates. Remove him and I won’t watch it and tell my friends also. Threats by Heard dont mean truth. No matter what some European rag paper says.

  24. Cuedainya

    I am tired of people being canceled without a trial where they can defend themselves. If someone is guilty of abuse they need to be in charged and taken to court. Since when should people just have their careers destroyed without substantiation or a chance of defense. Disney is ridiculous. How about we cancel them!

  25. Mike

    Just because him and his wife had issues doesn’t mean he can’t do another movie I do care about his beef with his wife I like him for the role he plays in the movie

  26. Ana

    Sorry but, I won’t be watching this without Johnny Depp, regardless how they spin it.

  27. RC ohio

    I am so fed up with Disney, Walt is rolling in his grave. They persecute someone that has not been proven guilty of anything from a role we made millions for them.
    He, IMO, is innocent. He even had her mother side with him and there is proof his wife abused him…not to mention his ex wife and girlfriends state he is a very kind and gentle man but with issues, but those issues never caused him to be physical with this partner.
    And WHY has Disney kept Amber on??!!😡
    There is the proof she was abusive to him and her ex.

    I will not support Pirated without Johnny if the choice to separate from the franchise is not Johnny’s.

    I have also split from going to Disney parks after the insane price gouging and the removal of benefits, many street performances, parades, the continual ride breakdowns, the extreme long waits in line, not virtual queues, having to pay for Genie+ which ultimately make wait times longer for the customers in queues for the rides.
    We are no longer guests to Disney…we are nothing more than money suppliers, not even customers anymore, in my eyes.

  28. Bethany

    Johnny Depp is the movie, with out him there is no movie

  29. Gina

    Johnny Depp or no one!!!

  30. Steven Dapcevich

    No Johnny
    No Jack
    No pirates
    No Disney

  31. Steven Dapcevich

    Look… I am a Cqpt. Jack impersonator, and have been for 18 years, and I wouldn’t take over this role for all of Johnny’s $50 million dollar paycheck.

  32. Robin

    Johnny Depp is the pirate of the Caribbean, no johnny Depp, I wont be watching … Disney you made a BIG mistake !!!!!

  33. Erin

    If Johnny Depp isn’t in it I don’t care if they have all the original cast from all 5 movies! No Johnny Depp no movie. I won’t watch it or stream it or buy the DVD. It has already failed in my eyes because they cut him out

  34. Temperance

    While I love Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn my allegiance is to Johnny Depp…no Johnny, no thanks!

  35. Without Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow the Movie will not be worth me worth watching . He made all of them so entertaining. I 💕 Johnny Depp and all his Movies.
    The Man is innocent until proven Guilty. AMBER HEARD is trying to ruin his career out of her being mad at him .
    What she said about him are lies there’s no proof or else he would have already been found guilty.
    Disney needs to Bring him back and Apologize to him .
    He is the one who made All The Pirates of Caribbean Movies the Best
    When I think of the movie he’s the one I Remember and Corinna.
    Do the right thing Johnny Depp
    Returns…….and Don’t kill him in movie…I want watch Next one if you do.. Love ❤️ JOHNNy Depp my Man

  36. Deb Hill

    Johnny Depp. No one else will do.

  37. Israel Gonzalez

    This movie will surely flop without Depp. Plus no one will pay the extra $$ on Disney+ to watch it.

  38. Laurie Young

    I definitely want to see Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack!
    I feel like there really is no Pirates of the Caribbean without Captain Jack and there ABSOLUTELY is NO Captain Jack without Johnny Depp!
    That just goes without saying.
    Hollywood has always been very forgiving and it’s time to take the knife that Amber Heard has placed in Johnny Depp’s back. She’s not without her own faults and I’m sure she was just as abusive if not more!!!

  39. Johnny Depp for the set up for the next trilogy. If you just forget about the most iconic character in the franchise with no effort to send him off properly the movies will fail.

  40. Patrick

    ALIENS, HALLOWEEN , TERMINATOR, F13, NOES beg to differ about your anti-female protagonist agenda!

  41. Rob M.

    No Johnny Depp as Jack, my family wil, be done with disney, and would never watch 6th movie. I am sick of the bs people say to ruin people without proof……Just lke Danny Masterson. Prove it or move on like they were lies. I bet she started sh** just to get him to abuse her while he was drinking. Drinking is not a crime. Being a cu** should be !!!

  42. Gaga

    Ja bi željela da se vrati: Johnny Depp= Jack Sparrow,
    Orlando Blom= Will Turner I
    Keira Knightley= Elizabeth Swann

  43. Charles

    If Depp is NOT going to be in anymore pirate movies then I WON’T watch it. I will boycott all future pirates movies.

  44. You might as well hang the “Pirates”up without, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow I will not watch No 6

  45. David

    There’s only one jack sparrow and that’s Johnny Depp, it’s got to be Johnny,no one else can play that role,

  46. Biddle

    If Johnny Depp not in the new film will not be the same he always played a great part of the film what go on behind close door should not have anything to do with him filming

  47. Cecilia Reyes

    I would love to see Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow. He earned his character role as well as his many fans. It wouldn’t be the same without Johnny Depp and I already plan on not seeing the next movie if Johnny Depp is not in it.

  48. Mila

    Well if Disney and brockheimer choose to spend all this money on POTC 6 without Johnny Depp they’re going to lose a lot of money. But I guess they’re willing to do that and they can afford it oh well that’s a stupid business move. Anyone that has seen Pirates of the Caribbean knows that it cannot be without the great Johnny Depp. Disney you’re making a big mistake. And how dare you make that decision based on the media.

  49. Lisa

    If Johnny Depp is not back as Captain Jack Sparrow I personally will BOYCOTT this franchise. It’s absolutely insane what has transpired since that no good gold digger liar has done against him. He’s a well respected honorable golden hearted soul and should of never been thru such bs lies that were told. I will and always will have respect for Johnny Depp. I’m a huge fan among so many that know and feel that he is innocent. ISTANDBYJOHNNYDEPP# JUSTICE WILL BE HIS ON HIS SIDE. 🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰❤

  50. I would like to see Johnny Depp return to pirates of the Caribbean or me and all my friends and family will boycott it and I will spread the word


  52. Kelley

    If Johnny Depp is not in it. I will not go see it.

  53. Johnny Depp and NO Other! ❤️🌎❤️

  54. Valerie

    No Johnny no Pirates. Stop playing games, Disney. You’re gonna lose in the end! Nobody will watch any of your movies. Period! Plus, Walt would roll over in his grave if he knew what you guys have been doing!

  55. There is 1 Jack Sparrow 🙏🏼♾

  56. Julie

    No Johnny Depp No Pirates of the Caribbean he is the movie and still good enough for their ride! Consistency is key here!

  57. Laura

    Johnny Depp of course, if you plan to make another movie without him I wouldn’t see it. His wife needs to be removed from the movies. I will not watch any of her movies any!!

  58. Cindy

    I won’t waste my time on this film, UNLESS Johnny Depp is the main character in it! Disney seems to be hurdling further and further into an abyss of failure with CHEAPEK at the helm.

  59. Veera

    I sure won’t be watching the 6th movie if Depp isn’t gonna be in it.
    But I also think that if Disney’s gonna ask him to come back, wouldn’t it be better if he didn’t go to the people who immediately thought that he was the one doing the wrong thing?
    I do love Depp’s acting in POTC, and I wanna see Jack Sparrow having an end that he deserves, but Disney didn’t even think twice before throwing him out 😮‍💨

  60. April Antico

    No other actor in this world can play Jack Sparrow, except Mr Johnny Depp. He has birthed this character to life and made him what he is today. A character, that everyone, relates Johnny Depp to. Disney needs to get off their preverbal pedestal and accept the fact they need Mr Depp.
    They knew Tim Allen was a bad boy and yet they cast him in three of their movies for Christmas and then collaborated with Pixar for him to be in four Toy Story movies.
    Please Disney don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!
    Take back Johnny Depp and show him the love all of us already show him.

    1. SusieQ

      On Tim Allen, went to movies today and did a preview of a new Buzz Lightyear movie. One that takes place before he becomes a toy. Definitely not Tim’s voice, it was weird.

  61. Judith De Frank

    Bring Johnny Depp Back !

  62. Regina Myers

    Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack or no money from me for POTC 6, any other Disney film, no buying their DVDS & will never visit Disney parks! NO disney anything!

  63. LegoGuru2000

    If Disney can hire James Gunn back from his controversy they can do the same with Johnny Depp

  64. Angela Kay Williamson

    Yes I would love to see Johnny Depp coe back as “Captain Jack Sparrow”. No one can replace Depp.

  65. I won’t watch Pirates for Caribbean without Johnny Depp.
    We are boycotting Disney.
    It’s not fair resign Johnny Depp without knowing the truth. #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent

    1. If Disney doesn’t rehire Johnny Depp, it’s finish for me. They were hideous.

  66. If Disney doesn’t convince Johnny Depp to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s finish for me.
    They were hideous.

  67. All fans of Johnny Depp, are going to Boycott Disney.

  68. Sandy


  69. Brad

    I won’t be watching anything without Johnny Depp. Amber heard is a narcissist.

  70. Ibuddy66

    No Depp, no pirates. Plain and simple. If Disney can’t figure that out by now, then they are screwed. Of course with Bob Chapek as the head of the company, I have very little faith in Disney if at all anymore.

  71. Terry

    Johnny Depp! Why is it Disney cuts him out when this is only an accusation. Disney needs to stop the cancelation of people based on a accusation.

  72. Rob

    Well not what I was reading the article for, be t then that’s why they didn’t say who was obligated. Because I seemingly Cardasio (?) Is in talks and Jonny looks vindicated who knows.

  73. Jon K

    Depp and McNally are the two vital ones to see come back.

  74. I will not watch another Disney movie or mgm or WB movie.
    You took the wrong side of the boat to cast your net. Johnny Depp will be phenomenal without you. You lose without him. You already are! Haha

  75. STower

    Will not watch this one , past one’s, or future ones without Depp!!! I don’t know anyone that will! Also boycotting harry Potters FBWFM unless he comes back… Stand Strong!!

  76. OscarJimenez

    Any Pirates of the Caribbean movie is unfathomable. I would never watc it even if it was on regular TV. I’m still very upset over the way has treated him.

  77. Lisa

    Time to BOYCOT this next movie
    No more Johnny
    No more Pirates of the Caribbean
    Maybe even BOYCOTT
    Spread the word

  78. John

    If I were writing the films, I would have Captain Jack Sparrow missing and we get to know this new crew, as we follow them and we run into him and this new crew thinks he’s a joke, but wins their approval by saving the day, but just by accident. It would have to be for part 7, as part 6 is already written and we get to know this new crew.

  79. YOU MUST HAVE JOHNNY DEPP FOR PIRATES 6! Only He can play the Captian! PERIOD. HE should have NEVER BEEN FIRED!

  80. Wanda

    Johnny Depp! Or No One…the Movies Going to Flop without Johnny….A Female Crew ! NO! Not Interested at All…If You Don’t get Johnny Back No One’s Going to Watch it ! Or Buy the Dvd’s!I own them all! No #6 Without JD…

  81. Tracy Davenport

    There’s only one Jack Sparrow and it’s Johnny Depp, I will NOT watch POTC without Johnny! I’m a huge fan of Johnny Depp and always will be, he is innocent! 🥰🥰❤️

  82. SusieQ

    I just can’t imagine enjoying any PofC movie with out Depp. Even if he came back to be killed off… I would lose interest in the franchise. The guy is going to be tired of doing it before long. It should just end when he ends it.

    While I’d enjoy a historical documentary about female pirates, I’m unlikely to watch a PofC type story that tries to keep the franchise alive w/female counterparts.

  83. Melissa

    Johnny Depp’s return as Jack Sparrow.

  84. Put Jonny Depp back in, l will not watch Pirates 6, if you don’t. And DON’T make a female in any way shape or form, as Captain Sparrow

  85. AEnoli

    I won’t pay a dime to see Pirates 6 if Johnny Depp is fired from the role, they try to replace him (IMPOSSIBLE!) or even if they don’t have him in the film for ANY reason. Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow and Pirates is NOTHING without him! Period. If Disney believes Amber, they’re absolutely deluded. I’m already ticked off that he was asked to resign as Grindelwald AND replaced! He IS Grindelwald! He embodies his characters like no one else can.
    Bunch of scared idiots, Disney has become.

  86. Eugenia

    Sorry but Johnny Depp owns Pirates! No Johnny, no pirates for me. End of story.

  87. Yvonne

    Johnny Depp

  88. Stephanie

    Would love to see Johnny Depp back as Jack sparrow. Noone can replace him. Seeing him as Jack sparrow since my childhood was a amazing treat and I can’t see someone else doing the part. Also if Orlando bloom is returning I would love to see Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth swan as well the last movie we barely got to see more of them since they came back and seeing all 3 together again would be amazing 😍

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