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Hermione and Harry

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  1. I love Disney

    No, I don’t think Harry should have ended up with Hermione, but neither should Ron. The three are friends and should stay that way and all date others. I can’t tell the attraction between her and Ron, like ever. But it definitely made for good plot over the years, how they bickered and dated others and stuff, a lot of funny parts. I still remember this sentence: “Harry was left to marvel at the depths to which girls will sink to get revenge.” What a lovely sentence!
    Harry’s dating of Ginny is very odd in the sense that he never considered if Ginny even wanted him at that point, when she’s obviously over her childhood crush of him. Harry only worried about what Ron thought, but never what Ginny thought. Practically speaking, Ron should have ended up with Lavender because she’s the only one who wants him. Hermione should have ended with the pro Quiddich player, the famous guy, not Ron, the guy with no talent and no money. And Harry should have ended with Ginny, but with Ginny playing a little more hard to get, instead of serving herself to him on a sliver platter.
    Nevertheless, the way it happened made for very good plot, with Ron and Hermione making each other jealous by dating others, Ron’s possible worry of Harry being interested in Hermione, Hermione trying to kill Ron when he got back after he left her and Harry, it’s all super cute teen angst. Made the books more interesting.

  2. billnyenotascienceguy

    I had no idea J K Rowling’s first name was Controversial.

  3. Stacey

    I think she made the right choice. Her ending up with Harry would have been just like every other take that the pretty girl ends up with the main character. Their bickering and such led to the perfect climax. And Harry and Ginny was unexpected from his point. The fact Ginny crushed on him for so long and got him in the end was fantastic. It tied them all together forever.

  4. omega

    tf do you mean “alleged views”?

    Are her own words not enough evidence of what she thinks to just say “views”?

  5. billnyenotascienceguy

    Views? She only stated scientific facts last I checked.

  6. Yann

    I kinda agree about Hermione not ending up with Ron and Ginny and Harry just never really made any sense to me. Not gonna lie, Ive always been a Luna/Harry shipper or barring that Hermione/Harry…even though the actors had no chemistry in the films, I thought those two girls new Harry the best…and just the whole Ginny/Harry story line had a bit of a ick factor to me cause there was that part where Harry was describing how he felt when he saw Ginny with Dean and it sounded like how they described feelings experienced in love potions and yeah … Ginny was a bit obsessed

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