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Disney world 50th anniversary crowds magic kingdom

Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. Bob

    It appears Disney has well exceded their park capicity limits for the sake of increased revenues. Based on the crowd sizes, Disney cares very little about park guests. Why is no one doing any thing about the crowds.

    1. Peet

      It’d your decision to go, no one asked you to come..

      1. Steve

        Peet, You’re an idiot. No one asked for your opinion, so why did you comment?

  2. Do you have to be a fool to go to Disney World today you throwing your money away for aggravation

  3. Jennifer

    Was at Magic Kingdom on Monday (President’s Day) at 9am when they opened and it was insane- even with the Genie + and Lightning Lane passes we purchased, we were only able to ride 4 things all day due to long lines. Absolutely ridiculous! Every single ride- even small ones- were 90+ minutes.

    1. DK

      People are lining uo for egg rolls because they don’t need to use their phones to mobile order quick service!! Worst idea ever to have to use your mobile phone for this. If you don’t then you can choose to stand in another hour long queue just to order a burger.

  4. Richard

    Beyond stupid. That is “vacation”???

  5. Jan

    This vacation is called waiting and waiting.

    1. Pit

      Exactly, they are waiting for the Vacation LOL

  6. Rj

    Tried the spring rolls on 2 separate trips. Sadly they were greasy and gross both times.

  7. Ken Brenner

    As much as I like to eat, I can’t imagine waiting in a long line (hours?) for something like:
    – popcorn holder
    – spring rolls
    When we are at WDW (annually), we stay at the Dolphin Hotel. We go into the park early, leave around 3 pm, drive offsite to restaurants outside of Disney Springs for great food at a fraction of the price and hassle.
    Been doing this since 2007.
    Something to consider…

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