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luke with lightsaber book of boba fett

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Ricardo D'artist

    I agree that some people have just too much free time but talking about Star Wars details is (like in any other fandom) part of being a fan. Yoda’s lightsaber is an interesting question because it carries a history within the narrative of the movies. However, there should be no confusion about this item, we just do not know how Luke Skywalker came by it.

    1. Aze

      Luke never said this was the saber Yoda had on Coroscant, just that it belonged to Yoda. Since there is no limit on how many lightsabers a Jedi can have, there is no real discrepancy unless you also assume that this was the same weapon without anyone on screen actually claiming that

  2. Ryan

    Lucasfilm has previously stated that any continuity “errors” that happen between their publishing and live action media are settled by acknowledging the actual canon is what happens on the screen, not the page. So the Book of Boba Fett didn’t start with an error, it changed the canon for the better.

  3. Ty

    Maybe Yoda made another one and had it with him on Dagobah? It’s not really that big a deal. Like the man said, a 900 year old Jedi has probably had a few lightsabers in his time.

  4. DerekJR321

    Well, it’s no different than Luke’s lightsaber ending up in Rey’s possession. Seeing as Darth Vader cut off Luke’s hand and it, along with his light saber tumbled into the abyss of the 1st Death Star.

  5. EJ

    Vaders hilt looks the same as ‘Anakin’s’ just w/ a red blade. He lost his on Mustafar, …so he built another. Luke lost it on Bespin, so he built another. Luke took many things belonging to Yoda from Degobah. Palpatine can destroy Yoda’s saber, and Yoda can build a new one over the next 20yrs or so. Who’s to say he didn’t build it with Luke present so that Luke would know how to make his own as it is a right of passage to becoming a Master Jedi

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