You Can Open My Disney Experience with a MagicBand!

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Love cool iPhone hacks? From casting real Harry Potter spells with your iPhone to playing TRON, magic fans everywhere are utilizing technology and having fun. The newest Disney iPhone hack can be used from home or on a Disney vacation, but it’s going to save you some time and make you smile!

Let’s see how you can open the useful My Disney Experience app by scanning your MagicBand!

You Can Open My Disney Experience with a MagicBand!

open My Disney Experience with your MagicBand
Credit: @MadisonDoesDisney on TikTok

Madison Cox, a Disney-loving Travel Agent, has a great social media feed full of tips to make your vacation easier as well as family memories made at all sorts of Disney locations, including Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Cruise Line. One of her tips is picking up speed and making people’s lives a little more fun. You don’t have to be at the Disney Parks to use this phone hack, but it will also come in handy as you’re trekking around the Parks.

If you are a big user of My Disney Experience, you may know that the app is a battery hog. For this reason, Disney Parks fans are always keeping their phone charged (see our top tips to keep your phone charged) and “killing” the app when they are finished using it. Running the app in the background is a sure way to kill your phone’s life. Reopening that app can be distracting and a bit time-consuming. Therefore, this Magic Band Disney hack is a great way to simplify your Disney Genie+ day!

Grab the Disney MagicBand of your choice, and follow the instructions below. You’ll be off to planning magic and checking theme park wait times instantly!

How to Set Up the MagicBand iPhone Shortcut

magicband shortcut iPhone
Credit: @MadisonDoesDisney on TikTok

Grab your phone and open the Shortcut app. You’ll want to “create a personal automation” which is much like asking for the ACCIO Harry Potter spell. Go down to “NFC” and when you click “scan your tag” this is when you will scan your Disney MagicBand to your iPhone. If it works, a blue checkmark will appear. Keep in mind that older MagicBands will lose long-range (Memory Maker photos on attractions) function first and close range (tap-to-open, or opening your Disney Resort Hotel room door) next, after about 3-4 years.

iphone shortcut open MDX
Credit: @MadisonDoesDisney on TikTok

Next, you can name this NFC/ RFID item. It’s smart to name it something specific, like “Mickey’s MagicBand” so you can identify it and change it later.

After clicking “next” you will click “open app” and scroll down to choose “Disney World.” Of course, if you are a Disneyland Resort lover, you can open this app instead, or if you are a chronic Disney merchandise browser, shopDisney could also be an option for you!

use your magicband to open my disney experience on your iphone
Credit: @MadisonDoesDisney on TikTok

After clicking “next” again, be sure to turn off “ask before running” so that the My Disney Experience app will open with no further prompts, making it instant. Even if your phone is in a nifty case or other accessories are present, the Apple iPhone shortcut for your My Disney Experience account will still work.

my disney experience user tiktok iphone
Credit: @MadisonDoesDisney on TikTok

Madison’s TikTok Video is in full, below. You can see how she fine-tunes the iPhone shortcut tools to get her MagicBand to open up her Disney app on her phone. Her TikTok video caption reads,

Little tip to make your Disney trip a little easier. As you may know, the My Disney Experience app is your lifeline will at WDW.  #disney  #disneytip  #disneytips  #disneyhack  #disneyhacks  #wdw  #distok  #disneytiktok  #disneytok  #magicband  #waltdisneyworld  #mydisneyexperience

Little tip to make your Disney trip a little easier. As you may know, the My Disney Experience app is your lifeline will at WDW. #disney #disneytip #disneytips #disneyhack #disneyhacks #wdw #distok #disneytiktok #disneytok #magicband #waltdisneyworld #mydisneyexperience

♬ original sound – Madison Peyton Cox

Where To Buy MagicBands

Not sure where to get a MagicBand? If you are headed to Walt Disney World on a magical vacation of a lifetime, you will have the opportunity to purchase discount MagicBands during your preplanning period. A complimentary MagicBand is no longer available for Resort stays. If you have no vacation planned but want to purchase one anyway, you can have one shipped right to you by browsing the MagicBand collection on shopDisney.

Limited edition bands, as well as classic characters or solid colors, are available for purchase at prices from $29.99 to upscale designer bands at $58.00. MagicKeeper waist clips and alternative puck holders are also for sale if you want to wear the magic differently.

Disney MagicBand plus
Credit: Disney

Will you try this MagicBand iPhone shortcut? Leave us a comment below with your favorite Disney phone tips. 

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