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Brie Larson as Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel


  1. Jack Wolfe

    Brie Larson is a boring actress. Whether or not she’s pushing digital snake oil, time will tell. If she’ll ever put in a compelling performance? I highly doubt it.

  2. C

    Who cares what product she promotes. What relevance does this have on her acting career? I’m not really a big fan of hers, but I’m just so sick of the cancel culture.

  3. Harrison

    I hope she reads this, bro

  4. Quoter of Yoda

    You be you Brie. Let the haters hate so their soul is consumed by that hatred. And as we all know “hate leads to suffering”. It is the path to the dark side.

  5. Manny

    Snake Oil is an interesting term for products that are just another means of maintaining rights for artists but also allowing artists to retain financial control of their work after sale. Art is used as a commodity which ceases to enumerate the creator and enriches the owner. NFTs is changing the game and their are many that are fighting it tooth and nail. In this fight they have set their propaganda machine to try destroy a platform that threatens the status quo. Moreover they beguile low information subjects into carry their water.

    This is less about NFTs and more about misogyny and a marvel character that happens to be a woman.

    1. Lila

      You managed to chalk up another piece of valid criticism of a femanchild to “mUHHSAwGYNYY” while simultaneously giving an absolute LIE of a take on NFTs lmao.
      Props dude.

  6. Nick

    Cancel culture = you people are severely mentally ill. Get a hobby

  7. Des

    Why do so many people “care” so much? Get on with making your own life better and less about destroying those around you for hobby! Haters are pathetic!

  8. Eli

    Brie Larson is a God and stays rent free in your mind 24/7

  9. Sol

    How does she dominate the zeitgeist so well? It’s like I’m not even searching for her but yet i find her?

  10. BZemo

    I love her even more now. Brie Larson has become an icon.

  11. Windy

    Queen Brie💕

  12. Ken Brenner

    As Shakespeare would say:
    “Much Ado about NOTHING”

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