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Kanye Wst (left) and Kim Kardashian (right)

Credit: Kim Kardashian West Instagram


  1. ye is mad at pete fo putting his mr.thang into his x piggie!! he is a moron!! fake ass con man…forever ,Amen…

  2. Carys

    Kanye West, trying to be relevant again

  3. CJ

    (or as South Park refers to him, g@y fish!)

    I can accept the constructive criticism regarding the Star Wars Franchise (completely ruined by the final trilogy in my opinion)

    Attacking Bob Iger is quite frightening (along with the personal attacks at Kim and Pete)

    This sounds like an individual who needs mental health help asap (and that’s why I’m not going to criticize – just that Doctors needs to get him off Social Networks, remember there are kids involved and their feelings about what’s getting media attention should be noted!)

  4. Can anyone else Smell that. yep , Its a NohingBurger. With cheese.This remindes me of the “guy” who shows up at ur local Comic shop and from the moment he is there NEVER stops putting down everthing anyone is talking about.He know more about “every subject” combined and when he leaves you remind your self to stop comming on that day.

  5. DisneyLover

    Thank you insidethemagic for making this pointless, idiotic and redundant article! You folks should applaud yourself for this fantastic news you’ve delivered. It’s truly enlightening and fascinating that you would seriously look at this and say “Yup! That’s something that’s important to Disney that people should read about!” I can guarantee you 1000% that neither The Walt Disney Company nor it’s former and present CEO’s, care or give any consideration to this individual’s opinion, as he, like many others have said, is mentally unstable and needs professional help. Repeating his cries on social media about his personal problems with his marriage is something no one is looking to read. Do yourselves a favour and don’t make yourselves out to be the next “Tabloid Gossip Magazine” that no one will give any serious attention to.

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