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Left - Johnny Depp holding a Disney Legends handprint / Right - Amber Heard

Credit: D23 (left) / Amber Heard Instagram (right)


  1. Tiffany

    There’s not one single mention in here of him retaining Kathleen Zellner, who is famous for disproving false allegations and exonerating the wrongfully accused . She’s most famous for the Netflix series “making a murderer“ and in addition to her joining his legal team, the evidence should speak for itself as well. The fact that Heard doctored photos to make the world believe she was abused, the fact that she did not donate a dime of her divorce settlement as she promised and as she stated in interviews. The fact that Johnny was abused instead of her, and even has medical records to prove it. The audios (that she recorded herself) admitting to hitting him and severing his finger.

    Why don’t we talk about that? Is Disney embarrassed that it dropped him after four days when she lodged her allegations in the first place? Innocent until proven guilty…

    1. Keke

      Sorry, but this oily skinned woman should not possess the power to end a man’s career over UNPROVEN allegations🤥🤡 #TeamJohnny #JusticeForJohnnyDepp❤❤❤❤🙏🏼💜💜💜💜😇😇😇😇

  2. Heather

    I think this is awesome and that this could be a brand new start for Johnny. He needs a win and I’m right there by his side just like all the rest of his fans. I want nothing but the best for him always. He is a good man that has gotten shafted by that person who shall not be named. I know he will succeed, cos you can’t keep a good man down. Long live Johnny Depp and his wonderful acting and musical career!!!!!!!!! Johnny Depp Forever, Heather

  3. Johnny Depp has been a all time favorite of mine for years, and is very dear to my heart. I WISH HIM ALL MY BEST. I will miss him back here in the United States, and doing movies here, but I know he will forever shine again, of which is what should be, and he will regain the respect he lost. I am Always in his corner, long reign the King. JOHNNY DEPP FOREVER!!! # JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY.

  4. Micki

    I am and always will be a fan of Johnny Depp. Justice will prevail !!!!

  5. Shel

    Many in discord want to know who I am. It was never a secret. I’m not pretending to be anyone. I’ve always been and still am just Shel, Somewhere between Heaven and h3l1. My first comment in support of Mr. Depp came after reading an article with a picture of him in front of the courthouse in London.
    Somehow I knew he would see my message if I posted one. So I checked the time difference and made sure to post before he returned to court the next morning. It was a simple message telling him I believed him, I was hopeful and praying for him, and he was not alone. I still believe him. I don’t know Mr. Depp, never met him, never talked to him. I never pretended to, never even tried. He doesn’t know me just the same. Some of you assume I’m here using his name for fame or whatever assumed. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I much prefer to be antisocial and unnoticed, but, as antisocial as I am, I truly care about people. I will step in to help only when absolutely necessary, no matter who or what it involves. Even if it’s not in my interest. This time it was neccesary. Some of you may find my reactions funny to seek attention. I can assure you I am not a funny person. I react when provoked, no thought process involved. The poor soul that dares to provoke me usually doesn’t find me funny, and rarely comes back for seconds. TBH, it makes me feel horrible and sad that anyone feels the need to attack me to the point of reaction. I am someone that will help anyone in need, not here to judge or humiliate. I deleted discord because being provoked wasn’t fun for me. I am very kind and respectful towards others. There is no reason anyone should make an account to provoke people supporting Mr. Depp.

    1. M

      It’s all right Im the same way, I have few friends but I stay under the radar mostly out of social medias range. And people are going to do that just for attacking other people having a difference of opinion or for supporting someone else, unfortunately that’s just how it is have suck that sucks because it happened to me too I support Gina Carano and Johnny Depp and I get trolls attacking me out of nowhere labeling me as something I’m not. Regardless of how they feel I see two human beings that were wrong by a System and Industry that’s completely corrupted. Don’t ever feel shame and don’t ever apologize for supporting who you want to support that is your right

      1. Shel

        Thank you for sharing this with me. You are very thoughtful. It means so much to me to know I’m not alone🙏

      2. Fred T

        Well stated Shel!
        Keep up the positive and supporting thinking. We feel the same for Johnny and aunt him back in the limelight as he deserves.

        1. RobbieRang

          Teary-eyed newbies, some of us started in this blood-bath in 2013 when Hhored was telling Kate she was “marrying an old man!” We know why he didn’t want to “cuddle and tell her he loved her” when she went begging to him in his place in San Fransisco after filing for a restraining order and started selling her warehouse of lies from her soapbox on the internet! Nobody knows commenters, what are you even talking about?! They’re famous! We are the unknowns, reviled and moved to rage against the macine! That’s the reward! To see him winning NOW!

    2. Savage Lynx

      How could a commenter use jD’s name for fame? First names and alias’s are unknown faceless people in the fame game. One has to wonder where you strayed… sounding stalkery and hoping to get recognition from a man tighter on time than can be imagined, jetting from LA, England and Serbia, getting awards and buggered by legal proceedings!

      1. Shel

        Genious! You really do have your own imagination with the HIGHEST effect! I’m not the sell out! Go cry to credentials, an expert in cleaning 💩 noses.

        1. Savage Lynx

          Yours is filthy.

          1. Shel

            At least it’s my own!

            1. Savage Lynx

              Everyone can say that! What a snooze.

  6. Karen

    I fully support Johnny. All he wants is the truth! And he’s right! He’s an inspiration and he’ll get through this horror that she put him through and get the new beginning he so richly deserves. Keep being who you are Johnny. XX

    1. Shel

      Karen that is so beautiful you brought tears to my eyes.

  7. CJA

    Won’t be going to see any Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp nor any Aquaman movie with Amber Heard. (And I like Margot Robbie and Jason Mamoa!)

  8. Andrea Conti

    She used Depp to get into better films. And once she did its good bye Johnny. She lied about everything, and now I believe she just ruined another couple, Jason and his wife split, I wonder why?

  9. DUH AF

    Mamoa and Heard’s not believable at all. Now, if you want to talk about a believable use of JD’s name for publicity, look at the new addition to Mr. Depp’s legal team. Known for television, publicized all over his social media as the person to secure his win in court, posting ALL of her life accomplishments, self proclaimed mostly. Just because something looks good on TV, or can tell a good story, doesn’t mean it can win a case. It’s easy to come in, take over the tears of hard work so many advocating for JD have willingly sacrificed, undermine his legal team. That’s not using his name for fame? You just turned this in to the joke they were trying to make it! Where is YOUR trust in others? Are you the only one deserving of truth? Sacrifice is NOT forced. You do it for what you love. Please, Mr. Depp, tell me, because right now I just can’t see, are you doing this for love or money?

    1. Shel

      So there is no confusion, or assuming what you don’t know, the DUH comment is from me.

    2. RobbieRang

      DUD DUUUUUH DUUH DUH DUDH DUH DUH! Whaaaat? Read the facts, dummy! She got several murder verdicts reversed and is still fighting for Steve Avery, after collecting forensic evidence that proves he is innocent… she does not give up, even though the courts are resisting a grant for a new trial, she will persevere!
      “Ms. Zellner is the only attorney in the country to have won five multi-million dollar verdicts in less than a year. Only on TV and self -proclaimed???! Whatta clown YOU are!

  10. Obviously all her allegations, are because she didn’t want to sign a postnuptial and prenuptial papers, she wanted to ripped off Jhonny Depp of all his career, money and life. Remember karma is coming for Heard and is not good, it will show the monster 👹 that lives inside of her👺

    1. Sue

      I agree nuptial probably had a lot to do with it. GREED.

  11. William

    Johnny Depp is an awesome talent. We love him in Kentucky where he was born and raised. He may travel the world but KY will always be home. God bless you Johnny in all things.

  12. W

    I support j.d. the court system has one chance to get it right. They’ve proven to be awfully soft on women like Amber Heard. Heard deserves hard time.

  13. Justice for Johnny he never ever did what that terrible woman said he did She is evil this was all a plan so she could get famous I wish she could be put in prison for what she did Johnny is a good person

    1. Patricia
      Believe Johnny. Why doesn’t someone finally expose Heard for the lying manipulative person she is??

      1. RobbieRang

        Zellner CAN DO IT! She is a wonder woman legal eagel that’s going to ROCK JD’s Dream Legal Team to the Zenith of #JUSTICEFORJOHNNY DEPP!!!! FUN TIMEZ!!!!!

  14. Marie

    I think they did him wrong nobody will never play Jack Sparrow as best as Johnny Depp has and I will not watch it again because y’all really did him wrong it wasn’t right that he was coming out being Jack Sparrow when he was not with the franchise of Walt Disney world he is Jack Sparrow and he will always be Jack Sparrow I don’t care with anybody says so Johnny Depp live your life the way you want to live and live it up I love you

  15. Phyllis

    Johnny Depp is a honest, kind and trusting man who is being raked over the coals by a evil and sick woman. Johnny is to much of of a gentleman to to have done what she claims. He loved her and look what she has done to him. This time in court the truth will come out. It will be Justice for Johnny!! I support Johnny Depp.

  16. Shel

    I support you Mr. Depp. I always believed you. I truly care. If I didn’t I would have walked away last March. In the past year and a half I watched men and women selflessly sacrifice their time researching your case, pick apart the evidence, and advocate for your justice. I posted a comment in 2020 ‘tell the truth from your heart, they won’t just believe it, they will feel it’. I don’t know if you’ll win or lose, but I truly believe if you have any chance of winning it has to come from your heart. Mr. Waldman and Mr. Chew have been at the center of your heart, standing and fighting with you, the whole time. If anyone can win this case they will, along with the amazing team of advocates. These are people who truly care about you. They are all in, heart and soul. I am willing to rejoin discord, help you get the truth, but before I do please answer one question. Why would you place trust in your legal team’s new addition, less than 2 months before the hearing, over the people that were with you all along?
    You and I both know if I walk away now it doesn’t stop for me. I can’t control what is chosen for me, but I’ll never stop fighting it. My only hope is my faith in fate.

    1. RobbieRa

      I don’t get why you see this as a bad thing. You do not know hr work! The one thing the is sorely missing from JD’s legal approach is FORENSICS! which Zellner puts in overtime like a workhorse to get. Heard’s lies are all based on subliminal messages using photographs and videos as proof as her “sales pitch.” Do yoou knwo what that is? The most famous example is the TV ad for wine and a naked woman is shown in one out of 24 frames per second – we dont really see her naked body in the ad, the image is pressed on our subconscience. Or one of my film teacher’s examples is also very good… when they show grass seed for that very green lawn they don’t tell you they dyed the grass that beautiful green. She gets the best forensi specialists and they will prove every single one of Heard’s fake evidence like photos and videos are BUNK!

      1. RobbieRa

        i.e her lies bout getting her hair pulled out have photographic evidence that i pure BS. Short strands of hair with no roots. Using the top of a head, which does NOT SHOW WHO’S FACE IT IS and shows a small bald spot where hair was pulled out. not only that she shoes some goo on the side of her hair (which does show her face) but it could be any kind of goo, why should anyone elieve it’s blood? Why didn’t she bring in forensic proff fer chist sake it’s HAIR. This is the crux of why she enrages people with her lies lies lies, and ZEllner is the one who has the patience and experience to bring ALL of her lies in the light of truth!

        1. RobbieRa

          this is pure BS, not evidence that i pure BS
          She SHOWS not shoes goo in her hair.
          This is tedious details to just write out, and it is aggravating to hear someone call Zellner a charlatan shel, very aggravating! She is the one that can crqack the tricks lies and pranks of the real charlatan- HEARD! so please excuse my excess typos. Very time consuming and aggravating!

  17. Fred T

    Well stated Shel!
    Keep up the positive and supporting thinking. We feel the same for Johnny and want him back in the limelight as he deserves.

    1. RobbieRa


    2. RobbieRa


  18. Elizabeth Gordon

    johnny has been thru enough, time for HER to suffer the consequences of her actions. she lies and has not suffered a minutes loss. KARMA , it comes to those who deserve it. and i hope the media goes after it with the gusto they used going after poor johnny

  19. SavageLynx

    The most telling fact of who’s up and who’s losing this battle is that when Heard is googled, news stories about Johnny Depp are listed, nothing about herd. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?

  20. Rene Diedrich

    Sometimes we have to go through changes that are painful. He’s survived what didn’t kill him and he knows he made errors. I think he’s gonna move forward which means no more Disney no more EmWB and probably bi $30 million per film paydays. He will work on things that are close to his heart. Like I Fatty and mother real people who are interesting.

  21. TNTonICE

    WTF???? Minamata and JD’s upcoing role in Henry the Vlll are so much more relevant than Pirates of the Caribbean! To sit on some imaginary throne and deem Depp as being less than because he hasn’t a “blockbuster” lined up is doing just that. You can’t imagine a monumental talent away, the victim of a viscous, lying two-bit has been stripper who can’t act to save teminally ill children she still hasn’t given a promised penny to, is laughable!

  22. Mable Maybee

    what sad lives….to invest such emotional energy in torn tinsel…

    1. TNTonICE

      Poor thing. Ironic bothering to comment at all. Feeling jaded, are you?

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