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Guests wearing face masks at Disneyland Resorts

Credit: Disney


  1. Its time for Disneyland to drop mask mandate thank you

    1. Douglas Vitrano

      I’m totally with you sister!!

  2. Michael

    It is time for Disneyland to end masks permently

    1. Douglas


  3. Bryan c

    If they do it end it for good. Stop getting ideas of bringing it back yet again.

  4. binki

    We never should have had masks or shut downs. End it now.

    1. Jordan

      Clearly you missed the whole pandemic thing that was going on. We definitely needed it to help stop people from getting sick.

      1. binki

        Clearly masks and lockdowns did nothing. Look around at states and countries that remained open. Thier rates of infections and deaths were no different.

        1. Jordan

          Clearly it saved people’s lives due to the fact that people would have been exposed a lot sooner and probably have way more deaths than we do right now. If you think about the fact that a lot of people were getting tired of being locked in and doing whatever they wanted, you would see that this could have been far better if people had listened to begin with and done what was needed to begin with.

          1. Douglas Vitrano

            Uhhh Yeah. How about shut up?

          2. Jordan

            Who, me? Why?

          3. Kenr

            Why? Because you’re a troll that likes to argue about those useless masks.

      2. Nick

        Anyone with half a brain new masks with just this eras “aids ribbon”. Why do you think suddenly the CDC said to wear N95s… because surgical masks did nothing? Do you think omicron got smaller or more pissed? It was always virtue signaling. In about 5 years you will look back and realize you were nothing more than a tool.

        1. Jordan

          I’m guessing you’re one of those people with half a brain…makes sense. Well, the cdc was dealing with a new virus and was making lots of suggestions that weren’t all followed. Maybe if you used the other half of your brain, you could have seen that.

  5. Scott

    End the mandates and my family will return.

  6. Jordan

    All these people wanting the mask mandate to end when it’s literally for their own protection and it doesn’t take any effort. This is what’s wrong with people -_-

    1. Mike

      The thing that makes Disney so magical is seeing the smiles on my children’s faces as they experience the magic. This is what I pay for. Masks took that away and I’ve stayed away since the last time we went. It wasn’t the same.

      1. Jordan

        No, the thing that makes Disney magical is the memories you share with people. You don’t have to see their smiles for it to be magical, because at the end of the day, you won’t remember the smiles, you’ll remember how much fun you had with your friends and/or family.

    2. Nick

      Then stay home Nancy boy.

      1. Jordan

        Maybe you need to stay home and get help if being asked to wear a mask is too much for you to handle. The rest of us who can be grown ups about this will have fun in the mean time :). Good luck with the whole half brain thing

        1. Bob

          Please consider marrying your mask. I’ll pay for all expenses.

          1. Jordan

            You assume I’m attached to a mask at all times. I’m just responsible and do what’s necessary to not get sick or get others sick

      2. Douglas

        People have no idea how social mentally important it is for kids to look at adults and kids mouths move when they talk. My uncle his psychiatrist told me that speech therapy appointments because of the mask mandates have risen by 360%!! Absolutely end masks

        1. Jordan

          You don’t need to have your mask on 24/7, just when you are inside. If you are forcing yourself to wear a mask the whole time, that’s on you for not realizing when it’s ok to take a mask off.

    3. Nick

      They protect no one, and they are an effort, especially for kids. But wear one if you’re scared, Karen

  7. Bob

    If you love your mask so much, please consider marrying it. I’ll even pay for the entire ceremony and everything

  8. Douglas Vitrano

    END THE MASKS!! You think anyone is going to listen to the mandates and covid bullcrap anymore after what the governor and the la mayor etc… did at that 49ers vs Rams game? HELL NO!!

  9. Sneakertinker

    With the CDC saying everything outside of N95’s and KN95’s are ineffective, it would make sense for them to follow the State’s lead on this one…

    They did quietly remove all the masks from their shops over the weekend too…They aren’t even selling then in ShopDisney anymore…Good chance the parks mandate could end sooner rather than later…

    1. Shaun

      Oooooo, that is an interesting insight! I really hope they ditch the masks at Disneyland soon.

      I think people are finally starting to realize that the Rona is not going away and we’ll just be living with it like other viruses. If omicron hasn’t hit your family yet, it will sooner or later. Masks don’t stop it, sorry. I was over the whole mask thing after “2 weeks to slow the spread” came and went.

      2 years later, it’s definitely time.

  10. Kenr

    Those stupid mask mandates did nothing at all. And they certainly did not stop the virus from entering peoples eyes. End them now!

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